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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Choices of emerald earrings at angara: since we believe in fostering long term relationships with our clients, do visit our emerald buying guide and learn about various gem features to look for, how costs are affected in emeralds and lots more.
Earrings which draw attention to the cheekbones and jaw line and balance out a wide forehead are best. Earrings for the oval-shaped face: Often called the "ideal" face shape, almost all kinds of designs are good. Earrings for the square-shaped face: The need is to balance the jaw line with oversized, round earrings.
This is generally similar in appearance to both the heart and oval face shapes; it is widest at the cheekbones and carries a soft, rounded chin. Earrings for the diamond face shape: One of the easiest faces to accessorize, almost all classic styles are recommended. Also called an oblong face shape, rectangle faces are much longer vertically than horizontally and often have high and prominent foreheads. Earrings for the long-shaped face: earrings which draw attention to the cheekbones and can help in filling out the face are recommended.

Even if something you have in your mind is not seen on these pages, we are able to source jewelry of your specifications; something that almost no other online jeweler offers. Briolette: a gemstone cut with triangular facets into the shape of a teardrop or an elongated shape. Chandelier earrings: Earrings in the form of a large gemstone from which are suspended three other gemstones.
Hoops: A piece consisting of a curved wire or band that extends somewhat like a hoop below the earlobe, and sometimes from which a pendant is suspended.
Studs: Earrings that consist of a back piece joined to the head by a hinged bar, which slides through the holes and is turned into a horizontal position to secure it.
Huggies: as t he name suggests, all earrings that fit snugly onto the earlobe, with variations of back clasps. Friction post and nut: this has a post that goes through the ear, and a nut that is pushed on to hold the earrings in place. Swivel post: also known as pivot post, this allows moving an earrings' post for opening and closing. Hinge and post: a kidney shaped wire to which dangling elements of earrings are attached, generally closed---opposed to fishhook or shepherd, which remain open.

Leverback: a hook shaped ear wire that is hinged to a spring loaded closure piece at the base of the hook.
Here are some easy tips that will win you oodles of compliments, as you sashay with our competitively priced emerald earrings. Clean necklines etiquette: with chandeliers and long danglers, try the deeper neckline for that avant garde effect.
Hair matters: pay more attention to your hairstyle for adding impact to your new color rich earrings. Less is more: try the minimalist approach when smaller, no fuss emerald studs can do the trick.

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