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In time, in the '80s and the '90s, the things changed and makeup, hairstyles and piercings were more and more showed off and more shocking.
A lot of men will ask themselves if they should be wearing stud earrings or other earrings. Punk earrings include a lot of designs, like: skulls, crossbones, crosses, vampire themes, metal spikes, dice, knives, snakes, lightning, guns, scorpions and many other elements, but punk earrings are not the only designs on the market.
These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. You enjoy shopping on Mainline Menswear, so why not kill 2 birds with one stone and enjoy the luxury of being able to shop for your girlfriends Xmas present too? Inspired by the 70s punk scene the Vivienne Westwood jewellery range, like her clothing is anything but ordinary. Why not treat her to a stunning pair of diamante heart orb earrings in imitation rhodium and red enamel? Our range of jewellery is suited to all ages alike, we have broaches which can be worn as an accessory for the younger generation or for practical use to suit the older audience, whatever the age there is a piece of Vivienne Westwood jewellery that will suit. For those more vibrant personalities we have an eye catching neon coloured enamel orb bracelet, this brave piece will set off any outfit, you can purchase this killer piece of jewellery for ?65 at Mainline Menswear today!

As 70s Punk who became famous and has since then called synonymous with avant-garde designer Vivienne Westwood.
This trend traces its origins in the '70s, when Vivienne Westwood and McLaren brought on the scene some special clothing and they pushed the fashion further, for shocking the public. This fashion trend's fans started to dye their hair in unnatural color, and they wore dramatic make-up. There are many men who like the idea of wearing them, but they are not sure how to wear them or if it really is ok to do that.
This is by excellence a personal decision, and everybody should know that there are men which don't like wearing jewelries, and earrings would be weird for them. There are also earrings for hip-hoppers, which are a necessary part for all players who represent something in terms of hip hop style. This style migrated into music too, and a lot of punk fashion elements included offensive messages printed on T-shirts or written on the jeans, blazers, combat boots and body piercings were common but not like today. Today's punk fashion keeps a lot of original elements but they aren't so shocking anymore, and people already started to get used to these fashion elements.
Not all men can look good with some earring models, and this is a matter in which there will be some trial and error.

On the other hand there are the men who like wearing them but they can't decide on the model.
Silver studs are an important and nowadays normal part of men's fashion even if they are hip hop fans or not.
Treating yourself to your favourite designers whilst having the added luxury of being able to get the other half a piece of jewellery which will most definitely get you big points! Attitude and passion for your own creation is carried out many years not at all bothered by trends that will change now, instead, continues further. I recommend, if you didn't wear until now earrings to start with men stud earrings and then progressively change the style. So, if you go out for the night or you want to impress that special lady you met last night, you can try earrings and be sure that they will give you a special look.

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