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In case you thought the existing Brutale and Dragster 800 were about as stylish, aggressive and frankly barking mad as a three-cylinder roadster could be, the RR models have been created to take both models a stage further in all directions. Both get a new, more powerful version of MV’s already ultra-grunty 798cc 12-valve motor, complete with twin injectors per cylinder and a new exhaust system that lifts peak output by 15bhp, to 140bhp at 13,500rpm. They also get a revised electronics package that incorporates further refined fuelling, a revised eight-level traction control system and a quick-shifter that works on downchanges as well as upchanges. Chassis layouts are based on the existing Brutale and Dragster, but both models get slightly firmer suspension, with the Dragster the firmer of the two.
Both bikes were fantastic fun on a day spent blasting round Tuscany from the launch base in a 16th-century converted castle in the countryside west of Siena.

The whole day was a riot of manic, arm-yanking acceleration, front wheels coming up with no prompting in second and even third gears, all the time with a delicious three-cylinder soundtrack from the silencers by my right boot.
I wouldn’t say it was exactly a relaxing day, though, especially as the Tuscan roads were horrendously bumpy at times, which made both the light and quick-steering triples hard work at times. These pics are of the Brutale RR; Dragster RR pics will be in next post, with full test to follow soon! The new motor is outrageously powerful and responsive, especially in bikes as short and light as this pair, which combine stubby 1380mm wheelbase with dry weight of just 168kg. With the forks occasionally bouncing off road ruts to make the bars almost shake out of my hands, following MV’s rapid lead riders took plenty of concentration and was never dull!

They’re due in showrooms any day now, with the Brutale RR costing about ten per cent more than the standard model, and the Dragster RR with its fancy wheels about 15 per cent more than that. After all who wants their ears ringing on long trips?The VFR's orgins may be in racing, but it has become a staple of the Sport Touring crowd.

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