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What else to call it if not a real competition when a fashion-conscious girl is literally caught between two stools – namely, between Balmain’s chunky metallic-glassy chokers and Dries Van Noten’s fragile feathered ones, between Loewe’s rigid golden chokers and Fendi’s furry sweet nothings, between Lanvin’s gemstone neck-jailing chokers and Luisa Beccaria’s tender velvet stunners? There seems to come no lull for pendants, really, from ancient amulet and religious pendants to contemporary statement ones.
We are going further to find those large-scale twisted metallic pendants at Valentino too or the kaleidoscopic ones at Anna Sui and if the fantastic tour is still afoot, there come into view the cigarette-lighter shaped pendants at Moschino, the spring-shaped ones at Opening Ceremony and those three scarlet gems at Ralph Lauren to form a delicate pendant choker. Today’s punk earrings do not necessitate any intimacy with punk culture or any colored Mohawk hairstyle to take on. Just run an eye over those chain ear cuffs at Alexander McQueen trickling down with butterflies, stars and other lovey-dovey items and working so triumphantly within the romantic moon theme of the show. All kick-started in New York at Alexander Wang’s “Strict” runway show, when buckled chokers came to mix with chains then passing the torch of tension to Alexander McQueen at London Fashion Week full of charmed chains. The forthcoming multilayered necklaces are mainly metallic with two, three or four tiers cascading down and full of some knick-knack charms like we see at Valentino and Etro or showing off some disheveled chain layers dropping down from chokers like at Alexander McQueen. We are not sure about the fashion designers’ motives to churn out so many twin bracelets worn on the wrist as alike as two peas in a pod, but it seems there has been a stealthy glance at prisoners. No matter if they are chunky like we see at Dsquared2 (twin brothers standing behind twin bracelets) or delicately thin as at Anthony Vaccarello and Alexander Wang, they easily pull off to sweep us off feet. When we are over and done with everything punk, rock and gothic, those bohemian tassels are breezing in flittering and fluttering all the while. There is one and only guaranteed method to become pearl of beauty – to fling yourself into pearly avalanche.
Is it possible not to blank out the elegance factor of pearls and not to get enamored with those pearl necklaces + sportive outfit combos at Rag & Bone or those intriguing thread earrings spotted at Gucci and Marni? The next fall 2016 jewelry trend on our list stands for stars, keys, hearts, half-moons, evil eyes, books and all the jazz that were clustered to form different jewelry pieces jingling-jangling happily – earrings, necklaces, brooches and body jewelry at Alexander McQueen, single earrings at Roberto Cavalli, a range of labyrinthine necklaces and belt trinkets at Prada, and tiered necklaces at Valentino and Temperley London.
Catching some half-done jewelry pieces on the fall 2016 runways does not mean that our favorite fashion designers have under-fulfilled their tasks.
Luxurious diamonds and rhinestones were shining with all their glory at the fall 2016 runways as well, thus providing their carriers with princess-worthy visages.
Even if your great obsession with liberal arts has never allowed you to vote for geometry, falling for pretty materialization of geometric shapes on jewelry pieces is more than feasible now.
If it so happens that your jewelry box needs some pretty effective replenishment at some moment in the future, melted and twisted effect metallic stunners shining and beaming on the fall 2016 runways are to complete that task victoriously enough.
However, when with Rodarte there comes to be no lack in as-if-freshly-cut realistic flowers – bunches of iridescent flowers clustered together to shape vertiginous wrap-around cuff earrings, necklaces and hair accessories with some metallic samples in between, the full monty spreading dizzy aroma around. From the Bronze Age to the Information Age, brooches still have their powerful say in the fashion industry. Chic wristbands albeit shown not so frequently on the recent runways are surely to fascinate you all out there and make a big hit down the windy autumn streets. When chains are over, intricate jewelry-worthy embellishments come to arena with Gucci playing the first fiddle here – multilayered strings of pearls fixed on a mini dress with necklace- illusion, a regal panoply on the bib of a black transparent dress or some bejeweled bow-shaped adornments on a couple of pieces.
True to form, some of the contemporary fashion designers could not but throw some never-seen-before show-stopping jewelry pieces on the fall 2016 runways.
At Moschino show-stoppers are chandelier-shaped crystal earrings, while the voltage-shaped blue earrings at Jeremy Scott are sending out a strict warning to keep as far as possible.
Carry your fur stole in hand like at Dries Van Noten or Diane von Furstenberg or throw softness over shoulders like at Alberta Ferretti or Banana Republic, otherwise tightly wrap your neck with ground-reaching fur scarves like at Vetements and Luisa Beccaria.
