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We are back to look at jewelry possibilities for Tuesday’s state dinner at Buckingham Palace.
In an effort to offer some context in terms of just how formal this event is we share a photo of HM at the state banquet she and Prince Philip hosted at BP for Singapore’s President Tony Tan and Mrs. With that in mind, let’s talk about some of the higher profile jewelry we have seen the Duchess wear in the past.
Many will recall the deco style diamond earrings we have seen several times, shown below at the In-Kind Direct reception at Clarence House in 2011. We show the earrings again at the In-Kind Direct Reception, and also as worn in Canada on the North American tour. A closer look, along with two photos of another UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object) pair on the right, this is the pair that appears to be diamonds with a center aquamarine. Those same deco drops were worn with a significant piece loaned to the Duchess by HM for a 2014 engagement at the National Portrait Gallery. A closer look at the piece, and as worn by HM on the cover of Elizabeth: Reigning in Style. Another pair that were said to be a gift, shimmering diamonds in a triple strand drop design, first seen at the 2011 BAFTA dinner in Los Angeles, and again with the Papyrus tiara worn to the 2013 diplomatic reception.
Another look at state banquet attire (albeit 1989) as worn by Diana, Princess of Wales; she was arriving for a Nigerian state banquet in 1989.
A 2001 state banquet at Buckingham Palace,Sophie Wessex can be seen at the top of the photograph. The first rule of wearing a tiara, according to Britain’s leading authority on the subject, is that rank does not dictate who can or cannot place a dazzling array of gems on their head. And Kate wearing the Papyrus, or Lotus Flower (it is referred to by both names) tiara to that December 2013 diplomatic reception. The Persian Turquoise Tiara Ella mentions, additionally known as the Triumph of Love Tiara.

I know many people would love to see the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, but I am not sure this is the event for that piece. There are other beautiful tiaras, like The Festoon Tiara – but it belongs to Princess Anne and she has worn it frequently, and also loaned it to her daughter-in-law Autumn Phillips for her wedding. The Festoon Tiara was actually given to Princess Anne by a shipping company after she christened one of the firm’s ships. Some tiaras have a base that can be wrapped in fabric or ribbon – something with a bit of cushion to it, preferably.
It will be a delight to see what the Duchess and others wear for Tuesday evening’s banquet. We will see you Saturday for a quick look at what Kate might wear, along with hoped-for coverage of William and Kate at the Wales vs. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the 'Vogue 100: A Century Of Style' exhibition at National Portrait Gallery on May 4, 2016 in London, England.
We’ll begin with the gems Kate used to accessorize her Jenny Packham evening gown at the Saint Andrews University 600th gala at the Met. The Nizam was the owner of one of the most celebrated and largest private jewellery collections in the world, and his gift was suitably impressive – a demi-parure of a tiara and necklace.The necklace was purchased from Cartier. Presuming media reports were accurate, we do know the Duchess will be sporting one new piece of jewelry, the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II (info here). This event was at Claridges, not Buckingham Palace; my guess is it is a skosh less formal than those held at the Palace. Originally a gift to the Queen Mother, the tiara was eventually passed on to her daughter, HM Queen Elizabeth II. It was made from one of her wedding gifts, a necklace of a Greek key pattern with pendant diamonds and pearls given by her husband, the future George VI. A whopper of a sapphire surrounded by a delicate diamond pattern in sort of a sun ray shape.

She could wear the Cartier Halo tiara again, along with her wedding earrings by Robinson Pelham; that would make many people happy. Tiaras can be a century or two old – think how much hairstyles have changed since the initial designs were completed.
This helps not only with comfort but can add some traction for use with shiny, freshly washed hair.
In this photo you can just see the base in Kate’s hair beneath the veil, wrapped in brown fabric to blend in with her hair.
The chandelier style earrings showcase several strands of diamonds with a large emerald, that emerald is also surrounded by diamonds.
Additionally, we don’t know what important pieces Kate may now have in her own collection, perhaps items given as wedding gifts by other countries, or things she may have received as gifts from family members.
You can just about see her wearing it in this row of tiara-crowned heads at a 2008 state dinner. It also gives the hairpins a better spot to hang on to, as hairpins are another obvious method of sticking a tiara to a hairdo. Additionally, she has not shown a fondness for large gems and jewelry, thus far her taste seems to run to finer, more delicate pieces. As far as the pieces we have already seen on the Duchess, I would be surprised if Kate wore any of them with the exception of the UFO earrings worn to the BAFTA event and diplomatic reception; if Kate wears the Papyrus again those could well make a return appearance. However, the formality at Tuesday’s function transcends any of the previous social engagements encountered by the Duchess since marrying Prince William, significant pieces are de rigeur. Kate’s look will probably be more akin to that seen on Sophie, Countess of Wessex at the October banquet.

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