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The Diamond collection showcases our best diamonds in the most perfect settings, designed to show them off at their breathtaking best. The ultimate symbol of style and sophistication, our collection of men's and ladies designer watch brands have been chosen to showcase innovative design, cutting-edge technology and the latest on-trend materials. Whatever the occasion, you'll find something to suit in our stunning collection of jewellery. Perfect for showing off your fashion-forward sense of style, our fabulous collection of designer jewellery and watches will give you instant kudos and will ensure you're always one step ahead of the trend. Meant to signify your love and the commitment you make to each other on your wedding day, your beautiful wedding rings symbolise the start of your new life together. Our range of fantastic savings means that accessorising your new season wardrobe doesn't need to cost the earth. Aurora, Roman goddess of the sun, renewed herself every morning and flew across the sky, heralding the arrival of the sun. With the chemical symbol Au, gold is named after Aurora because of its uniquely yellow colour. Gold has continued to be treasured ever since: with the Greeks and Romans, through medieval times and right up to the present day. We have all heard of the saying about being born with a silver spoon in the mouth, but what about this yellow gold one?
The purity of gold is measured in carats - the word carat coming from the carob bean that was used by merchants in the Middle East to measure weight. Reassuringly for customers, jewellery is required by law to be independently tested to verify the purity of the gold. One of Grant Logan's yellow gold 'noble' designs, a timeless yellow gold Celtic kilt pin, personalised with the recipient's initials. Warm, golden yellow gold lends itself so perfectly to being worked by the hands of craftsmen such as Grant Logan.
Alternatively, it can be worked to enfold and bring to life precious gems such as diamonds and rubies.
Recently, with the increasing fashion for platinum and white gold, yellow gold seemed to have lost a little of its popularity in the jewellery world. A contrast in texture adds even more emphasis to this modern white and yellow gold ring designed by Grant and forming part of his 'That's Life' collection. If you would like any further details on these pieces of Grant Logan jewellery, his other designs, or a commission enquiry please contact us.
These delicate earrings feature onyx faceted balls with gold vermeil tear drop shapes.

Sign up today to our Black Mail and keep up to date with news and special offers and enjoy 10% off your first order. Our company is currently on the list of 10 biggest European jewellery manufacturers cooperating with SWAROVSKI® company.
SILVEXCRAFT® DESIGN jewellery is made of 925 silver covered with a layer of rhodium or 24K gold. A layer of rhodium is plated on silver pieces to slow down and significantly reduce the process of yellowing and blackening.
Elegant and feminine; characterises these attractive 9ct yellow gold stud earrings, set with smooth shimmering white cultured freshwater Pearls. Classic small 3mm Ball stud earrings finished in 18ct Yellow Gold Plate - fashion basics for everyday wear. Black onyx contrasts magnificently with yellow gold, as proven with these stunning earrings with just a hint of the jungle to them.
Grant has designed the yellow gold to overlay the oval onyx, with abstract shaped cut out sections in the gold allowing glimpses through to the onyx securely held behind. The yellow gold could represent the shiny new beginning, with the onyx hinting at what has gone before and signifying the good and the not so good life experiences that have shaped us into who we are now. Equally, you may just fall in love with the unusual design and 'wow' factor of these beautiful earrings.
Each diamond chosen for its exceptional fire and sparkle, find the ring thata€™s the perfect symbol of your eternal love. Grant has cleverly made the bowl of the spoon using a mussel shell design, and to personalise the gift, initials complete the spoon.
24ct, or 24 carat, gold denotes pure gold, of which about 99.9% is gold with the remainder being a mixture of other metals. 18 carat yellow gold is 75% gold, the other 25% consists of small amounts of silver and copper. This practice known as hallmarking dates back, in one form or another, to the Byzantine era, making it the earliest form of consumer protection.
From a scientific point of view this means that it is highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion, but it is also appropriate when we think of the connotations of the word 'noble' which conjures words like 'superior', 'fine' and 'quality'.
The two effects can be combined in the one product, particularly with contrasting colours of gold as in Grant's ring design for a man below. It has long been the preferred metal for engagement and wedding rings, representing purity and enduring qualities. However, these changes of focus always come back round, and we are again seeing a surge in popularity of yellow gold.

Measuring 5cm in length, they are the perfect accompaniment to a black cashmere jumper during the day or a little black dress at night. We offer discerning customers high quality classic lines balanced with contemporary chic designs, all in exquisite fabrics.
Therefore, products of SILVEXCRAFT® DESIGN are marked by the highest quality of production and unconventional DESIGN.
Don’t worry, just let us know within 14 days and you will be entitled to a full no quibbles refund when you have returned the item to us. Magnificent bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, head ornaments and chokers of gold were all produced in ancient Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs. 9ct yellow gold is has a minimum of 37.5% pure gold, the remainder being small quantities of copper, silver and zinc. Big and bold or subtle and demure, yellow gold jewellery is definitely back in the limelight using both traditional and new looks. The signature palette of the Black collections is soft and neutral whilst that of the Bright By Black is bold and vibrant. All metals are hallmarked as legally required and hand polished in the UK to a mirror finish.
This involves the jewellery being sent to one of the four Assay Offices in the UK and being stamped with the office's mark.
One particular trend has been the use of different colours of gold in combination to create some fabulous pieces. The pictures shown are of the actual product you will receive however every diamond is unique so on occassions stock photographs are used. Each piece of his hand crafted jewellery apart from having Grant's own unique stamp carries stamps from the only hallmarking office in Scotland. It can be hammered so thin that sunlight can shine through it, and it is said that gold can be hammered into sheets so thin that a pile of them one inch high would contain more than 200,000 separate sheets. These marks reassure customers that the gold is as pure as claimed, and in themselves add an individual history and character to each piece of jewellery.

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