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Until investigation of CC licensing is complete, all content is now ©2011 by this site's author. Having chronic migraine is always difficult, but living with migraine as a teenager is particularly tough. I would have to say that at this period of time, I’m not coping very well, and that my main coping source comes from my pets. Now, for any of you that might want to check this out, there are two problems to consider: 1.
My advice would be to make sure you like your provider and you feel that they are actually helping you. Reader-submitted stories solely represent the personal point of view, experience, and opinion of the author, not of The Daily Headache or Kerrie Smyres. Frustratingly, even though the ketogenic diet reduced my migraine attack severity and enabled me to be more functional, it also caused hypoglycemia—which is in itself a migraine trigger.
After increasing to 2500 calories to gain some weight back, I woke up each day ravenous and shaky. The treatment of mild hypoglycemia is relatively easy: eat small, frequent meals and eat a dose of carbs whenever your blood sugar dips too low. I spent a month trying every possible fix I could imagine: increasing from one to two meals a day, eating the same ratio with less protein and more carbs, a lower ratio, 100 calorie snacks that didn’t seem to trigger migraine attacks (they did, the attacks just built slowly), eating more in the morning, 1 gram doses of sugar, more calories… Nearly everything worked for a day, then became ineffective. An idea came to mind a couple weeks ago that sounded like pure magical thinking: What if I increasing my ratio to 4:1 (that’s 90% fat) made the diet more effective and enabled me to eat small meals without triggering migraine attacks? Today I learned that a person’s blood sugar range tends to be lower on a ketogenic diet than it normally is. Obviously, there are a lot of kinks to work out, but I feel like I’m getting closer to getting them sorted.
Migraine stigma is so strong that some people, like the writer of the Paris Review post, internalize it. I wrote those words almost exactly 10 years after migraine rendered me unable to work and eight years after I started this blog.
After my initial draft of nastiness, I began to pity a person who would publish such hateful things about herself. Katie has turned living with chronic migraine into a chance to help others and raise awareness about the disease.
I remember my head hurting as a young kid, especially in the summer time and having to lay on the couch. He strapped the diagnosis of chronic daily headache with migraines on me and decided that we were going to shock the daily headaches into stopping.
I have had a few years here and there where my migraines and daily headache have been better and I managed without any medication. For the last 4 or 5 years I have wanted to do some sort of event for that would help raise awareness and educate about migraines, raise funds for research, and strength the migraine community. I was back in school at Boise State University to finish up my bachelor’s degree and one of the last classes I took was Communication in a Small Group. Anyone who purchased a hat can post pics the day of the event with #haturdayforheads2016 to all social media sites.
I am hoping I can do a live video post on Facebook at BBQ4Life, if so it will be on the event page. Welcome to Kerrie Smyres' writings about chronic migraine, headache disorders, chronic illness & depression.
I saw the tweet on Monday after a weekend of desperation, frustration, anger, exhaustion, helplessness, and hopelessness.Sunday culminated in a sobfest. My blood sugar hit a low on Friday night and I spent Saturday trying unsuccessfully to increase it. I’m not counting any chickens (except for weighing the amount of chicken breast I eat with each meal), but it’s going a bit better. The electric leads go from the occipital area in the back of my head and over my ears to my forehead just above the eyebrows. The latter was obviously out (it’s hard to dose up with carbs when you are limited to 15 grams a day).
I was clinging so desperately to the good hours that I decided to give the 4:1 ratio a shot before calling it quits.
Four 114 calorie snacks later, no migraine attack ensued and my blood sugar was fine (still on the low end, but manageable).
Although most of my earlier fixes didn’t last long, they were all focused on increasing my carbohydrate content.

