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Start by cutting two pieces of embroidery thread in your chosen colors that are the same length, and longer then you think you'll need. Keep each thread on its same side the entire time (ie- light aqua on the left, dark on the right). Jenn Alexander Fletcher (aka BlondeShot Creative) is a photographer specializing in unique studio and unconventional lifestyle portraiture. The weather has been warmer than usual this time of year and is tricking us all into thinking Spring is actually here already. Be sure to switch off colored strings knotting one at a time, an then switching to the next.

She is also a freelance writer, camera and photo educator, dessert eater, traveler, antiquer, wife, and mother. Anyways, I had an urge to make friendship bracelets like I used to make when I was little, but knew I wouldn't actually wear one around my wrist when it was complete (I hate the feeling of things on my wrists), so decided to take the idea and mix it up a little. Since my ears are stretched, I rarely get to buy or make fun "normal" earrings, but with hoops, both I can wear them, and anyone with a regular ear piercing can wear them too. You can either hold the hoop inbetween your legs which is easiest, or make a little jig to hold the hoop so your hands are free to knot. We use cookies to save information like your language preference and the nearest Walmart store.

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