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Back dimple piercings or, hip piercings, are micro dermal implants done at the lower back dimples of Venus.
Last June 12th, controversial artist Kanye West tweeted a picture of a women (here bellow) who seemed to be his current girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Although the resemblance of the woman in the picture to Kim K is enormous, there were rumours stating the nude woman Kanye tweeted was porn star Amia Miley.

Whether it is Kim K or Amia Miley, back dimple piercings have gained so much popularity it’s unbelievable!
Interested in getting a Back Dimple Piercing?  Get your own at 514 Ink Montreal Tattoo & Piercing Shop! They became very popular among teenagers and young adults because they are able to showcase their slim physique in a daring sexy way.

The ideal jewellery for these piercings is small gems due to the constant body movement in this area.

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