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The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? Make this Holiday Season a memorable one with one of our exclusive holiday gift sets which brings the strength of Siberian health to your family and friends.
The oil from cedar nuts is being extracted for a long time in the Ural Mountains and Siberia. In old Russian folk medicine consider that Siberian cedar nut oil eliminates a chronic weakness syndrome, increases overall strength of an organism, physical and brain activities.
The Gift Set includes: Siberian Cedar Nut Oil with Siberian Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil Extract, Siberian Cedar Nut Oil with Siberian Cedar Resin Oil Extract, Siberian Cedar Nut Oil with Whole Rose Hip Oil Extract, Siberian Cedar Nut Oil with Hawthorn Berry Oil Extract, and one Extra bottle of Cedar Nut Oil FREE! Buy 3 Toothpastes with Cedar Nut Flour and Cedar Nut Shell and get 1 Toothpaste with Cedar Nut Flour and Cedar Nut Shell FREE!
Buy 3 Toothpastes with Siberian Cedar Nut Oil and Mint Essential Oil and get 1 Toothpaste with Siberian Cedar Nut Oil and Mint Essential Oil FREE! APRIL 2016 If this message is corrupted or you are unable to view images please click here. According to the results of International Cedar Nut Processors Association the company Ringing Cedars of Russia is Number One for producing the Best Quality Products!
Our group of like-minded people was formed long before the passage of the statute "Respecting Kin's domains in Belgorod Oblast". Everything was great - marvellous people, a wonderful idea, but the main thing was missing: a Kin's estate. Our cherished dream began to come true, thanks to the assistance of the administration and head of the Starooskolsky Municipal District, A. Our thoughts and hopes are bound up with this picturesque place alongside the village of Dmitrievka surrounded by sizeable forest tracts and ponds, which have their source in the purest supplies of subterranean waters in this district, and which at one time emerged in a great number of springs. Our fields are located in these areas; the official name of the location is Balka Bely Kolodez [White wellspring ravine]. Three years ago, on 9 February 2013, we first visited this fantastic place where the settlement of Skazochny Kray now extends, where we are creating our domain of AgudarYa.
We fell in love with this land, with this river, with our clearing and orchard at first sight.
By the way, the thought that we might join a settlement that was barely starting never even entered our minds. When we came to see our future domain for the first time, we were struck by the lush vegetation, the quantity of types of trees, liana, and mixed grasses.
We do not for a second doubt that we made the right choice, and we have this wish for our readers: Do not be afraid of the difficulties and the uncertainty. We are a community of settlers of kin's domains, which are located within the borders of two villages, Kamenitsa and Chukhny, separated by about one kilometre.
The settlement is situated in a picturesque, hilly area with forests and meadows crisscrossed by winding streams overgrown with willows, and has a rich plant and animal life. Ringing Cedars of Russia has created Official Facebook community, which allows Ringing Cedars' friends to share knowledge and ideas, instantly interact with other members, and receive occasional news and updates.
For those who have already joined, we appreciate your show of support and interest in our work. In the gallery displaying the works of the wonderful Russian artist-Slavonist Igor Ozhiganov, you can see the figures of Slavic mythology. From 1992 to 1997 I received my higher education at the Povolzhsky Technological Service Institute (in the city of Tolyatti) in the Faculty of Industrial Design. The brand name "THE RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA" stands for business integrity, decency and the highest possible quality of product. A variety of high-quality cedar products, including cedar nuts, cedar flour and cedar nut oil.Huge plantations of cedar trees grow in the Siberian taiga, said to be the ecologically purest area of the world.
We pick only cedar cones which fall naturally from the trees, thus ensuring that only ripe cones are selected. Cedar nut oil is then stored in special containers and packed in a small village near Novosibirsk by name “Kandayrovo” using unique technology to avoid any contact with metal. Final products are placed in special packaging to prevent daylight penetration, and stored at a temperature of 0°C to +5°C to better preserve the product's natural components.
Special steps have been taken to protect "THE RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA" cedar nut oil against counterfeit . Second, each box contains one half of a ten-rouble note with an official registration number.

