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Unfortunately, it seems that the frame design itself is as much to blame for the less-than-comfortable fit as any other component. If the bars were designed with a more flexible window of adjustment (perhaps a less stiff material), they would happily lie in the wearing position without placing horizontal forces on the user’s ears. As far as performance goes, the Plantronics GameCom Commander headset is an excellent contender.
The different pitches rendered by voices from in-game team-mates calling for ammo or repairs were clearly distinguishable amongst the storm of bullets. Movie playback using The Dark Knight helped to re-enforce the point that Plantronics’ GameCom Commander headset is able to accurately reproduce a variety of tones to good effect. Using the Dolby 7.1 surround sound mode for watching a film has clear benefits during an action scene.
Listening to a number of songs from the Now 85 album gave further evidence for the GameCom Commander’s strong acoustic performance and reproduction of tones.
From the music playback tests, it was clear that the headset’s balanced range of effects and tones was very good, even if I would have liked the bass to be a little more thunderous.

The padding is covered with leather which makes it easy to clean and stops hair sticking to it. One way of improving the headband’s ability to distribute weight away from the ear cups would be to increase its surface area. The previously mentioned design parameters of the headpiece cause a noticeable amount of force to be funnelled through the ear cups, but the thick foam padding does a decent job of lessening the impact against one’s ears. I welcomed taking them off for a cooling break after a non-stop two hour session on Battlefield 3, but that’s a good period of time to find wearing a bulky headset bearable.
The range of tones and acoustic outputs provided by Battlefield 3 was reproduced with good quality on Plantronics’ peripheral. The different sounds being output from dissimilar weapons were clearly audible; somebody in the distance firing a shotgun could be easily distinguished from a person shooting a machine pistol. I was able to identify the footsteps of an enemy ready to melee me from behind or the rotation of a tank’s turret as it lined up its anti-armour cannon.
The Dark Knight’s diverse sound track made for great testing, and the GameCom Commander delivered impressive performance.

Despite its passive, not active, noise-cancellation system, the GameCom Commander was able to drown out low level sounds such as computer fans or birds singing. This makes them want to reside back in their resting position, hence applying a noticeable amount of force on one’s ears. The effect and direction of choppers flying past was very distinct, and when using a jet, the surround sound helped me to identify the course of an enemy’s anti-air bullet stream.
I didn’t notice any of the sounds being muffled together, nor were they overwhelmed by a poor balance from another acoustic trait. Personally, I like the bass to deliver a strong punch (although this can sometimes affect speech clarity), but the GameCom Commander seemed to opt for a more balanced approach. The 21cm-long, flexible boom can easily be positioned in the appropriate location to make speech clarity as ideal as possible.

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