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Dating back thousands of years, wire wrapped jewelry is one of the oldest known jewelry design techniques. Crafted by hand, and a bit more challenging than your average string of faux pearls, wire wrapped jewelry is a creative way of producing simple, yet unique patterns with a basic jewelry making pliers set. Below are two basic examples of wire wrap instructions for the beginning & more advanced jewelry artists. Straighten your length of wire before using the round-nose pliers to turn a small loop at each end (the two loops should be facing opposite directions). 1.) Cut a length of wire that is approximately 10-12 inches long depending on the size of your stone. 2.) Form the wire into a spiral by gripping one end of the wire with a pair of round-nose pliers while holding the other end of the wire with your other hand. 3.) Taking the curved wire from the round-nose pliers, place it flat before grabbing it with a pair of flat-nose pliers.

4.) Depending on what end you want to use, place your desired stone on the spiral, pushing the wire over, and around the bottom of the stone until it fits tightly.
Discovered by 2nd dynasty Egyptians, wire was formed by pounding metal into sheets before slicing it into strips that were then twisted or rolled. As a popular choice within the DYI industry due to its ease and affordability, wire wrapping is a secure way of connecting beads and findings.
Representing life’s most important moments, heirloom jewelry holds onto the energy of those that have come before us. Pull the straight end of the wire taut while rotating the flat nose pliers to form another layer in the spiral. Finish wrapping the rest of the wire around the body of the stone leaving the remaining wire at the top as straight as possible before twisting both loose ends of the wire together. With a hunger for horror she also enjoys scary stories and utilizing them as inspiration for her own future “New York Times” best seller!

Later utilized in Europe during the Middle Ages, various forms of wire wrapped designs were also conceived – armored chain maille, breastplates, and shields along with a global assortment of necklaces, bracelets, and rings.
Unlike jewelry that is quickly stamped out by machines, wire wrapped jewelry is custom made by you to complement your individual tastes and personality. For example, when I was a little girl, I used to love spending countless hours watching my grandfather polish stones before twisting them with wire to shape into beautiful necklaces. Symbolizing those memories, I tend to wear the necklace he made me in remembrance of the cherished moments we spent together.

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