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In recent years, coated and plated body jewelry has become popular in the culture of pierced and modified individuals because the processes used offer more vivid color options than the traditional look of common base metals. It’s a fact that plated and coated jewelry materials require special care and cleaning. Both ceramic and enamel coatings provide your body jewelry with a shine that can be maintained for a long time and both materials are durable and hard to scratch. Because body jewelry is worn inside a wound and is in contact with your internal tissues, only certain products are safe to use at first. Should be inert and compatible with the body so it doesn’t cause irritation, allergy, or infection. You should be wary when choosing body jewelry made from plated or coated jewelry because the outer layer can rub or chip off, exposing the base metal underneath, which can lead to irritation or infection of the piercing site.
Additionally, the oxidation of metal (more commonly referred to as tarnishing) is when you can visually see signs of an item turning black (oxidizing) after wearing it. Remember that your body is unique and you could experience reactions to materials that create no issues for your friends. H2Ocean Spray is the most effective product helping cleanse and heal all your body piercings. Arctic Ocean Rinse is formulated with all natural ingredients to heal new oral piercings and maintain existing oral piercings. Skin issues around new piercing sites often occur from the type of cleansers or soaps being used, and not due to the jewelry itself. If the jewelry itself becomes an irritant, remove it immediately and replace it with something more biocompatible such as solid titanium or Bioplast.
Exposure to certain fragrances or perfumes, cosmetics, or perspiration can cause the stones in your body jewelry to cloud up and lose their beautiful sparkle. If you are still unsure of cleaning your jewelry ask your local jeweler or professional piercer to clean them or to advise you of a proper method you can implement yourself.
Looking for further information on taking care of piercings and other aftercare information? Fishtails are straight nose rings with an extra long length and are specifically made to be custom fit by a professional piercer.
The nose screw (also known as a nose stud, nose twister, or nose hook) comes down straight from the bottom of the decoration or gem setting and has a short, hooked post that goes into a small curl, which works as a backing to hold the jewelry in place and is appropriately named after the way you twist the screw into your nostril.
Nose hoops, which may be called by a variety of names depending on the geographical region or type of jewelry, will come in a variety of sizes and colors and are most often made of surgical grade stainless steel or titanium. A nose bone has a short post with a decorative top that rests on the outside of your nostril and has a slightly bulbous bottom that secures the post in place in your nostril piercing. Solid gold jewelry is hypoallergenic and is a reliable option for those who suffer from sensitivities to certain types of metal. Both 14k and 18k gold are actually metal alloys that are composed of gold and other metals in order to make the gold better able to craft durable jewelry than with pure gold alone. 316L is implant quality surgical stainless steel and it is the most widely used metal for body piercings and is what a majority of the jewelry we carry is made from.
Grade 23 titanium is a high quality metal that is used for our body jewelry, which is composed of an alloy of pure titanium and other metals and elements. If you need a nose ring that is easily concealable for school or work, then more flexible or translucent materials may be best for you. If you’re looking for a 100% guaranteed way to hide your piercing, retainers are the way to go.
Bioplast, which is certified biocompatible, is not metal and the material can be heat sterilized, which makes it safe for healing, swollen, or infected piercings. Inexpensive, lightweight, and versatile, acrylic body jewelry comes in a variety of vibrant colors and is probably the most well-known type of plastic. When you are in need of some style that truly sparkles just like you, precious gems are the way to add a little something extra to your nose ring. Whether or not you have a birthday in the month of October, opal nose rings are a hot trend that will be right at home in your pierced nose. You’d be hard pressed to find other diamonds in the industry of the same quality and within such a great price range!
If diamonds and opals aren’t going to suit your needs, we have a whole nose ring category dedicated to birthstones of every month! We have a wide variety of nose rings that include logo inlays as well as charms of plenty of different shapes and sizes. Nose piercings are one of the most common body piercings in the world, so there’s no wonder why so much different terminology is used to describe the piercings and the jewelry that goes in them. The gauge of body jewelry refers to the thickness of the item, which directly correlates to the needle size that is used to pierce you by your chosen piercing professional. Piercings done in India, the Middle East, or very select areas of the US, UK, Australia, or Europe may use the tiniest size: 22 gauge, which would normally be considered a specialty size that may need to be handcrafted by an artisan. This is the smallest gauge that most body jewelry will come in, and it is used almost exclusively for nose piercings.
