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It is important to understand not only the causes of hearing loss, but also the serious issues that result. Hearing loss in teens can result from many factors, including congenital defects, ear infections, autoimmune diseases, blows to the head or exposure to loud noises.
While we tend to think of people as either hearing or deaf, hearing is not an absolute sense. Sadly, hearing is not only a valuable means of communication; it is also fraught with cultural importance. However, teens who were born deaf to hearing parents often suffer from a disconnect that results from being unable to communicate easily.
Even if children are able to skip the often negative effects of early deafness, hearing loss of any type has huge impacts socially, emotionally and educationally. It can be quite difficult to learn to communicate with deaf or hard of hearing teens if you have never learned sign language, especially if the onset of hearing loss is sudden. Remember, hard-of-hearing teens will rely heavily on your facial and mouth movements, so give them a full view of your face, avoiding moving or fidgeting. Helping teens foster a sense of self that moves past the disability is important, as is helping them to establish an understanding community. The goal of this study was to examine the ability to combine temporal-envelope information across frequency channels. Contact author: Pamela Souza, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Washington, 1417 NE 42nd Street Seattle, WA 98105. You will receive an email whenever this article is corrected, updated, or cited in the literature. This work was supported by the National Institutes of Health (Grants AG020360 and DC006014).
With traffic, road works, mobile phones, car alarms, the drone of television and relentless background music in shopping centres, restaurants and pubs, there is rarely a quiet moment. There are many reasons for poor hearing and a hearing loss can be complex and very individual.

Discussion: Will Miles suffered the same fate as Peter did when he worked with Tony Stark on the Avengers ? Matt Fraction said at the Emerald City Comicon this weekend that he’ll write an issue of Hawkeye about sign language when the character once again has his hearing damaged. Now it might seem wrong to wish hearing loss on anyone, even a fictional character, but it’s the latest in a series of cool moves by Marvel. When we think of younger people and teens as being deaf or hard of hearing, we tend to assume they have been that way since birth.
Hearing loss affects social interaction and emotional well-being, and only by appreciating these effects can friends, teachers, parents and other support figures help teens navigate the troubled times ahead.
Not being able to hear causes teens to miss many social cues that other, hearing, teens rely on. Supporting their efforts to communicate is crucial, but offering space where needed is very important as well.
Three areas were addressed: (a) the effects of hearing loss, (b) the effects of age and (c) whether such effects increase with the number of frequency channels. Boike is now at the Department of Speech and Hearing Science, Arizona State University, Tempe.Kumiko T.
We are grateful to Chris Turner for helpful comments on the study design and to Marc Caldwell and Kerry Witherell for their assistance with data collection and analysis. It is only when we can't hear the twitter of birds, the punchline of a joke, the television or the latest family gossip that we realise that we are missing out on life. Only a quarter of those who could benefit from wearing hearing instruments actually wear them.
The longer it is left untreated, the more difficult it is for the brain to retain the memory of sound.
If you’ve been following along, you know that last week Marvel and hearing aid makers Phonak kicked off a poster campaign aimed at hearing-impaired kids who feel awkward about wearing hearing aids. When hearing begins to fade, people first have trouble picking up softer noises, then louder ones.

Twenty adults aged 23–80 years with hearing loss ranging from mild to severe and a control group of 6 adults with normal hearing participated. That poster campaign came about after a mom, Christina D’Allesandro, reached out to Marvel last May because her son refused to wear his hearing aid. The duo were fighting Crossfire, who was using an ultrasound weapon to brainwash them and make them fight each other. Teens may first lose their ability to hear low hums and birds chirping and then lose spoken words in a vacuum.
He said superheroes don’t wear them, and his mom was hoping Marvel could point out one who did.
Hawkeye was able to break the effects by bursting his own ear drum with one of his supersonic arrows, as our friend Brian Cronin detailed in this long post about Mockingbird.
Eventually, in full hearing loss, they cannot hear even loud noises such as helicopters or gunshots.
Consonant identification was measured for 5 conditions: (a) 1-channel temporal-envelope information (minimal spectral cues), (b) 2-channel, (c) 4-channel, (d) 8-channel, and (e) an unprocessed (maximal spectral cues) speech condition.
Performance of listeners with normal hearing and listeners with hearing loss was similar in the 1-channel condition. Performance increased with the number of frequency channels in both groups; however, increasing the number of channels led to smaller improvements in consonant identification in listeners with hearing loss. Older listeners performed more poorly than younger listeners but did not have more difficulty combining temporal cues across channels than in a simple, 1-channel temporal task.
Age was a significant predictor of nonsense syllable identification, whereas amount of hearing loss was not. The results support an age-related deficit in use of temporal-envelope information with age, regardless of the number of channels.

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