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Part of our profit is invested in the Hunger Project, empowering women and men to author their future and create the sustainable end of hunger.
We use to be able to get rid of the old TVs at the local charitable thrift stores, but not anymore.
If you got other resources or tips on how to get rid of miscellaneous stuff, please drop me a comment. Knack is a socially responsible for-profit business: our mission is to inspire creativity, ingenuity, and community engagement through the clever reuse of donated goods.

This cute little display stand holds one pair of your favorite earrings as if they were mini-sculptures.
Some of us have recycling services at our homes or in a central location in our neighborhoods, however, you are limited as to the items you can recycle. Many of us will celebrate in some way either by attending events, or the promise of doing something to become more eco-friendly.  Whether you recycle, downcycle or upcycle, your efforts will be rewarding. If you or someone else has finally transferred the tapes to digital, don’t discard the cassette holder.

So what do you do with other stuff like old electronics, mattresses, hard drives from computers, etc..

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