There are a few exceptions for those who were pierced in particular parts of the world or who have larger noses and chose to be pierced a size or two larger, but for the most part, the common gauges are what you’ll be working with for your nostril piercing.
Unless your nose is either very dainty or larger than average, any of these sizes are likely to fit your nose, but for a truly perfect and comfortable fit, getting your ideal length measured at your piercer is a good idea. Other sizes for piercings that are done in non-traditional areas of the nostril or for nostrils with different thicknesses of cartilage can be custom made or created from a fishtail nose ring.First, the piercer will use a special device to measure your nose, and then they’ll bend the long end to the custom size that will best fit your nose. If you need a size that isn’t commonly sold on our site, an alternative to find the right fit for your nose piercing is to visit your local professional piercer so that they can measure your jewelry, your nose, or both and recommend a specific size for you and your nose. One of the most fun parts of choosing a new nose ring is picking out the gem or decoration you want to show off on your pierced schnoz. Our nose rings (most notably our solid gold options) are set in a low profile setting with a flat bottom to ensure the ring sits flush to the nose. When it comes to the metals and materials used to create your body jewelry there is always new and changing information. With that said I give you a few final bits of information about some of our most popular and commonly used materials.
Platinum is a dense heavy metal with a high resistance to corrosion and wear.  It’s high shine, maintains a silvery white tone, and is also the least reactive of all metals when it comes to skin and piercings. Platinum jewelry is an excellent hypoallergenic choice for piercings but the material itself is rare and comes with a higher price tag. Silver tends to oxidize when it comes in contact with body tissues or fluids and the result (tarnish!) is not good for your piercing. Do not wear sterling silver jewelry in unhealed body piercings or if you are prone to allergic reaction! Acrylic jewelry comes in every color and print you can imagine but is much easier to break or shatter than other materials. Bending, heating, and dropping are death for acrylic jewelry which means Acrylic can not be sterilized and is not a good choice for people who are prone to allergic reactions or for use in unhealed body piercings. Remember: the best person to ask for a recommendation of the material that is best for you is a trusted piercer and the only qualified person to ask about symptoms of allergic reaction is a medical professional!
316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel: This high shine, no frills marvel is the perfect combo of function and anti-fashion thanks to its colorless, simple style that makes it the go-to material for ever-changing trends. If you are experiencing mild itching and redness or more serious symptoms like swelling, throbbing, or your piercing is migrating away from your jewelry, you are likely experiencing an allergic reaction. While mild symptoms often subside when jewelry is removed a severe reaction should be seen by a doctor. Creating alloys composed of gold and other metals gives the ability to craft more wearable, durable pieces of jewelry than gold alone. Each listed karat weight (k) is a reference to the percentage of pure gold your jewelry contains. The lightweight flexibility of PTFE provides maximum comfort as it flexes with tissue instead of against it.
One of the most exciting uses of PTFE is the popular pregnancy belly ring style that fits your growing tummy! If you’ve noticed your jewelry irritates your piercing or if you know for certain you have a nickel allergy then Bioplast may be right for you.
Bioplast is not metal and the material can be heat sterilized, making it safe for healing swollen or infected piercings and the safest option for allergy sufferers or anyone who doesn’t want to take any chances on metals. A pair of fun and flirty earrings is every girl’s go-to-accessory for a casual night out, a breezy brunch or a wild party. Rook piercing is one of the most painful and cumbersome ear-piercings requiring a lot of tissues and should only be attempted by a professional. First introduced by professional piercer Erik Dakota, ‘Daith’ means intelligence or wisdom in Hebrew.