The writer includes herself among the “sufferers,” so I can only assume she’s writing about herself—that she relishes the attention she gets from migraine, that she thinks her pain is the worst in the world. Some do engage in one-upmanship (though I’ve only witnessed this on the internet, never in person). Instead of believing the severity of migraine attacks, they think they are exaggerating or lazy, that they’re making a big deal out of nothing. In addition to starting a support group for people with migraine called Migraine IDAHO, she is hosting the second annual Haturday for Heads fundraiser. Now I have my baseline headache everyday, around a 2-4, with migraines anywhere from 3-7 days a week. That I am not lazy, that my house is messy sometimes because I am exhausted and it hurts to bad to move. I had communicated a few times with some of the folks at Miles for Migraine about getting a race here in Boise. We were put into small groups and our semester project was to do something that make a change in the community. We had it at BBQ4Life and had a few silent auction items and a few of us made silly hats to wear.
This year we had people across the nation purchase a hat, next year I would love to see people internationally involved.
If you didn’t get a hat purchased in time, you can donate to the Haturday for Heads CrowdRise page. Here you'll find coping strategies, resources, news & more to help you live a fabulous life with chronic illness. While the ketogenic diet has made me a little more functional, it requires even more attention than any other diet I’ve done and it’s results are ever-changing.
This lower ratio may enable me to eat without triggering a migraine attack and avoid hypoglycemia. It’s impact reverberates throughout her life, especially in lost friendships and being behind in school.
I had already lost most of my friends before I moved but I was able to hold on to 2 really essential people I care about. But because of my migraines, I have fallen at least a full year behind on school, if not more.
Although I wasn’t eating many carbohydrates, my blood sugar was so low the rest of the time that I’d crash after my meal each day. The former didn’t work for me either, since I still had a migraine attack every time I ate, so I could eat no more than two meals a day. I began yesterday by cutting my protein in half so I could keep a relatively high carbohydrate content for the transition period. Things went downhill when I ate an actual meal—it triggered a migraine attack and my blood sugar tanked. Eating more frequent meals is a far more sustainable option—and one that seems like it could work. I’ve come close to admitting defeat countless times in the last two weeks.
Migraines foster the sort of pure narcissism that only intense, essentially benign pain can.
But these represent a tiny slice of people who have migraine. Most of us are nothing like this.
I have finally shed that internalized stigma, but cannot forget how how fervently I once believed it.
Haturday for Heads has already raised $740 for the Migraine Research Foundation through online hat sales (sorry, they’re sold out!) and will be hosting an in-person event in Boise this Saturday, April 23. I do not remember what it was all I know is it made me nauseous and I vomited multiple times. This year there was an online design contest for the hat design, hats that could be purchased on worn on April 23, and then an in person event at BBQ4Life.
The manpower needed and the logistics have not lined up yet, and I say yet because having a Miles for Migraine race here in Boise is still a goal for Migraine IDAHO. When I heard what our assignment was, I instantly knew that this would be my opportunity to do an migraine event. Also, if people comment, share, and post about Haturday for Heads they can be a part of it and help spread awareness. Just when I think maybe I’m onto something good, another piece shifts and it’s back to looking like I’ll have to stop the diet. Yesterday she began a stay at a comprehensive pediatric pain rehabilitation center—please keep her in your thoughts as she goes through this intense process.

I’ve had them ever since I can remember and my parents say that I started complaining of them as soon as I could articulate what was going on. I don’t know if stress, or grief, or this crazy idea that my body learns to reject any type of treatment provided, but that was a big blow to take. One more meal was all I had left on the diet; dinner would take me back to migraine as usual. Not only did I discover that it was likely I had hypoglycemia, but the nausea and accompanying symptoms of the previous month fit the pattern of reactive hypoglycemia perfectly. It would start two hours after the meal, but I’m so used to ignoring vague physical symptoms that I didn’t notice until they got bad. Also, it can take a full week for one’s blood sugar to stabilize when starting on or changing a ketogenic diet.
We sufferers (that’s how it’s described, “migraine sufferer”) feel it is meet and right that the migraine should be dramatized in films like Pi or White Heat; this strengthens the perception that migraines are the hallmark of geniuses, or at least psychopaths. It was such a terrible experience that when he asked me if it worked and my headache had stopped, I lied and said yes so that I would not have to do it again. Anyways, I had the desire and want to do a event, I just needed a catalyst to make it happen.
We still have the in person event at BBQ4Life, if would be great if we raised some more money, but for me the big goal there is to have awareness in the local community increased. When we decided to go home early, I could no longer hold the tears in. I had talked to my niece for five minutes on Friday and gave her a hug. Usually for the first year, the stimulator needs to be readjusted for intensity and duration. Even if you really like so-and-so, you need to actually feel like they’re helping you and things can get worse if this stops. Because the Paris Review wouldn’t publish something so trivializing of a disease that can be disabling.
From there over the years I tried different things, other neurologist with preventives, chiropractors, digestive health. I rarely get nausea, which is good because the few times I have, I ended up in the ER because the nausea was uncontrollable. Fatigue is also a big symptom for me.
So I thought a good way to be able to include people everywhere would be to have a hat designed just for Haturday for Heads and people could wear it the day of the event and post pictures online. Be it post in their hats, or just post about themselves and how migraine has affected them. I have one really good relationship with a health care provider and the others are just okay.
That being said, I hope there are some of you out there who can use find relief from this treatment. I cannot forgive someone for furthering that stigma by publishing such vitriol on the website of a revered literary journal. If you can’t attend in person, Katie encourages you to share your story on social media (tagged #haturdayforheads2016) or donate to Haturday for Heads on CrowdRise. All the people who experience it are forced to isolate themselves, so we don’t ever see them. I really like my neurologist (who is actually a headache specialist), and the others (like psychiatrist and therapist) are supportive but not really knowledgeable of my illness. If you’re struggling with a ketogenic diet and hypoglycemia, work with health care professionals to determine the best approach for you. Once I got on Facebook and found others like me, it really helped learn more about my disease and accept it. They each support me in the ways that they know how, and that’s all I can really ask for. I’m being very careful and consulting with doctors and dietitians as I attempt this unorthodox experiment.
So I wanted to create in Idaho a group that I never had, a place where that young girl, and all sufferers, were not alone.
Eventually I hope the Migraine IDAHO can hold in-person support groups, do educational talks at school and businesses about migraine, and continue to raise funds for research. I’m seeing an endocrinologist next week and am going to try get yet another opinion from a neurologist at an epilepsy clinic.

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