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Features cool chain and a cute anchor charm.Simple and comfortable to wear.No piercing needed! Any additional selections are optional, and you can easily change or remove selections at any time. JewelryUp to 200 dollars 14k Gold Teardrop Earrings14k rose gold Teardrop Pull Through Earrings. Virtually every last bit of the once living creature has been replaced with shiny metallic pyrite. Pale green peridot is believed to promote optimism and to protect those who wear it from dwelling on the negative.

And in a lovely twist of tradition, these sterling silver and 14K gold Forget Me Not rings designed by Brooklyn-based Kiel Mead serve as permanent reflections and a celebration of memories. Delicately tied in a pretty bow, these simple rings made from the mold of a real string will always be a reminder of a particular occasion, memorable event or the special person that gave it to you. Waxes and molds made Italy, silver charms cast in Thailand, semi-precious stone pieces made in India. A small branch was dangling off it so she took it home and cast it in sterling silver, inspired by the graceful and delicate detail. She then cleaned, polished and formed it to gently rest across the collarbones and attach by a thin silver chain.The winner of our jewelry design challenge, this beautiful necklace lets you carry the joys of spring with you.

The delicate silver-cast branch is reinforced with extra soldering, lending strength to its natural beauty.

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