There is no better association with gifts, surprises and other lovey-dovey things than romantic bows. When it comes to scarves, it seems that no further innovational style can be dreamt up; some plus and minus operations and that’s all.
We see those polka dot or striped scarves knotted in artistic ways but a bizarre half scarf – half hoodie sample also comes into view, which is still to be thought over whether to try or not. Loose wrap knitted scarves and mini neckerchiefs also undulated at the recent runway shows thus breaking out a real competition between casual style and romantic twist. No matter how beauty standards have changed throughout the history, thin waists will always be all the rage, as number one femininity indicators. It is Louis Vuitton and Loewe that are offering some can’t-miss-it head-turners in scarlet red or golden leather, while Miucca Prada’s knitted or leather corset belts mixed with some layered belts and knick-knacks seem to be the best protectors while travelling against a wind.
Skinny leather belts always read classic, minimalistic and feminine, but the agenda for today is to add some playfulness to the mix. Just to please your fashion chameleon essence, it’s worth looking to metallic belts as well that are more synched up with eveningwear rather than everyday life. It goes without saying that animal skins are a hit for the upcoming seasons whether authentic or faux, monochromatic or iridescent. The belt at Chanel is spreading affectionate love with its bejeweled heart-shaped buckle that runs counter to those intimidating skull buckles at Moschino fixed on leather belts and mixed with many jingling chains, while at Saint Laurent and Maison Margiela it is all about oversized gargantuan buckles.
Fashion designer means constantly veering from stereotypes, throwing new offers, keeping calm and waiting for them to become real trends, much as some designers did previous month while flaunting their fall 2016 new belt styles and their application versions. We see such gloves at Marc Jacobs, both long and short and covered with polka dots, while Gucci’s Alessandro Michele has chosen transparent lace to dream up dizzy fingerless gloves. Knitted gloves always scream winter, snowfall, cool air and Christmas celebrations right around the corner. The next fall 2016 accessory trend on our list is formed by the exceptionally standout gloves that have no analogies in the past and fully express their designers’ artistic vibes. From fuzzed socks at 3.1 Phillip Lim to velvet ones at Erdem, from open-toe argyle printed socks at Prada to white ones with striped tops at Gucci, the contemporary renditions of granny socks look cool beyond description.
See our most talked-about features and catch up on the week's biggest stories, delivered straight to your inbox. Dilemmas do not end in here but drag on and on from Oscar de la Renta and Saint Laurent to Antonio Marras and Chanel. The pop punk movement reaching its apogee in the ‘90s as the logical continuation of the punk movement broken out in the ‘70s brought ear cuffs and piercings forefront as number one barometers of the devotion to this style. They were rendered out in so many styles on the recent runway shows that chances are to adapt them quite successfully with your romantic, casual and elegant styles alike. Then stop at Saint Laurent to relish in those haute-couture-worthy ear cuffs as the finale tidbits by Hedi Slimane or at Balenciaga just to make sure that wrap-around ear cuffs look equally mind-blowing within underground chic a la Demna Gvasalia. English safety pins, buckles and heavy chains literally streamed in to form another big accessory trend. Moschino in Milan again brought about a crazy mishmash of chains and leather buckles but the punk festival reached its pinnacle in Paris – we were treated to buckle chokers at Gucci, red buckle wristbands and safety pin brooches at Isabel Marant, giant safety pin earrings at Sonia Rykiel and Balenciaga, and safety pin necklaces spotted at Celine. For the most exquisite multilayered necklaces, lay a bet on those pearly intricate ones at Chanel. This is one of the biggest fall 2016 jewelry trends popped up quite unexpectedly on the runways in a pop of colors, begetting pendants or bracelets, rings or earrings.

To cap it off Chanel’s cuff versions are fiercely attacking, all bejeweled, in the shape of hearts and worn over sleeves or knit gloves. Apart from appearing on handbags and shoes, tassels carry on conquering new territories on the fall 2016 runways shaping up another enlivening jewelry trend we are so impatient to embrace soon. And if you crave for touching the eccentric side of pearls, there is no better venue for that than Dries Van Noten’s runway, where Marchesa Luisa Casati was flaunting demonstrating multiple pearly rings, single pearl brooches attached on the neckties or pearl-topped pins pierced into chokers. So if these amulets fail to protect you from danger or harm in the cold seasons to come, mind-blowing looks of yours are guaranteed, for sure.
