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Those who practice alternative therapy choose to use only holistic medicine when caring for illness, and excluding any kind of modern medicine.
Heart disease is a major killer of people in the US, and according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is what kills one in four people in the US every year. In cases where a person’s heart disease is caused by blocked coronary arteries, they have coronary artery disease. If the proper blood flow isn’t restored to the heart, the person could end up having congestive heart failure, which means they could have a heart attack and possibly die. Before someone undergoes heart bypass surgery it is likely the doctor will check out the heart using tests like an echocardiogram to check the heart, plus any needed blood tests or other tests. You may also be asked to change your diet so that your health will improve either before or after the surgery. Heart disease is not something you want to have and in some cases it can be very hard to treat. Mammograms are a special kind of x-ray procedure used to scan the breasts and take a picture so that it can be read by a radiologist to check for breast cancer or other types of breast problems. Health providers encourage women to get mammograms for several reasons, most especially if a woman has found a lump while doing monthly self-breast exams.
A woman or her doctor won’t be able to feel a lump until it is at least a few centimeters in size, and once that occurs, the breast cancer has already gotten to stage two out of the four stages of cancer. Women who are post-menopausal should also get mammograms at least every two years, as this procedure works well in detecting breast cancer in this type of women.
A study done in Sweden showed that 29 percent of the women who got annual mammograms in their 40s, and 10 percent over 50, were able to have breast cancer detected early and at a stage where it could be successfully treated. While studies have shown that mammograms may be valuable for women over 40, it is not certain how valuable they are for women under 40. The American Cancer Society says that women ages 20 to 40 should do monthly breast exams to check for lumps or other signs of breast cancer.
All women should follow a nutritious diet and exercise program and talk to their doctors about whether or not they should get an annual mammogram. To learn more about how to eat right and attain health and wellness for your body and mind, contact Dr. A cardiologist is a heart doctor, and they know all there is to know about the anatomy of the human heart.
If you have suffered from extended periods of tinnitus, you know all too well how disturbing the disorder can be. Most tinnitus is caused by damage to the microscopic hair-like structures in the inner ear. CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has been shown in clinical trials to be beneficial to people suffering from tinnitus.
It is important to note that if you are having ringing in the ears, you should consult with your doctor because tinnitus can be a symptom of certain diseases, or as mentioned, could be caused by some medications. Here at Miami Integrative Medicine, we choose to keep options open to both traditional and modern medicine for patients from Bal Harbour and other cities.

It also costs the US more than 100 billion dollars in health care, medicine and lost time from work. Some of these are due to blood vessel problems such as atherosclerosis, when a substance called plaque forms in the blood vessels it can clog them up.
A cardiologist may need to create a new pathway for the victim’s heart through heart bypass surgery.
So, the heart bypass operation, which is actually very common in the US, is done to prevent this possibility. They must also make sure that the body is strong enough to withstand the rigors of heart surgery. This alternative therapy will help to get your arteries unclogged through eating a nutritious and healthy diet and limiting things like too much fat, which can cause a rise in ‘bad’ cholesterol. However, if you end up having to get heart bypass surgery, this operation can help to save your life. Also, it is a good idea to get mammograms if there is a history of breast cancer in the woman’s family, as this can make her more prone to getting breast cancer during her life. A mammogram, however, can find a lump long before this and so the woman would have better odds of surviving breast cancer as a result of the medical information gotten from the scan. They should also continue to do breast exams every month as part of her health and wellness activities.
Integrative medicine is a proponent of regular mammograms, especially for those with a family history of breast cancer. Jorge Bordenave today at Miami Integrative Medicine and set up an appointment for a health care consultation. If you’re living in Key West, some mild exercise can work wonders, as well as eating foods known to help promote heart health, like whole grains. Living in Miami or Coral Gables or anywhere else doesn’t matter when it comes to coronary heart disease. As part of a health and wellness program, your fasting could simply be 16 hours out of every 24.
It is very difficult to block out the sounds in your head and concentrate on the ones coming from outside.
The hair-like structures vibrate, sending signals to the nerves in response to outside noise and the information is translated by the brain. CoQ10 is believed to energize the mitochondria in cells, which helps to prevent heart disease, as well as tinnitus.
If there is an underlying medical problem, treating that disorder should take care of the ringing. Jorge Bordenave invite you to visit us and see what a difference complementary medicine can make to your health and how it can improve your life.
Since these vessels are what carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, when they are clogged, your body will be starved of those vital components. This means that a special type of surgeon who studied in cardiology will redirect the blood flow of the heart areas that are restricted and may have to put a graft into the heart to restore good blood flow.

The graft for the heart sometimes is taken from a blood vessel in the victim’s legs or arms or even their chest. This contributes to the build up of plague in your arteries and causes heart disease and cardiomyopathy, which is another word for heart attack.
He can discuss with you ways to improve your heart health and general wellbeing using natural methods whenever possible. However, some people question if getting these tests are really needed annually and if the radiation danger warrants not getting them that often. If any woman in their family was diagnosed with breast cancer, then the women in that family should get screened for breast cancer annually, unless otherwise recommended by their doctors. On one hand, women under 40 have breasts that are denser than older women, therefore a mammogram might not work as well on them as it will on an older woman. They recommend starting at 40, to get a mammogram, but if there is cause for getting one prior to this age, such as family history, it should be discussed with their doctors to see if the risk of radiation from the mammogram is worth the possible risk of breast cancer. Andrew Weil, founder of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, suggests an integrative medicine method. This supplement has been widely advertised as an antioxidant and can be helpful with coronary heart disease. Be sure you provide your internal medicine doctor with all of your medical information, including any supplements you take. It all depends on how bad the heart is clogged and how much of the existing blood vessels are blocked or ruined. If you find out you have an enlarged heart, this shows that your heart has been working too hard and the tissues have stretched out in an attempt to be able to pump all of the required blood throughout your body.
However, for more than one million people, the problem is severe enough that it interferes with their daily lives.
Take the supplement ginko biloba for a two-month trial period: two pills of standardized extract, with meals, three times a day. All of these can lead to someone having heart disease and possibly needing heart surgery to repair their heart.
For some, it is so distracting that it blocks out normal hearing, and they cannot work and sometimes not even sleep. However, if it lasts for more than a week, check in with your doctor of general internal medicine. Tinnitus usually occurs in people over 40-years old and men experience it more often than women do.

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