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Earring Screw Post Only regular weight 18K yellow gold, earring components used for making earrings.
Combining the ease and comfort of wearing of a screw on finding with the vertical barrel style of clip on earring converters, this item allows you to easily change your pierced earrings into easy to wear clip on earrings.Barrel or bend type converters have a simple conversion process. Rising Dragon Enterprises Ltd is a registered company in England & Wales company number 3921197.
The gems are firey red garnets, 6mm round brilliant cut - they are simply set in a 4 prong basket setting and weigh approximately 2 carats total. If you would like to customize your earring post length to be shorter than 21mm, please let us know in the comment box at checkout and allow us some extra time to make them the length you need. Like all Wild Gems, they come to you in a fine bamboo box with a 100% guarantee and a 30 day no hassle return policy.

The owner of this antique earring insisted on replacing the weak worm-screw back for traditional posts. Since hollow jewelery makes it impossible to tell which areas might be paper-thin, it's best not to touch the charm even with an advanced tool like the microwelder. Order before 2pm with Fast Track Delivery at checkout for next-working day delivery in the UK. The delicate crystal mounted at the center of the petals at the front rules out torch soldering. The owner prefers a screw-post backing, but as with all hollow jewelery, torch soldering is extremely risky since the heat can cause the charm to crumple inwards like an aluminum can heated on a science lab burner. Not only are the connecting ends aligned perfectly, the gold is directly fused resulting in a union that's every bit as strong as the original post.

You then bend the post through 90 degrees so that instead of facing upwards it faces the appropriate direction. They're not suited for fish hook style earringsA screw fitting allows you to adjust at a twist how tight the earring is on your earlobe.

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