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Look prettier than the artwork at your next gallery opening with these Oval Tear Drop Earrings. Earrings have become the most important piece of jewellery and they enhance your appearance to a large extent.
The traditional Jhumkas are shaped in form of an inverted bowl and they go very well with traditional Indian dresses. Washing hair regularly with a good shampoo is necessary to keep your locks clean, healthy and beautiful. Available in different types, check out a few kinds of earrings by browsing through this article.
Apart from being just a piece of decorative jewelry for the ear lobes, earrings represent style, flair, and the way a person portrays himself. They float on the ear or earlobe without a visible point of connection, thereby setting a distinguishing characteristic from the other earring types. They generally have metal tubing with a thin wire attachment at the end, which penetrates straight through the ear. Available in various lengths, ranging from 1 cm to shoulder length, dangles are attached to thin wires that pass through the ear to be connected with a small hook at the back. In such a type of earring, the stud is connected with a delicate chain to the ear cuff or a cartilage piece worn higher on the ear. They have a tension clip, which secures the earring to the ear by pinching it into the earlobe.

The earrings are held in place by attaching the earring to the earlobe with a magnetic back, through magnetic force.
They have adhesive backs that are stuck to the earlobe, giving the appearance of a pierced stud earring. Studs are made of precious metals like silver, gold and platinum and generally studded with precious and semi precious gems and stones. While traditionally earrings were meant for women, these days, men too can be seen flaunting different kinds of earrings.
They have a post at the end, which penetrates straight through the ear piercing and is held by a removable friction back or clutch.
This tubing is hollow and is permanently attached to the wire at the front of the earring, while the back is open, allowing the wire to pass through the ear and securing it in place back into the tube. French hooks are a variation of dangles, which hang from the ear, without any closure at the back, though small plastic retainers are sometimes used at the ends. Clip-on earrings were highly popular in America, but their popularity started declining with the coming of pierced earrings in the 1960s and 1970s.
It is due to this magnetic force that these earrings stay in place, thereby resembling pierced studs.
The tradition of piercing the ears of small children is very old and in some parts of the world a male child keeps on wearing the same stud earrings throughout his life. They sway and dangle like a pendulum, as the wearer moves her head and the swaying adds a lot of charm and style to the earring.

Jhumkas can be worn by penetrating the post in the ear and the post is secured by a screw at the back or it is attached with a thin wire at the end and the wire is shaped as a hook which is pierced in the ear and left loose. Considered to be one of the most essential part of a person’s jewelry, earrings are available in various types to suit the needs and desires of a wearer.
Nonetheless, clip-on earrings are again gaining recognition these days, though their prominence is quite rare. Both type of earrings spread out in many shapes and styles that are meant to be worn for different occasions.
Men generally wear a stud in one ear only. Stud earrings exist since Middle Ages when men from the royal families used to wear gold or pearl studs as a symbol of royalty. Slim hoop earrings are mostly made up of silver or gold wire and they are pierced through the ear lobe and are secured with a loop. For this reason, earrings are found in different types categorized on the basis of shapes, sizes and styles.

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