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Mission:1) To write and record a new song every single week, and to post it on the internet each and every Monday. High blood pressure or “hypertension” is responsible for approximately half of all strokes and heart attacks globally. High blood pressure may remain undetected for years owing to the paucity of symptoms in most patients.
A successful treatment strategy begins with an accurate understanding of the mechanisms behind its causation, complications and proposed treatment plans. Majority of patients, in whom a specific cause cannot be identified, are labeled with “essential” or “primary” hypertension.?Some people have “secondary” hypertension where the high blood pressure is a result of another medical problem or medication. It is considered the most important risk factor for coronary artery (heart) disease, being more common than diabetes, cigarette smoking and high cholesterol levels. It can also lead to stroke, atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat), vision loss, kidney damage, memory loss, erectile dysfunction and peripheral arterial disease (hardening of arteries outside the heart). If you are diagnosed with any type of high blood pressure, your doctor will review your medical history, conduct a physical examination and recommend routine tests, such as a urine test (urinalysis), blood tests and an electrocardiogram (ECG) — a test that measures the heart’s electrical activity. Although high blood pressure is a life threatening illness, symptoms don’t develop until our blood pressure becomes so high that the body cannot tolerate it. Commonly reported symptoms are headaches (particularly at the back of the head and in the morning), dizziness, flushing, nose bleeds, fainting episodes, tinnitus (buzzing or ringing in the ears) and impaired vision. High salt diet, family history (genetics), obesity, cigarette smoking, alcohol intake, decreased physical activity, stress, sleep apnea, old age, medications (steroids, birth control pills etc), narrowing of arteries that supply blood to the kidneys and hormone disorders (pituitary, thyroid, adrenal etc) are some of the factors that can affect your blood pressure. According to American Society of Hypertension (ASH), less than one third of high blood pressure patients are able to achieve the target blood pressure control. Keeping fat intake under 27% of total calories, eating many servings of fruits and vegetables, choosing whole instead of processed grains, including low-fat or nonfat dairy products and small portions of poultry, fish, and nuts as your primary source of protein rather than red meat constitutes the DASH diet (source: New Eng Journal of Med). Addition of foods rich in potassium (e.g bananas, dairy products, salt substitutes etc) can help lower your blood pressure.
Engage in regular moderate intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking for at least 30 minutes per day. A major study (source: Framingham database) found that hypertension is about twice as prevalent in the obese as compared to the non-obese.
As we wrote then, some of our colleagues were touched in ways that affected them not only emotionally, but even career-wise. Many families have joined the Radiothon over the years, some returning to share their story and others joining us for the first time. With today's premier, he'll join a growing number of celebrities now jumping into the daily tv talk fest and you have to wonder if everyone will be a 'survivor.' He goes against the just launched Steve Harvey Show, Katie Couric and the already highly successful Ellen DeGeneres show, but apparently he's not swayed.
Just ahead of taking the seat in mornings at i101.1 from his longtime home on The Loop, Pete (shown right) and brother Jamie (shown left) went one on one with the legendary coach somewhere in the crowd at Wrigley Field during a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Fans showed up in their V-neck shirts and Capri pants to celebrate the end of summer with the duo. Sometimes when the air is just right, or the temperature hovers in a particular place, or a song wafts by your ears, or the clouds look just a certain way, or the light fades at just the right instant, you can be transported to other places and other times.
That said, anyone with poorly treated or un-diagnosed hypertension at least doubles his or her risk of developing stroke, heart disease and kidney failure — “the silent killer”. It is always given as two numbers, the systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) pressures. The doctor may also recommend additional tests, such as fasting cholesterol and sugar levels, a kidney ultrasound and an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart). Therefore, we shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming that symptoms will alert us to a high blood pressure. While there is no cure, high blood pressure is manageable and lifestyle changes form the fundamental basis of any blood pressure lowering plan. An analysis of 25 controlled studies showed approximately 1 mmHg drop in blood pressure for each kilogram lost (source: Hypertension journal). Three keys to success are setting realistic goals, following a healthy diet, and aiming for 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. Alcohol intake should be limited to less than two alcoholic drinks per day in men and one drink per day in women. Keeping notes, putting mobile phone alarms and friendly reminders from close relatives and friends can help you adhere to medication regimes. Asaad is currently completing his advanced cardiology fellowship from Harvard Medical School. Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel (shown center) stopped at the hospital on Thursday to visit with a few kids and also go on the air with Ross Brittain (right), Frank, Val and Billy Z to ask listeners and Phillies fans for their support.
Buzzing in his ears, sleep issues and constant headaches is what Punnett has dealt with daily since his tinnitus began a few years ago. He tells USA Today while planning his new talk show, he test-drove variations of the typical daytime program -- an hour on the couch talking about social issues. Of note, in addition to still doing sports reports for The Loop and Merlin's station in Philadelphia, McMurray is also back again on FOX TV doing The Bear's pregame show. Memory sneaks up on you, and past blends with present, and time folds in on itself and unfolds in curious and unexpected ways.
Each time the heart beats the blood pressure is at its highest and this measurement constitutes the “systolic” pressure whereas the “diastolic” reading indicates the pressure maintained in the arteries while the heart rests between beats.
These interventions can drop the systolic blood pressure by 7-12 mmHg points (source: Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic). Also, making it socially interactive by exercising with your spouse or friend helps keep interest.

Limiting the amount of alcohol to this quantity is expected to reduce the systolic blood pressure by 2-4 mmHg points (source: Hypertension journal). Adherence to lifestyle modifications and prescribed medications along with regular checkups with your doctor can help you trump the blood pressure menace.
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This is 40 is a look at the lives of Pete and Debbie a few years after the events of 'Knocked Up.' The movie is scheduled to debut in December. It is different from mere deja vu in which your memory is confused and mistakes the present for the past. Regular aerobic exercise can decrease systolic blood pressure by 4-9 mmHg points (source: Mayo Clinic). WTMX's Chris Petlak tells Jockline Daily, "Each year, listeners from Chicago and around the country open their hearts, donate funds, and share hope. It is the discovery a moment that complements a memory, and a realization that life is full of symmetry, and refrains come back around just like the chorus of a song.
Then today, lots of signs went up at Boone Hall Plantation stating that it was holding a private event, so no one could get into the area. In yet another movie 'Last Call,' Hendrie plays the part of Mulvahill in a story about underachieving siblings who are forced to run the family pub to save their eccentric uncle from jail time and financial ruin.
It is a curious sensation, and when it happens, moments last longer, and linger in your perception.
And of course, in the cartoon series Napoleon Dynamite, Hendrie has been in six episodes as various characters: Art Doodle, Old Owl Judge, Mr. I am being told there were around 60 people at the event and that a local restaurant may have catered it. The Transition unit treats physically and mentally wounded soldiers returning from overseas. As for mentors, he says he is grateful to people like Regis Philbin for giving him daytime experience. The last week in August I booked my flight, I decided to go with the later and little cheaper flight.

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