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Do you want to look pleasant and charming?  It is an inherent desire of every person to look smart and beautiful. Geometry is not only the subject of study but different geometric shapes are also used by the designers in designing the earrings. At the end, jewellery and particularly the earrings have a great demand among the young girls and women.
This year in particular bright colors are at the height of fashion in all sorts of jewelry and that definitely includes earrings. Going hand in hand with minimalism is the trend toward geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, circles, arrowheads, and ovals as well as more funky, non-traditional shapes. Another hot trend this year is jewelry that features animal shapes, flowers, and earthtones.
Our favorite thing about these trends is that while they are gorgeous and can all be combined in various ways, they are also diverse enough that there is truly something there for every woman.
Mathews JewelersMay's birthstone is emerald and we couldn't think of a more spectacular ring to feature.
Mathews JewelersDon't forget to come by this afternoon and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us for 1st Thursday!!! Thank you so much for your kind help and patience with me in putting together the engagment ring. Earring jackets have been crawling back into style over the past few seasons, and designers have taken to the trend, which started on the street, for fall 2015. Designer are showing earring jackets in four metal colors for fall including silver, gold, rose gold, and black.
I found a few fabulous earring jackets, and ear crawlers, around the web for the fall 2015 season and assembled them into the shopping widget below.
At the top of my personal fashion statement list for 2012 is American swimmer and four-time Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin, who swam wearing her pearl studs at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, breaking world records while looking super stylish.
The studs worn by reality TV star Kim Kardashian in April 2012 were probably the earrings which received the most attention last year. Country singer Taylor Swift (current girlfriend of One Direction singer Harry Styles) wears big flower-shaped stud earrings with diamonds, big round yellow gold studs or studs with pearls and yellow gold. Actresses Zooey Deschanel and Keira Knightley were also seen wearing studs—Zooey Deschanel appeared at the Emmy Awards in diamond studs, and Keira Knightley looked gorgeous in her sparkling star-shaped stud earrings at various movie premieres. Katy Perry, Pink, Sienna Miller, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Moss have multiple ear piercings. Hoops are the hallmark of Jennifer Lopez, although JLo doesn’t always wear hoop earrings, of course.
Another color trend, which emerged last year, is definitely catching on in jewelry and fashion this year—neon colors. Fashion & Beauty TrendsRead about the latest fashion & beauty trends and news related to ear piercing and earrings. Ever since we started mismatching our stud earrings, we started to notice that we liked mismatching a certain stud more than others: the bar stud. Different materials are used to make different pieces of jewellery.  Jewellery is also designed in many shapes and styles. Silver-colored and gold-colored chain earrings are equally liked by the girls and the boys.

Different size earrings have been in use always but the concept of ear cuffs is totally new. Designing the jewellery and especially the earrings in the shape of natural objects like birds, snake, butterflies, dragon, and starfish is the most popular trend.
Many women wouldn’t even dream of leaving the house, much less going to a party, club, or social venue, without dressing up their ears in the loveliest fashion. These bright, vivid hues make the lovely gems and metals that accompany them all the more stunning. These shapes have both a natural harmony and unity to them while also embodying a spirit of fun and play. These adorable looks are inherently playful and also embody an organic, natural vibe that is perfectly suited for outdoor fun in the sun or daytime hijinks. They also cover such a range of styles and tastes that there’s a good chance the typical woman may already have one or two pieces, if not more, in her jewelry collection that perfectly embrace them. It was the PERFECT way to commemorate our anniversary, the birth of our first child, and my wife's birthday. As a part of the stud earring trend, designers added earring jackets to the backs of studs in order to make them more versatile; and give dangle earring fanatics something to wear!
While some styles offer an inch or more of a drop, the majority of earring jacket styles for fall 2015 are staying close to the ear.
Embellishments includes sparkling CZ’s, or similar materials, and imitation gemstones.
This style has also been around for a few seasons and is enjoying popularity for the fall season. At school, in college, in the office, on the go, and even at the gym, they are not only practical, but also beautiful.
Sporting her new gold and diamond studs, the initials K and W, in her left ear, she indicated that she now considered the friendship with Kanye West a serious relationship. He doesn’t wear earrings all the time, but when he does, he prefers diamond or black studs in both ears. Your choices range from small to large, from plain white gold, yellow gold or silver to diamond-studded pieces. Fashionistas, socialites, and other jewelry lovers have realized that hoops which reach to your shoulders are quite cumbersome. Although feather shapes can still be found in filigree creations made from karat gold, earrings with real or fake bird feathers are a thing of the past. While this certain style of jewelry is anything but a statement, we like the minimalistic look (and total ease) of a simple stud. Different kinds of stones are used in designing the jewellery.  This article will tell you about the latest trends of earring for women 2014. Different geometric shapes as triangle, circle, square, and sphere we may see in different pieces of the jewellery like earrings and bracelets, etc. Staying on top of the newest fashion trends in earrings can be tough, because by the very nature of trends they are constantly in flux. Often the loveliest minimalistic earrings will feature more muted colors such as gold, white gold, and silver.
For others, the simpler styles may have their place on some occasions, while on others they’ll want to spice things up.

These bold earrings are certain to generate lots of attention and they make excellent conversation starters, making them a great choice for lighthearted socializing.
After all, the true key to looking and feeling great in jewelry is in finding a style that suits individual preferences and then expressing that style in a tasteful, stylish way. Just as last year, a continuation of the trend can be expected that combinations of top-quality materials will prevail, such as 14 or 18 karat gold with pearls or with diamonds. Combinations of two or three lobe piercings and one or more piercings in the cartilage area of the upper ear are most common.
They can be ideally complemented with bangles or bracelets and look great on the red carpet as well as with more grungy outfits.
Larger versions of these types are favored for parties and other occasions and worn as statement earrings. Also hoops adorned with large acrylic, glass or wooden beads were a short-lived fad, which will be phased out in 2013. You don’t have to worry about clashing with the rest of outfit, they provide the right amount of bling, and if you happen to have multiple piercings, a bar stud is the perfect accent for the rest of your hodgepodge of earrings.
Use of motif earrings inlaid with pearls and diamonds is the latest earrings trend of 2014.
The use of gold with diamond enhances its beauty.  Wearing gold earrings inlaid with diamond especially gives a gorgeous look to married women.
That means that earrings with amethysts, magnesite, abalone shell, sapphires, or citrines are sure to wow. When shopping for vintage jewelry, make sure the metal-tone has not worn off the edges, and all stones are secure.
In 2013, we’ll see both types often in white gold or yellow gold with precious crystals, precious or semiprecious stones, or diamonds. Depending on its length (and how you wear it), you can even make your bar stud like a dangling earring. After reading this article, you will be able to select the best pair of earrings for your ears in the year 2014. Minimalism can also be incorporated into the bright color trend by keeping the number of shapes and design features to a minimum and allowing the vivid color to really shine all by itself. These gorgeous earrings feature long, flowing designs, often incorporating tiny metal chains, fabrics, beaded jewelry, and even feathers. Shape of the face is affected by the type of the earrings you are wearing. Here, I am going to let you know about the latest earring trends 2014. Every woman cannot afford the gold jewellery.  Instead of gold jewellery, the trend of wearing artificial jewellery is increasing day by day.
Desire of women for jewellery rises day by day, so let us have a look upon the earring trends 2014!

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