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They're simply regular-sized earrings that give the illusion you've stretched your ear holes. If you don't have piercings and would like to have something similar for non pierced ears, let me know and I'll make it. The post on these is surgical steel, which is hypoallergenic for most and are accompanied by a large plastic backing that holds them firm, so they do not droop. Each piece of my jewelry is mailed in it's own handmade origami gift box inside a bubble wrap envelope. This is a one of a kind, professionally handcrafted, adjustable ear cuff made with high quality tarnish resistant enamel copper wire.
I always use the highest quality enamel copper wire because I, like many people, am allergic to crappy metals. PLEASE NOTE: Your ear cuff may differ only slightly to the picture because it will be handmade specifically for YOU! However, as times progressed and as we have embraced the modernity of times, we have also come up with more ways to express ourselves more visually, using our bodies.

If you have an idea for a custom order that you would like, please feel free to convo me with any questions. Inside is a steel post and holder so that it will not slip down from ear so no worries there. Polymer clay is however very lightweight and nothing will happen to it if it falls on ground. All ear expanders are also covered in polymer clay varnish so they are bright and it will make their color pop up very nice !
Just order and write in the note what do you want to change for example " Please , I want this earrin in dark blue with red suckers " And we will make it just as you wished ! They are easy to care for, just hand-wash with antibacterial soap and dry with a paper towel.
This pair of cufflinks has been carefully hand made in our home studio using soldering, cufflink backs and hot glue with different materials such as pendants, lapels or earrings. Adding length to the set is a pair of Tibetan silver round connectors and Surgical Steel wire earring hooks.

DETAILS: These earrings are made with authentic, standard size 351 style Celluloid(plastic) guitar picks. This set also includes a pair of comfortable clear rubber stoppers and plastic "Fashion Jewelry" hanging display card (white). I enjoy what I do and take pride in offering quality products and excellent customer service." Please feel free to contact me with any questions. HANDLING: Most orders are processed and ship within 24 hours (one business day) of receiving cleared payment.

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