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I’ve been selling my jewelry (small scale, friends and friends of friends) and wanted to find cool ways to create cost effective packaging. Stamped cards: It might be a bit pricey to have a custom stamp made with your own logo, but you can always find a stamp that goes with the theme of your brand.
All the pieces I use to make the jewelry are either bought in bulk at auctions, found at thrift stores or bought on sale from craft stores.

This is probably one of the most cost effective ideas I’ve seen and I packaged a necklace like this today. I went into a craft store the other day looking for tags…and my goodness they are ridiculously expensive. You can even make your own designs by using old maps or coffee-staining some thicker paper.

You can spice up paper bags by hole punching them, adding trim and ribbon or coffee staining them for a vintage look.

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