Earlobe gauging is an extension of lobe piercing and has become a new trend in ear piercing. Conch piercing has been one of the most popular ear piercings of the 21st century as it gives a fashionable side view of one’s face and is thus the perfect accessory for all those profile snapshots for FB. Extremely popular in the West, helix piercing is one of the trendiest and coolest piercings one can sport.
Snug piercing is also known as the anti-helix piercing performed on the anti-helix of the vertical cartilage fold inside the ear rim. Lobe piercing has been in fashion over the centuries and is perhaps the most natural and accepted form of ear piercing. Here you will find a large base of information regarding cartilage jewelry, piercing types and unique pieces of ear jewelry. Tragus Jewelry The market is full of different and stylish tragus jewelry these days meeting the demand of people who get the tragus piercing done. Industrial Jewelry Industrial piercing is when you get two piercing in one ear and wear the jewellery in the same.

Helix Jewelry Triple helix piercing is usually done with the help of a curved needle just like the normal helix piercings.
Helix Piercing Helix piercing is the process of making a hole on the upper cartilage of the ear known as helix. Rook Piercing In ancient times, piercing was considered as a part of religious tradition especially in Africa and some parts of Asia but in recent times, it has become a style statement. Industrial piercing is a pair of piercing connected by the jewellery usually on the upper ear cartilage. Tragus Piercing Tragus ear piercing is the new trend these days, which is done at the end of the tunnel of the ear. Cartilage earrings have come up to be the most common type of piercing earring worn by people these days. Some of the outer layers may peel, chip away, crack off, or break down over time as a result of your jewelry being in contact with moisture and heat generated by your own body. It is very smooth and feels comfortable to wear in pretty much any piercing, so it is commonly used in areas like lip piercings and ear piercings. The ceramic used in this type of coating is the same type of ceramic material used on industrial tools and as a heat guard in space shuttles. The look of the jewelry that is placed in your fresh piercing must be secondary to choices that affect compatibility with your body. The chances of this happening to your jewelry is increases by a number of factors such as wearing it in an oral piercing due to saliva resulting in a reaction with the material. If you skin turns a color such as green or black, this is also a sign of tarnishing and alerts you to the likely presence of nickel in the jewelry. This is an especially important rule to remember when cleaning body jewelry that is made from acrylic material because it can crack or dissolve when exposed to harsh chemical cleaning agents such as alcohol or peroxide. Piercing’s Aftercare Swab Pack is developed exclusively for the care and cleaning of piercings and is conveniently packaged using advanced technology for easy, sanitary application. Check out our blog category on piercings and aftercare to learn more and become an expert in maintaining your perfect piercing.
Any of the five options available can be worn based on your own preference for comfort, sizing, or aesthetics. If you’ve been having a difficult time finding a standard nose ring that fits your nostril comfortably, then you may have the unique sizing need that is met by choosing to wear a fishtail nose ring.
There are right bend and left bend nose screws, so you must choose one or the other depending on which side of your nose is pierced to provide the best comfort and fit. A favorite during the nineties, this model of nose decoration has recently experienced a resurgence.
The nose bone usually has a straight piece of around six or seven millimeters in length and pops in and out of your piercing, sometimes with a little resistance due to that bump at the end.
These are great for those who have smaller noses or for those who want jewelry that is a little more discrete.Labret studs (those that are 20 gauge or 18 gauge) are a popular form of alternate starter jewelry for nostril piercings for a few reasons. You’ll have the secure fit and decorative versatility of an l-shaped nose ring with the comfort and attention that comes from a nose hoop. Check out our previous blog post, which has everything you could ever hope to know about the materials used for our nose rings. There are six basic materials that most nose rings will be made of: stainless steel, gold, sterling silver, titanium, bioplast, and acrylic.
This type of jewelry can be sanitized by an experienced body piercing studio with access to proper equipment, as it can discolor from autoclaving. The karat weight (k) is a reference to the percentage of pure gold contained in the jewelry. Some jewelers use a setting that is shaped like a cone with thin prongs that offer no support.
It is also considered the basic requirement of metal that is to be used in initial piercings and for healing.
