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This is important to know how the rhinestones can be glued on a surface without peeling off.
Most of the time and also it is also normal practice of people applying glue on a substrate and then put whatever on top trying to "stick" the thing firmly on the surface of the substrate. In the same document, it recommended to make a cavity in order to give a "bed" for the rhinestones. However, it may not feasible for all situations, especially, on the leather-laminated cell phone cases.
So, please remember to "press" the rhinestones down a little after putting them on the surface of the cell phone protective case before the glue is completely hardened.

This AAA quality treated chocolate Tahitian pearl pendant and earring set features perfectly matched pearls in must-have chocolate tones. However, this may result of peeling off with the rhinestones if you would like to make yourself a beautiful crystallized cell phone protective case.
However, it seems difficult to be understand and the rhinestones may peel off even all the criteria are matched.
So, this is the reason why we have to apply the glue evenly on the cell phone case with a tool.
Otherwise, the rhinestones will peel off easily since only surface tension is responsible for holding the rhinestones.

Hand-selected for their sharp luster and round shapes, these gorgeous pearls shimmer with tones of bronze, cocoa and subtle gold. Personalize your pearls further by selecting your favorite earring style, chain length and 14K gold color. So, we are going to explain a little about how to read the chaton and specify which color exactly you need.

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