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Our catalog of wholesale earring and bracelet holders covers the entire spectrum of fashion accessories that have a custom feel. Our jewelry display racks for retail and home use are delineated into several clear and organized categories so that your shopping experience is that much easier! Two different category selections which have some similarities are the ring displays and necklace busts. Our custom selection of stands, ramps, t-bars and ring holders is continually expanding and growing to fit the needs of our cliental. We are pleased to offer a wide array of accessories for holding and selling everything from wire bangles to stud earrings and diamond rings. Whether your company sells necklaces and bracelets only or you are just an avid earring collector we have display stands to meet any need. Our largest and most broad grouping is a listing of what we call multi-functional display stands. Each of these groups offers pedestals for different accessories but some of the styles and materials in each listing overlap.

We have strived to put together the best listing of fashion accessories we could find that meet our high standards. Greg Armas was at the helm of galleries before opening his store on the Lower East Side in 2008. We love making new friends so while we're popping bottles, stay tuned for a welcome email with your $10 credit. Are you the sole proprietor of your own business whom sells at farmers markets and craft fairs or are you a sales representative who showcases at large expos for major companies? These wholesale store fixtures have been presented at low prices with bulk order discounts so that you may supply your entire store with top of the line necklace trees and velvet lined cases without blowing your entire budget. A namesake line followed in 2012 and a second forward-thinking retail environment in Los Angeles three years later. Our selection of quick ship acrylic earring and bracelet holders with same day shipping can be ordered with confidence and be at your business before the big event.
The common thread with these pieces is the simple fact that they are utilitarian in nature in that they are designed to hold everything: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, scarfs, sunglasses, headbands, and even purses and handbags. While there are material similarities (velvet, resin, acrylic, etc.) between these and most of our listings we offer many different variations in each listing.

As a business ourselves we know that your business is your life and while we have designed our product line to be easy to use and free of known flaws we know that questions come up which is why we have an entire division of our company dedicated to serving you. In addition to their own label, Assembly New York and Los Angeles focus on international and otherwise independent designers who maintain an emphasis on craft and design as an ethos, regardless of trend. In this category you will find our complete Versattach Series of store fixtures which feature a textured gun metal gray finish which would fit in any high end boutique.
Take for instance our wholesale hand forms and the head and shoulder forms, each are finely detailed down to facial features and molded fingernails. Our call center staff is trained on all of our product lines and we hold regular weekly meetings on our product lines so that we are better prepared to field your questions.
Aside from the Versattach tree and tower line we also offer many single and double tier spinning and stationary racks with hooks, pegs and rods for holding all manners of accessories and supplies.
The differences are in the forms while similarities are in the fine details and artful construction.

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