Sterling silver body jewelry is mainly recommended for only well-established piercings and for short term wear. It is an especially stable material and is very resistant to corrosion, even retaining its luster all the way up to its melting point. This flexible material is great for initial piercings and can be cut to any length and is easily rethreaded for a custom fit.
It can degrade when it comes into contact with harsh chemicals like alcohol and can melt or discolor when heat sterilized, so it should only be worn in a piercing that is already healed.
Cubic zirconia, colored diamonds, and natural stones are just a few of the beautiful options we have available. You won’t need any excuse to celebrate your birthday with all of the options available to decorate your nose piercing.
Check out our previous post on everything you need to know about sizing nose piercing jewelry.
Since there are so many different sized noses, there are also different gauge sizes of nose piercings.The thickness of the item is extremely important to the fit of the item. Slightly larger than the 20 gauge, this size will still provide you with countless fashionable options. Knowing the correct gauge size is incredibly important to be sure your jewelry fits comfortably without slipping out. The two most common types of bends will be either a nose screw (the standard type of nose ring that looks like a corkscrew) or an l-shape, which literally leaves the item in the shape of an uppercase L.Diameter is measured instead of length for nose hoops, and will always be the distance between the inside edges of the hoop at its largest point. Those with larger noses or with large gauge nose piercings may need rings with a little larger of a diameter, so measuring a hoop you’re already sure fits you is a good decision in those cases. The gem or decoration size of a nose ring is often overlooked, but depending on the look you want and the size of your specific nose, this measurement can be rather important. Each stone has its own “seat” where a notch is cut by a highly skilled craftsman into the setting to fit that individual stone.
At Body Candy we do our best to help you make an informed decision but we ALWAYS recommend that you ask your own trusted piercer for advice specific to you. Check out the April 17th and April 13th blog posts for information on some of our other metals and materials or call our customer service department 9-5pm Monday through Friday (Eastern Standard Time) at 1-800-694-1426. They will be happy to suggest a choice for you! This amazing, nonstick material can substantially reduce healing time in new piercings, piercings grouped close together, and piercings that have changed with your body over time. Check back next week for some basic information on our most common metals and materials at Body Candy or call our customer service department 9-5pm Monday through Friday (Eastern Standard Time) at 1-800-694-1426. They will be happy to suggest the best choice for you. Ear accessories lend our get-up that touch of drama and reflect our personality in subtle ways.
The thickness of the tragus varies from person to person and thus piercing thick cartilages can cause immense pain and bleeding. It is more attractive and different than other types of piercing and consists of connecting two pierces on the cartilage by a single piece of jewellery. Pronounced as ‘Doth’, daith piercing is done on the ear’s innermost cartilage fold also known as the crus of the helix.
Helix piercing involves perforation of the upper ear cartilage known as helix by a small gauge hollow piercing needle. The anti-helix is adjacent to the helix and the piercings appear comparatively shallow to other types. We have the best industrial ear piercer and the jewellery that will be best suited for you. You can usually wear just one cartilage earring, because of which it is sold as a single piece. There are a number of things that you should consider when planning to pierce you ears such as the risks of infection, painful that you may feel, healing process, and the ear piercings types.
It can still be chipped if dropped or banged up against other objects, especially jewelry, so you should store ceramic plated items separate from your other jewelry.Electroplating is a process that coats an object with a thin layer of metal, giving the plating its color and brightness. Remember that the location of your piercing is fixed, but the jewelry can be changed after it has fully healed.
To slow this natural process, store your silver plated jewelry in airtight containers or bags.
If any irritation occurs this second time, discard the jewelry and avoid wearing body jewelry made from that metal or material.
The stones of your jewelry can also be cleaned, but make sure to confirm with the information available on the cleaner that it is safe to use for the type of decoration you’re cleaning. Nose jewelry has the ability to be beautiful with the many stylistic options you have in store for your choice, but it also has the added plus of being surprisingly versatile with the many types available and the ability to customize for a perfect fit and style.