With our eyes trained to see these ravishing pieces on special occasions only, the recent seasonal shows came as pretty good argumentative that they might work equally mind-blowing in everyday life. Whether gigantic or tiny, colored or shiny we truly get a kick out of those mono stunners at Alexis Mabille, Bottega Veneta, Oscar de la Renta and Stella Jean. At Lanvin it was all about pastel shaded gemstones that had a mission to form massive chokers and dangling earrings in spades. We are in the thick of far the most inspiring jewelry trend for fall 2016 – to wear cuff, bauble or any other bracelet styles over sleeves or your cool gloves to create an overcool visage.
Among the trendsetters in this sphere is primarily Valentino with its elongated metallic earrings and statement necklaces that seem to have been gathering dust somewhere deep in a dower chest, then brought to surface for not-in-the-cards trend. However, this time around we have flowers in droves whether as garment prints or as accessory shapes, albeit not so vibrant and fresh, but more frequently in muted and frozen shades. Fauna representatives are not dormant either from friendly butterflies and dragonflies at Anna Sui, Roberto Cavalli and Bibhu Mohapatra to fierce tigers on Gucci’s belts, handbags and rings. Worked out of different materials, whether bedecked or decoration-free they might always kindle general interest towards your persona especially when you opt for those wavy and ruffled leather ones spotted at Fendi. The most high-voltage compensations are to be provided by those body chains chaotically fixed on garment pieces like protective armor, much as we see at Alexander McQueen (blazer lapels united by helter-skelter chains), Vetements or at Moschino with chains stretching along sinister black dresses in skeleton shape. To go further with the royal embellishment theme, head to Marchesa, but a second-to-none sample surely comes off to be Jonathan Anderson’s stunning golden overlay all worked out of multiple rings. Just in case you need sharper experiences, go to grab those spiky dangling earrings at Lanvin. Fur might work wonders, really, providing so many feelings and emotions with a single stroke – warmth, comfort, caress, flirt and goodness knows what else. The fall 2016 accessory trends are breezing in many fragile scarves to knot them as pussycat bows and flaunt across the streets perking up the moods of the passers-by. Which one will you vote for – Altuzarra’s black collar-hugger or Bottega Veneta’s black knitted stunner, Christian Siriano’s yellow and red warmth-providers or Elie Saab’s bohemian swingers? But Demna Gvasalia’s new creations for Balenciaga truly left us first perplexed then quite enthusiastic with cutting-edge puffer scarves to thrust into the fashion world soon. Puffer style scarf has been spotted at Iceberg as well with logo mania decorations all over it.
Etro brings about pretty striped elongated versions knotted with modern one loop, while at Marissa Webb and Lela Rose we see quick toss casual, yet elegant options. In older times women were wearing corsets underneath their gowns, but nowadays it is just mandatory to wear your corset over the clothing thus creating some very effective color and texture contrasts.
Slim waists come to take the scene at Anna Sui, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, Antonio Marras, Bibhu Mohapatra and Luisa Beccaria as well.
However, if your daily outfit feels too minimalistic and plain, turning to metallic wide belts for a helping hand is just a must. So they could not but touch on the fall 2016 belts as well and become a genuine pillar of support for cold days. Chitose Abe, the creative director of Sacai shows a no-grommet belt tied around the waist but offering new unexpected body parts to try your belts on – under butt, around thighs or upper arms.
Starting from the fall’s first wind whistling to the winter’s last heavy snowfall, gloves keep on being the best friends of our hands.
However, when black sheerness pops up in mixture with chic embellishments, the view is incomparably beautiful like those opera gloves spotted at Dries Van Noten with a pearly string stretching vertically or those magical ones at Naeem Khan scintillating far and wide. They were rendered out in all styles and shades possible, starting from conventional black and brown to some enlivening pop of colors. They can be mixed and matched with nigh anything casual and even more, tucked under the sleeves or fixed over and recently also paired with bracelets or rings.
You might want their mandatory presence in your wardrobe or just on the contrary, but one thing is absolute – they will never leave you apathetic or unmoved. From runway inspiration to honeymoon hotspots, click through for the ultimate luxury-wedding planner.
The latest jewelry trends 2015 are just so awesome that I had to make a list of the best ones. If you always have your finger on the pulse of fashion fluctuations, it is crystal clear that the Eighties and the Nineties are coming back in a more grandiose way touching upon every fashion section out there.
