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Sudden sensorineural hearing loss is hearing loss that results from damage to either the cochlea or the cochlear nerve.
The viral infection manifested by a cold may propagate into the inner ear or cause an inflammatory reaction in the inner ear that is harmful to hearing. This shows a cross-section of the cochlea with the vestibular membrane, the membrane that separates endolymph and perilymph, in its proper position. The inner ear has an intricate structure of membranes that separate two different kinds of fluids, the endolymph and the perilymph. The blood supply to the inner ear comes from the labyrinthine artery which is a tiny branch off the anterior inferior cerebellar artery. There is no known correlation between development of strokes in general and sudden hearing loss. Learn how Metropolitan NeuroEar Group gives back to the community through numerous philanthropic efforts. Thirty children with normal hearing (17 girls and 13 boys) and 50 children with bilateral SNHL of varying degree, aged between 5 and 15 years, were recruited from the Audiology Unit of Assiut University Hospital.
Hearing-impaired (HI) children showed bilateral SNHL of varying degree, ranging from moderate to profound hearing loss (moderately–severe 32%, severe 18%, and profound 50%) and of different etiologies (heredofamilial 46%, acquired 38%, not known 16%).
Balance abilities as measured in this study were significantly poorer in HI children compared with normal-hearing children. In most clinical balance tests that were done in this study, the youngest children in the HI group achieved scores that were almost lower than the scores obtained by the older age groups; the most significant difference was observed for tests performed with eyes closed. Balance dysfunction occurs in a significant percentage of HI children and may have significant detrimental effects on motor development mainly in very young children.
Whilst pure tone audiometry is a mandatory investigation, others such as laboratory and radiology are based on clinicalevaluation. These fluids vary in their electrolyte composition and produce an electrochemical gradient across membranes. This theory assumes that a clot or spasm of this tiny branch causes decreased blood supply to the inner ear.
In another words, patients who develop sudden hearing loss do not have an increased chance for developing other kinds of strokes.

Sanjay Prasad MD FACS is a board certified physician and surgeon with over twenty years of sub-specialty experience in Otology, Neurotology, advanced head and neck oncologic surgery, and cranial base surgery.
They may undergo a sensory redistribution process whereby visual and somatosensory information becomes more essential for postural control.
All of them were subjected to the following: basic audiological evaluation (pure tone, speech audiometry), immittancemetry and auditory brainstem responses, clinical balance subset tests of the standardized Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of motor proficiency (BOT-2), modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction for Balance (mCTSIB), one-leg stand (OLS), and tandem stand.
HI children with acquired cause and profound degree of SNHL had the highest abnormal score in these clinical tests compared children with other etiologies and degrees of SNHL (although this difference did not reach statistical significance). Clinical balance tests for evaluation of balance dysfunction in children with sensorineural hearing loss.
Goebel JA.Should we screen hearing-impaired children for vestibular dysfunction?Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Bilir S, Guvin N, Bal S, Metin N, Artan I.A comparison study of gross motor developmental skill normal, hearing-impaired and Down syndrome children. Patients who develop other kinds of strokes do not have an increased chance of developing sudden hearing loss, either. He is chief surgeon and founder of the private practice, Metropolitan NeuroEar Group, located in the metropolitan Washington D.C. The aim of the study was to assess the balance ability in children with sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) compared with normal-hearing controls using clinical balance subset tests. Paper presented at the International Congress on education of the deaf Tel Aviv, Israel; 1995. The membrane-break theory assumes that for some reason there is a break that occurs in the membranes that causes mixing of the two fluids. A second aim was to determine the prognostic value of some etiological, audiological, and demographic (age and sex) factors in predicting a possibility for vestibular impairment for the early identification of children with vestibular deficits. The initial cells that migrate there are destructive in nature; this is the basis for steroid treatment.
A variety of etiologies have beenimplicated (Table 1), and a wide range of investigations(Table 2) are available. Although it is asubjective measure, the test is very reliable if the patient iscooperative.1 Classification of hearing loss into conductiveand sensorineural is further supported by tympanometryand acoustic reflex testing.

Tympanometry is especiallyhelpful in excluding the possibility of a conductivecomponent in those with profound losses or bilateral lossesin the presence of a masking dilemma.PTA is the pivotal test that may help to differentiatebetween different types of SNHL (Flow Chart 1). The response is in the formof 3 phenomena: cochlear microphonics, summatingpotential SP and action potential AP of 8th nerve.
The extratympanicone causes less discomfort, but the transtympanicelectrode produces tracings of better amplitude andreproducibility.7Vestibular Function Tests(Pertinent to SNHL)Vestibular function testing (VFT) is indicated in specificcases of SNHL. If the clinical features aresuggestive of M?ni?re?s (hearing loss, vertigo, tinnitus) andthe audiogram shows characteristic pattern, VFT can be auseful adjunct. The most popular vestibular function test iselectronystagmography, which helps in assessing theintegrity of vestibulo-ocular and allied reflex systems. Duringattacks in patients with early M?ni?re?s disease, the VORgain toward the affected side is found to be higher than thattoward the intact side, supporting the fact that the sensitivityof the cupuloendolymphatic system on the affected ear isincreased.8 Amongst the various tests, the caloric test is the most informative. However,normal findings on ENG are not uncommon, especially ifthe test is done during disease free intervals.RadiologyPatients with asymmetric hearing loss need furtherevaluation based on the degree of asymmetry. Variousguidelines have been suggested for selection of patients forMR scanning to rule out acoustic neuroma.
In commoncavity deformity, the inner ear is a single cavity with nodefinite cochlea, vestibule and semicircular canals (Fig.
Dilated posterior semicircular canal(open arrow)Hematological investigationsSystemic causes should be evaluated once presbyacusis,primary inner ear diseases like M?ni?re?s, labrynthitis, etc.and retro cochlear causes of SNHL are excluded.
CT showing fractureline running across the inner ear (bold arrow)hematological tests andbiochemistry are more often than not, unhelpful. Syphilisthough uncommon , is a potentially treatable cause of hearing loss and deserves special attention. This also provides information regardingdiscomfort or tolerance to speech stimuli and informationon speech-discrimination abilities. Auditory brainstem response versus magneticresonance imaging for the evaluation of asymmetric sensorineuralhearing loss.

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