This is probably the most popular type of nose ring available and has plenty of style options to choose from. The standard length of this item from the bottom of the setting to bend of the L is usually six to seven millimeters, though this may be shorter for specialty sizes.
Easily removable and very comfortable, no excess material sits against the inner side of the nostril. The top looks like those you would see on any type of nose ring, but the bottom is secured to the top with a threaded barbell (internally threaded items will be easiest to use), so you won’t lose your jewelry as easily.
A brand new addition to our nose ring collection, l-shaped faux hoop nose rings are the best of both worlds.
They can also be found in platinum, glass, and carved organic material like bone, but these media are generally more expensive and harder to come by. Yellow gold is especially biocompatible, but both rose gold and white gold are achieved by starting with yellow gold and adding another metal to it.

The higher grades, such as 24k, are actually risky to wear in piercings due to the higher gold content that makes the jewelry more malleable.
Both factors make it easy for the gem to shift out of place and hinder the sparkling beauty of the diamond or gem.
This metal can be autoclaved, but be sure not to use harsh chemicals to clean 316L stainless steel if your jewelry has any acrylic or gems that are not bezel set, it could lead to the destruction of those elements. Since this material is about ten times more difficult to manipulate as compared to gold, this means it is also ten times as wear-resistant, so anything engraved or fine patterns will not wear out for a very long time. It is also the safest option for those who suffer from metal allergies or anyone who doesn’t want to take chances on their piercing.
Depending on how high up your piercing is and how large or small your nostril is, an incorrect diameter can end up looking a little funky, so this is important to figure out so you can achieve your best style. Not only is there an aesthetic quality to this, but it also makes it less likely you’ll get your jewelry caught on something. Some people can wear all kinds of jewelry while others find allergic and irritated reactions common or develop allergies later in life. Similar to tragus piercings, some people cannot opt for anti-tragus piercing due to having a small anti-tragus. First introduced by well known professional piercer Erik Dakota, rook piercing is highly dependent on the look and structure of the ear and thus it gives a unique look to every individual. Two punches are made on the helix, which are then connected by a long piece of jewellery with metal balls on the end, so as to prevent the ornament from slipping out.
The lobe piercing is stretched by wearing bigger and bigger pieces of jewellery till you reach your desired size.
Conch piercing is done by perforating the cartilage at the centre of the ear which resembles a conch shell. Helix piercing is really addictive and most people go back for multiple piercings which allow them to have attractive bling patterns consisting of two ball earrings, studs, gem closed rings and metal rings.
It is more painful than other ear piercings and should be performed by a professional with much care and attention.
There are a number of different types of hoops available that can be used as nose rings on our site, including seamless segment rings, captive bead rings, and closure rings.
Additionally, a long stud can be inserted without it awkwardly sticking out, which is tough to accomplish with the usual nostril jewelry available. Some materials are better to use while healing a new piercing while others are recommended for well-established piercings or for wearing for only a short time. Antibacterial soap and warm water works just as well for sanitizing your jewelry before inserting into your piercing to prevent complications such as infection.
Titanium jewelry is lightweight, highly resistant to corrosion, and can be anodized to add a layer of color to its surface. Also, because of platinum’s tensile strength, it makes it the perfect material for settings for diamonds and other precious stones with minimal coverage while still maintaining optimal security.
A deep breath in helps Frank to relax, and James then pushes the needle through, using the open ends of the clamps to guide it.
Piercings on the ear can be quite painful, but once done one can look like a million bucks with the right kind of accessories.
It looks unique, stylish and is quite eye-catching but requires a lot of care and professional assistance as insertion and removal of jewellery involves some pain.
Rook piercing is very painful as the cartilage is not easily accessible besides being very small and thick. The cartilage is hard besides being difficult to access but the piercing looks cool and trendy with thin wired jewellery. After that you are left with a hollow ring in your earlobe that can be adorned by gems with larger diameters, plugs and eyelets. Conch piercings can be of two types-inner conch and outer conch and a hollow, hypodermic needle is used for the piercing.