Apart from statement handbags and killer shoes we have embarked on to discuss earlier, many other accessory options have made their way through fashion avenues starting from jewelry pieces and belts to warm scarves, gloves and hosiery totally tuned up for brass monkey days. Indeed, those medallion garden-variety pendants spotted at John Galliano or tiny fang ones happening quite frequently at Trussardi were undeniably delicious and lovesome but left in the shade next to those gargantuan napa pendants at Loewe in the shape of feline and human faces or in the shape of metallic golden handbags. The gothic models of Dior bring about multiple-piercing craziness, while at Koche it is all about ear and nose piercings rolled into one. They always cut the mustard in dolling up whether warm winter outfits or summer lightweight slip-ons coming in different materials and styles. If at Elie Saab a range of raw stone pendants and earrings is playing in 50 shades of purple, at Alexis Mabille all eyes are on those gigantic dodger blue necklaces and rings blowing away all the cobwebs instantly. Among other attackers are Marchesa, Zimmermann, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Trina Turk and many other fashion houses in between. The widest scale tassel purveyors appeared to be Dsquared2 and Elie Saab, the former with its playful droplet tasseled earrings, while the latter with its rope leather necklaces with tassel ends undulating hilariously, not to tell about that tasseled deluge on a range of lace dresses. However, the thongs of multilayered pearly necklaces at Chanel have pulled off to keep elegant traditions yet adding some playfulness throughout.
Half-done choker necklaces whether with pendants or not are spotted at Mulberry, Creatures of the Wind, Stella McCartney and Tommy Hilfiger and a smattering of unfinished bracelets at Alexander Wang and Tod’s. While at Marchesa and Saint Laurent those shiny jewelry sets were up to the haute couture category, at Ashley Williams and House of Holland glowing necklaces and earrings whether tiny or massive were triumphantly adapted to everyday pantsuits, baby-doll dresses, skirts and more.
But then admirations are doubled up with the arrival of those multiple pearly rings from Dries Van Noten and Gucci (the latter also exposing a glove-style mesh bracelet + rings combo), buckled ones at Louis Vuitton and metallic charmers at Valentino, Christian Dior, Coach and Proenza Schouler. At Bottega Veneta exotic jewelry sets were done within the blue-green color spectrum, at Dries Van Noten iridescent geometric beads were put together to form elongated head-turners, while at Ralph Lauren a chic kaleidoscopic necklace brings about some regality with that crown shape in between to just add extra evidence. Karl Lagerfeld is seemingly leading the pack in this trend working out a range of twin bracelets worn over killer gloves at Chanel; at Prada rose-shaped bracelets are worn over knit gloves, while at Ralph Lauren it is a waist watch to have found its appropriate venue over a knit taupe jacket sleeve. Tackle many linked golden circles and circle + rectangular combos from Loewe, iridescent plastic earrings and brooches in all geometric shapes possible from Emporio Armani, crescent and cylinder shaped single earrings at Stella McCartney, many hoop earring versions at Creatures of the Wind and Zimmermann and sphere droplet single earrings at Isabel Marant.

We see twisted metallic earrings in some amorphous shapes and with mirror-reflection shine at Mugler and a thread of golden ones suggestive of a melted-then-frosted metal. The rose-shaped vintage chokers and bracelets over gloves are spotted on Prada’s adventuresome models, a fragile bubblegum flower-brooch and a metallic floral pendant – at Gucci, while at Diane von Furstenberg it is the floral chokers to make the scene. Start from chaotic brooches whether metallic or bejeweled at Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana or Christopher Kane and end at Emporio Armani to observe those statement geometric brooches on blazer lapels or at Lela Rose to relish in that single leaf brooch.
To combine a chic view with soft feelings, go hell for leather to get those furry ones at Blumarine or Christopher Kane, while at Elie Saab everything is more bohemian and exotic – a range of suede wristbands decorated with raw stones. Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson bears the responsibility for spreading so much golden rigidness around via those multiple rings linked together to form chokers and bracelets.
Dare not miss the bejeweled chokers at Oscar de la Renta becoming oversized bows at the nape or double padlock necklaces at Loewe. Fashion diverted from traditional black or brown fur long ago bravely playing with all the shades possible.
From Marc Jacobs gargantuan statement bow-scarves to more sophisticated samples at Sonia Rykiel, Temperley London, Tory Burch, Gucci and Custo Barcelona, bow-knot scarves should find their appropriate spot in your wardrobe come the cold seasons.
Yes, the ‘new creative director, new ideas’ scheme seems to have worked quite successfully.
But if you crave romantic mixed with some adventures, Chloe and Manish Arora best fill the bill with their lovely neckerchiefs galore.
