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A faint ringing sound in any one of the ears which is a lot like the flutter of wings symbolizes the presence of your Spirit Guides, Angels, Celestial Friends or Midwayers divine beings that exist in higher dimensions) trying to communicate with you.
The ringing sound in the ear can also happen with the sudden appearance of a double or triple digit prompt.
I recommend Tinnitus Miracle when you experiencing ringing on your ear maybe this is symptoms of having tinnitus is easy to understand and easy to follow. My hearing in my right ear goes out then theres a ringing in my head that travels from my right ear to my left. It's nothing really like a sound which can be heard by others around you, but it's more like a short resonating frequency, some kinda signal to your consciousness of an angelic presence or a subtle message from a higher entity. Read each digit individually, and try not to comprehend what they might mean to you (I did this once and almost found myself going loopy XD). Perhaps it is my naive state that keeps me from breaking down and feeling sorry for myself. Every woman tends to dread that monthly ritual, the collection of tissue and blood found like a dark blooming rose in the folds of our underwear.
Lying in my surgical bed, the kind nurse inserted a needle in my arm and secured it with tape. I wanted to be able to wrap my fingers around some concrete knowledge, which would aid me in a zen-like state, where I could rise above my body and see the world and everything around myself for what it is, or what I could pretend it was. It was horrible at first to have that hair that has become so much a part of my identity taken from me. How else would the elegant universe spin in delight with gravity, quantum fluctuations and strings of vibrational filaments if this were not the case?
So when news arrived on Thursday that my white blood cell level count was low, it made me sad.
This morning after bathing I looked at myself in the mirror and thought of his question once more.
I found that when i was solving problems and contemplating different aspects of life and when i understood it i would get very happy and i would hear the ringing in my right ear.
All I can aim for is a pause in the breath of a day, where the blue sky will bring me the ultimate pleasure, or the song of a bird will possess more vibrancy than the total minutes taken to walk the surface of the moon.
The undulating currents of my stomach have yet to give in to the known flavors of past, present, and future. I knew the medicines I had been taking daily were there to protect my cellular blood levels and speed the process of production within my bone marrow, but knowing I had to continue taking them, a shot nightly, got me down.
I looked at my nipple-less reconstructed lump that mimics a breast thought it odd-looking with its scars and patched center. However, we often discount the signs they give us, writing them off as mere coincidences or our imagination. Not much more to know other than a tumor exists and it has to be taken out to save my life. I could hear the faint mumbled conversation of the woman next to me, her family surrounding her with somber affirmations.
As I look at this picture of myself with my newly cut hair in preparation for chemo, I want to take this time to thank each and every single love, friend, companion, and hand-holding person who has assisted me thus far in this unusual journey I am facing. That is why, hopefully, any cancer traversing through a person’s blood system will be killed by the application of chemo and along with it the hair on your head and the lining of your stomach. My good breast, swooping down and moving in the soft manner breasts do had such a good way of shifting with my body, and then I realized that is how a breast is meant to be.