Pine nuts are praised throughout the world as a nutritious healthy snack and essential ingredient in multiple oriental and Mediterranean dishes (check out our Recipes section for incredible culinary suggestions). The cedar nut oil bearing "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" brand comes exclusively from wild-harvested Siberian cedar nuts - one of the most nutritious pine nuts in the world. Check out our Recipes section for incredible culinary suggestions featuring the virgin cold-pressed pine nut oil. The tasty 'byproduct' of pine nut oil pressing is pine nut meal or flour, which has a wide variety of culinary uses.
All trademarks, registered trademarks and servicemarks mentioned on this site are the property of their respective owners. Purchace our OIL EXTRACT PROMOTION and receive 1 bottle of Cedar Nut Oil free and free shipping!
There is nothing else that really measures up and I have been looking since 1974 in various ways and paths . We often met together, shared our thoughts, celebrated holidays, became acquainted with other like-minded individuals in Belgorod Oblast, and studied the history of our native area. The statute "Respecting Kin's domains in Belgorod Oblast", passed in 2010, gave us the opportunity to make our dream a reality.
This place got under the skin of many of us, excited us, elicited feelings of abundance and joy.
According to the historical information, these springs were called wellsprings, and the purest were called white wellsprings.
We hope that our development on this land will assist in reviving not only the natural diversity of animal and plant life, but in improving the relations between nature and man, which are growing weaker in our technocratic age.
Our settlement has many large and small fantastic houses and fantastic neighbors—wonderfully strong families, genuine creators of their own destinies. After listening to my usual dreamy stories about how it would be great to live on a domain, how we would do this and that, run through the grass to the river, through the clearing where the pony was grazing…, our seven-year-old daughter suddenly exclaimed, "But, Mom, when will we have a domain? We found information about the nearest settlements on the Internet, marked out a route, and began the journey toward our dream. After all, we had children, even grown children, they needed to socialize with their peers, and what's more needed to do it now.
That same day I telephoned the number given and told the person who answered which parcel would be ours (we saw it on the map after my husband and I studied the satellite photos—it corresponded exactly to the image of a domain to which we had given birth).
And in spite of the fact that our parcel was still not our property, we began to develop it.
We are gradually acquiring the new, for us, experience of orchard cultivation and market gardening. The main factor uniting us is our wish to live closer to nature, to lead an environmental, permaculture way of life, to create a better space for the growth, development, and personal fulfillment of our children and ourselves together with them. Help us spread the word and expand our community further; by recommending our Facebook page to your family and friends. Here you can ask your questions, find your answers and also you can read the reviews from people who already used the Siberian cedar products under "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" brand. All products marketed under this brand name convey the primordial power of Nature and the warmth of our hearts. The virgin forest of the taiga has never been treated with any chemicals or artificial fertilisation, nor abused by agricultural machines. We always avoid hitting the trees to shake unripe cedar cones down (as happens with some other commercial operations) — a practice which causes the nuts to lose their healing power. Nut centres are separated from their shells using wooden rollers.Cedar nut oil and cedar nut flour marketed under our brand name are obtained by the cold-pressure method, using manual wooden oil-presses.
The whole process is strictly supervised to ensure it complies with all sanitary requirements.
The resulting product is a bright gold-coloured liquid with the pleasant smell of cedar nuts. The second half of the note is retained by THE RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA official representative.
In fact, pine nuts are so nutritious they have been the staple in diet of many Native American tribes and indigenous people of Siberia (see the nutrition chart below). They have a shelf life of 6 to 12 months (refrigerated) and may be frozen to extend their shelf life indefinitely. They are therefore pressed to obtain cedar nut oil, which is available on the market as a very expensive gourmet cooking oil.

In comparison, other pine nut oils are usually pressed from the Italian pignolia pine nuts, which are not nearly as potent and are often harvested from trees growing in plantations.
Any vegetative oil can be substituted by Siberian cedar nut oil, but nothing can fully substitute cedar nut oil.
In that same year, the administration of the Starooskolsky Municipal District offered to study several parcels of land for the creation of Kin's domains. The action committee immediately appealed to the Land Board with applications from all those wanting to develop domains near the village of Dmitrievka. We invite all like-minded persons to join our harmonious family to make our cherished dream a reality—to create a Kin's estate. Now we did not simply study information on the Net and file it away in folders—we drafted plans for our domain and our house, planted trees in our little plot in the city. The first trees were planted in March, we even spent the night in a tent on our land in that same month.
From 1999 through 2008 I lived in Moscow, working in various studios in the area of design.
Cedar nuts (the seeds of the cedar tree) take two years to mature, during which time the tree accumulates a huge volume of positive cosmic energy. There are over 20 pine tree species in the world producing pine nuts, of which the pine nuts of Siberian cedar (or Siberian pine, Pinus sibirica) are recognized as the most nutritious. Cold pressing in all-wooden presses is preferred to retain the nutritional properties of nuts and derive the oil of highest quality. Our Siberian cedar nut oil is extra virgin (100% cold pressed from freshly shelled raw Siberian cedar nuts), whereas most pine nut oils on the market are either not cold pressed or even pressed from roasted (!) pine nuts, which significantly decreases the oil value. Anyone using the information does so at their own risk and shall be deemed to indemnify us from any and all injury or damage arising from such use. A significant meeting took place in December 2013, at which the action committee presented a plan for the development of the settlement and introduced plans for the advancement of the Ringing Cedars of Russia movement in Starooskolsky District.
We did not simply travel—we opened our hearts and called to our land, listening carefully to our feelings during our journeys. Honestly speaking, I was already prepared to join any settlement where families spend the winter. And so, "just by chance," we received information that on 1 February 2013 there was an announcement about the formation of a new settlement—Skazochny Kray.
And our parcel joyfully welcomed us, warmed us with the February sun…and has never let us go. In April, an area was cleared for a house in the old and overgrown apple orchard, and an awning was set up.
Crops of nuts are harvested manually by people lovingly devoted to this task, working in a pleasant environment without undue haste to create unique products full of positive energy reflecting the infinite powers of Nature.
Finally, "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" Siberian cedar nut oil is the only one which is available on the market anywhere in the world pressed with wooden presses in accordance with traditional techniques described in Vladimir Megre's life-changing book "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" (available from our on-line Store).
Mixed with water, the meal becomes a terrific Cedar nut milk or Cedar nut cream - a milk-like drink with sweet, somewhat bitter rich nutty flavor.
The head of the administration attentively listened to the action committee, which proposed the shortest manner for acquiring the land prior to the passage of the federal statute Respecting Kin's estates, for which the entire country was impatiently waiting.
Simply inside I had the feeling that this was not our land, that the people there were good, but were still not kindred spirits.
In May, after registering the parcel as property, the post foundation for the house was laid, while in June we moved to our land with the whole family (together with our animals and possessions).
In contrast, all other pine nut oils are pressed using steel presses, which immediately degrades them (contact with steel oxidizes some of the pine nut oil's most important ingredients such as vitamins, and is known to remove the 'life force' from the oil). The conifers especially like the acidic soil—they are growing, in our opinion, very quickly. While extracting these pine nuts is a meditative time-consuming process, the rewards are great as well - freshly shelled pine nuts have some volatile essential oils (giving them an additional crisp fragrance of pine needles and a unique taste) which evaporate within one hour after the nuts are shelled. While the shrubs, for example raspberries and currants, are not doing so well for the time being.

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