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It's easy to make beautiful jewelry at home with our new selection of beaded jewelry kits from Prima Bead. The Sea Glass Bracelet Making Kit features sterling silver beads & findings, frosted glass beads, and sparkling crystals. This beautiful bracelet uses calming sea glass inspired colors, including aquamarine blue, lime green, and light teal.
The Gold Forest Earring Making Kit includes all the materials you need to make these gorgeous crystal & glass pearl earrings. The 14K gold plated beads & findings coordinate beautifully with the forest green crystals and soft gold pearls. The Gold Forest Necklace Making Kit is a 3-strand crystal & glass pearl necklace kit designed to match perfectly with the Gold Forest earrings. Kit includes 14K gold plated beads & findings, genuine Crystazzi crystals, and lustrous glass pearls. You'll need to have some basic jewelry making tools on hand to complete your Prima Bead jewelry projects.
Wear this fun bracelet to a special Christmas gathering or just for fun throughout the holiday season.
Holiday jewelry kits are also a great way to create special jewelry items for handmade gift giving! The Christmas Lights Earring Kit is another fun holiday jewelry kit you won't want to miss.  Crystal tear drops and sterling silver accents make these earrings sparkle! Explore our fun & always-changing selection of Creative Craft Kits & Supplies at Weekend Kits and be ready to create something new - like beautiful jewelry - on your next Weekend at Home!
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Summary: Special beaded earring making tutorial mainly about how to make seed bead earrings, a dangling and exquisite pair of seed bead earrings , only 4 steps (with pictures) are needed, easy-to-learn for all crafters! If you are about to make beaded earrings at home, there is no doubt that the seed bead earrings is the best choice.

Pick up the Stainless Steel Memory Wire and cut out two section, one about 60mm and another of about 100mm. Apply one of the Gemstone Bead piece in the center of the two seed beads circles; secondly, connect the rest two pieces and apply the iron earring hook at last. Actually, when finished making this pair seed beaded earrings, you will find that it is not as difficult as you image about how to make seed bead earrings! If your suggestion is adopted, you will get some additional presents, such as cash coupon, free gifts, discount code, etc.
If you have specific questions about your orders, please contact Nbeads Customer Service or go to our Help Center. I used the same tutorial I used HERE but this time I attached the two ends to the earring hook.
Step 4:  When you get to the length you want, take the center jump ring in the final row and attach it to the earring hook. That’s it!  How easy is that?  Now, you have a pair of beautiful earrings to wear all summer long!!
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Some weed seeds can germinate in 24 hours while others might take even or several nights a week. The product descriptions provided for each of the jewelry kits tell you which jewelry tools you'll need as well as which techniques are used in making the jewelry project. You could even cross these earrings with yesterday’s bracelet DIY and make a peyote stitch bracelet, if you want a more complicated project.
Not only the patterns of the seed bead earrings are rich, but also the various color collocation.

In my Beading tutorial today, I adopt the green Gemstone Beads assemble with Brass Eye pins. At last, one little tips for you: Just pay attention when handle the Stainless Steel Memory Wire, which may scratch your hands easily!
I never would have guessed they were made of a bunch of little rings like that I’d be thrilled if you want to link these awesome earrings up to my link party! Modern and sophisticated women are paying particular attention to fashion hermes bag outlet as well as to aesthetic values. When using a single mat, you should look to choose any of the light colors such as mild gray, white, peach or cream.
To those who have ever tried the seed bead earrings, though the tiny seed beads are sometimes a little annoying, the only thing needed is our patience.
Each one eye pin match one Gemstone Bead, then leave about 7~8mm for making another loop with the Round Nose Plier. This desire to louis vuitton wallets feel great and actually look better is a basic need that is given utmost cheap omega watches importance. At the same time, they invest popular christmas giftsnot only on trendy clothes but also on various fashion rolex datejust watches accessories available in the market. Then I just added one row of beads, wove my thread ends in, and tied a couple of half-hitch knots to secure everything. After I had woven both earrings I added the hooks by looping them through the beading thread.

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