There therefore i feel that at least for me, ringing heard in the left ear represents my lower energy nature and or somebody connecting to me (thinking about me, or talking about me) and is mostly neutral, and sometimes negative in nature.
The fluid you see her injecting me with was the first in two applications of chemotherapy named Doxorubicin.
I press my toes against the floor knowing there is more to come, a rumble so deep, I can only pretend to know its power. After talking to a friend who had to go through a whole year of chemo, I learned I could help bolster my marrow production by including red meat, especially marrow from an animal or their organs.
I have never attached any emotional association to my breast and it’s never been a problem.
While hearing tones in the right ear represents receiving love, or establishing a really positive connection with ( this has happened many times while talking to people about spiritual matters or other things that we are really passionate about and or in agreement upon.) somebody.
Soon the anesthesiologist came into my curtained room and asked me how I felt: Was I nervous? I felt free from the thing that has identified me as me, which really was never me in the first place. I have never eaten an organ before and nor will I, but I will eat red meat if that means I might go without the nightly prick of a needle. When you hear the same song repeatedly or see the same number sequence, who do you think is behind this?
Dye was injected into my right arm while I lay face down, perfectly still, as the cool fluid made its way to the source.
I realized at that very moment the ritual which I have experienced since the age of 13 is coming to a close. At this moment I am very susceptible to people and their diseases, tiring easily and in need of rest, but my spoiled self wants to go all day. The technique i have created for my self involves sinking up my two brain halves trough the tones i hear.
The room was cold and held nothing but the big mass of machinery that cupped me while the hum and whirl of perfection rotated around the sun of my being.
May we all be blessed with the sweet song of a bluebird sitting pretty on our shoulders leading the way to profound love and friendship in the coming year of 2005. Was my hair that big that even my eyes spoke nothing because they lived under the shadow of my ancestral DNA?
I am afraid of the unknown, the side effects, the limbo in which I will live for the next four months of my life.
I am attempting to go about my day possessing bravado when women chemo-saints tell me to expect more.
We had this quiet private moment but perhaps not so quiet since there were seven other people in the room. And like that good student I listen to these women warriors from chemo-past, and as a student of the future, I gasp with anticipation for the floodgates to open wide and vast and articulate, like the tsunami of my being which is simply waiting to be born. Never do I want my eyes to go unspoken, nor my smile, which can say so much more than the locks binding me to the roots of my cells—my ancestral cells, cancer-loving fast cells. Standing near me he said in a very quiet tone, “I like you in your cancer, you seem so much happier. Not only that, but I wanted to believe my good health coming into this was going to play a greater role. A male friend told me this weekend if he ever had to lose a testicle he would be devastated as it was his manhood and he would feel a loss.

Now focus on the tone you hear, ones you are not distracted by other thoughts take the tone you hear and project it to the other ear also (hearing the tone in both ears. They stayed with me like precious statues and lifted the metal railings on the side of my bed to cart me away. My astrological reading in the morning paper told me today was to be a new day and only good things can come my way. Will I lie in my bed, face up, counting the spots on the ceiling or will I see visions of my life and how it should be lived from this moment on? Before you were always concentrating on things that made you depressed and sad but now you are not.
I guess it has nothing to do with my health and how well my white blood cells reproduce and protect prior to chemo. I know every person has a different relationship to his or her identity but should a lump of fat or a testicle change the thought of yourself as self? I cried to grieve for my lost blood, the very thing that I have come to understand as a part of my being. Your hemispheres will be in sync, as they are vibrating at equal pitch, at this point you will probably hear a new and higher tone, or the tone you were hearing will increase in frequency.Keep doing this, and if you do not get distracted and keep your attention on these vibrations. For women menstruating is a ritual much like the brushing of our hair or the cleaning of our teeth. There was only the memory of nothingness while men in translucent gloves opened up my chest and took out the devil—the one-inch devil, screaming round in its determined fate kicking like some spoiled child who never wanted to leave home. In days she will be ready for the parade, with her beautiful feathered hat, lovely in a pink dress with shoes anyone would envy?
As I move into my second round of chemo this week my thoughts are centered and balanced on simply being able to eat, and having a day where everything is good, and the sunshine actually make its way to my face.
I feel thankful for the things I have today: an appetite, eight hours of sleep, and the ability to walk without too much distress.
I will not be given the chance to experience the grace and badge of maturing beauty towards another level of womanhood. It has taken me days to understand, conceptually, how to ask, and I am still not sure if I understand. Life is good, and so is my fake breast sitting round and high without the mark of a nipple.
Do I have something to focus on other than what seemed to weigh me down—moments that were nothing but weightless issues we all seem to think are important? Life is really good because the essence of my self doesn’t need to be based on the notion of a female identity, but rather my identity as an individual, clear and subdued, like the endless horizon of the desert floor rising silently from dusk into night.
Please sit with me in the light of a stark desert and blow your gentle winds in the direction of the northern star so the twinkle of sweet something will only be a twinkle and not the big bang of celestial beginnings, all demanding, mystical, and overbearing.
Let these high vibrations pass trough your body effortlessly and see where they take you!I hope this information helps!and on a side note. And I continued to cry because I did not realize how difficult it would be to know that the blood which flows through the doorway of all my love will no longer be. My wish for today: may the grace of my last passage be beautiful with the pangs and glory of all that I have known and will continue to know within the spirit of my dancing soul.

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