It should be performed by a professional as it involves a substantial amount of pain, bleeding, swelling and risk of infection. Unlike lobe piercing which only needs more or less 1 month to heal, helix may needs more than 6 months. It is most frequently encountered as an outer coating over titanium or stainless steel body jewelry and can be used in an autoclave or steam sterilization treatments.
This type is most commonly bent into an l-shaped nose ring or some form of nose screw, but it can also be made into any other shape, including a nose hoop.
These types of nose rings should not be used for initial or healing piercings because the bump at the end will give you plenty discomfort when you try to put it in. A cork is secured to the end of the needle as James slides it the rest of the way out, so that a septum retainer can be inserted behind it. In today’s modern world, people want to look unique and different and body piercings are a great way to stand out in a crowd, regardless of sex and age.
Healing takes about 8-16 weeks, though it can be year before the wound is completely healed.
Generally, adventurous people with a genuine love for ear piercings opt for anti-tragus piercing as it is painful, uncomfortable and has a high risk of infection. The inner ear cartilage is usually perforated by a curved needle having small receiver tubes at the opposite ends, so as to protect other ear parts from damage. Inner conch piercing may lead to slight differences in hearing but the change is minimal and mostly undetectable. Make sure you ask a professional to get the piercing done to avoid any infections that many happen. PVD coatings offer high durability and wear resistance as well as resistance to discoloration, tarnishing, high corrosion, and UV radiation.Ion plating (IP) is a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process that allows jewelry coating to bond with the stainless steel that is usually used beneath it.
For those that are cautious and afraid to take the leap, ear piercings can be a good start to get body piercings done.
Any type of modified jewellery can be worn in this type of piercing with captive bead ring and curved barbells being the most common. Daith piercings usually take 8-16 weeks to heal but complete healing may take a year, just like all other risky piercings. However one must take care to stretch the piercing gradually as too much stretching of tissues within a short period of time can lead to infections, tearing and bleeding.
Removal and insertion of jewellery can be uncomfortable but notwithstanding the disadvantages it has its fair share of fans all over the world. This traditional piercing looks very decent and a variety of beautiful jewellery can be used to adorn lobe piercings. Ion plating is more durable, more wear resistant, and also provides higher brightness than traditional methods of plating jewelry.
But always take care to use only sterilized needles and clean tissues to avoid risk of infection.
Captive bead rings, earring studs and thin circular wire rings are usually used as ornaments in tragus piercing. Curved balls, ball closure rings or circular barbells are popular choices for jewellery in this type of ear piercing. Professional assistance is required for insertion and removal of jewellery as it is quite vulnerable to tearing.
Curved barbells, ball closure rings, captive bead rings, hearts and moon earrings are commonly worn in this kind of piercing. Also the earlobe hole cannot be reverted to its normal size easily and involves a lot of complications. Conch piercing requires professional expertise as infection can develop between the multiple layers of pierced cartilage and eat away parts of the cartilage. The process involves adding a titanium nitrade layer to the component being plated and then applying an extremely thin layer of gold.
Also consider your pain sensitivity level before getting an ear-piercing done, as some of them can be quite painful and take months to heal completely.
Some people hear a loud popping noise during the piercing but this occurs only because the tragus is very close to the ear drum. Rook piercing is very popular among youngsters due to its ability to give a super cool individualistic look. Therefore, it is less painful to get ear piercings done on that area compared to other areas in ear. Ion plating uses concurrent or periodic bombardment of these energetic particles on the metal to create the layer of coating.Anodized body jewelry is created through a process in which an electrical current is applied to the metal that changes the way the surface of metal refracts light, which results in a coated layer of color. In most jewelry, an anodized titanium coating will be made over surgical grade stainless steel. Perhaps it is because the area is large enough so that there is enough space to have more than one hole with more than earrings too. The interference of light reflecting off the oxide layer reflecting off the metal beneath it is what determines the color you see. A gun is widely used to make ear lobe piercing because it is less painful then using needle. While other piercing types may need 2-12 months to heal, you will need only 6 weeks or even faster to heal.

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