Whether worn over dresses, jackets or pants, this lovely fall 2016 belt trend does set the tone enhancing the visage. We see many colorful reptile skin versions at Burberry cinched around the waists of dresses or puffer jackets and tiled lovely ones at Roberto Cavalli beautifully matched with denim pants. If yes, then your fashion predilections are sure to sing in unison with your life principles.
Check Celine as well to get an eyeful of that fragile belt formed out of linked black tinsel rings. Anthony Vaccarello’s suggestion is even chicer – a scintillating widest wide corset-style belt wrapped around the models’ under-butt area and a mini variant around the upper arm. The fall 2016 accessory trends are also beaming over with gloves, with transparent black stunners standing out most with their sophistication and delicacy. No matter you decorate your arms and hands with Rodarte’s ruffled leather opera gloves, Delpozo’s poetically beautiful floral ones or Loewe’s suede car wash pleated belles, your standout look is more than guaranteed. So when days start getting colder, do not hurry to tuck away your open-toe sandals, but pair them with warm cozy granny chic socks and rock it throughout the autumn moments especially as so many designs are available. Trip down your memory lane and bring back those high-waist denim pants, leather moto jackets, slip dresses, Dr. Browse through our list of the best fall 2016 accessory trends, then spruce up and jazz up!
In not-too-distant Nineties when we were all pumped about that black pendant choker on Leon’s Mathilda or those plastic tattoo chokers on cool schoolgirls, these tricky pieces were already up to assume new disguises for the future. Check out Proenza Schouler, Dries Van Noten or Calvin Klein Collection as well to garner even more enlivening raw-stony impressions. Don’t miss other tasseled jewelry samples at Gucci, Tory Burch, Antonio Marras, Tod’s and Marchesa. How not to do it if those pearl strings come into view at Miu Miu or Moschino so provocatively matched with those ripped and slovenly denim pieces? While at some fashion houses earrings differ only in length like we see at Sonia Rykiel or Ports 1961, other designers have dared to expose variously-shaped samples much as we see at Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Topshop Unique and at Christian Dior, where different ear piercings are brought forward. To get even more inspiration for this trend, there are still Maison Margiela, Undercover, Opening Ceremony and Oscar de la Renta, just to name a few.
Check also Banana Republic, Bibhu Mohapatra, Isabel Marant, Luisa Beccaria and Maison Margiela for more dazzling views.
Trussardi, Altuzarra, Versace, Ralph Laurent, Maison Margiela and Barbara Bui come as the best sources of inspiration for this trend.
Look also to Jeremy Scott and Antonio Marras to tackle some statement leopard skin belts or to Blumarine to savour fur-reptile skin contrast. These charming pieces whether in opera length or wrist-touching, albeit without any warmth-promising slogan on them, have knocked our socks off.
Wear them this Fall all the way till 2016 Winter! Hot from the runways, I’ve already spotted some of these latest jewelry trends 2015 on celebs! We see the result on the fall 2016 jewelry trends running over with thongs of choker necklaces. Go predictable and wear them on special occasions or else let all formulas go trying them on while going to work.
Then buckle down to squirt them with the best vibes tackled from contemporary life and get nothing else but a fashion roller coaster. Celine Fall Winter 2015-2016 CollectionIf you want to be more subtle, try a long earring instead of a big one.
Giambattista Valli had sequinned earrings matching the outfits with embroidery and sequins. If you are not wearing any other pieces of jewelry, it’s safe to try bold bright colors that contrast your outfit. Isabel Marant Fall Winter 2015-2016 CollectionIf you are wearing other pieces of jewelry, like a necklace, the safest bet is to wear them in matching colors. Balmain Fall Winter 2015-2016 CollectionDare to add more drama to your look and show off your face? In fact, Chanel’s Ready to Wear Fall 2015 collection paired charms necklaces and belts with other jewelry trends too!Also see how it was last season in 6 Latest Spring 2015 Jewelry Trends. Mismatched Earrings at Dior Cruise Fall 2015 Collection Nina Ricci Summer 2015 collectionIf both the earrings are colored, the safest way is for them to be the same color.
Mix n Match Earring Trend at Loewe Fall 2015Or use one common color between the two earrings. Nina Ricci Summer 2015 collectionOr pair your large earring with a matching earcuff, like Gigi here!!
I also love how she has thrown in a matching chain necklace with what looks like her name in the pendant. This year’s historical pieces range from Victorian to Georgian to ancient Roman inspired jewelry. Gigi Hadid for Seafolly Spring Summer 2016 swim collectionSo will you be wearing this awesome single earring trend this season?

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