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Using the search function I came across a thread (date from October 2012) mentioning this also happens on the shadow.
One that Alt F4's his characters in HC to save em no less ya ton of skill there Kripp just like D3 getting your butt caried through HC there just to claim first one to finish it. Anyone can do what Kripp does when you have 10 people (his group) farming for him and then his viewers giving him everything else. When did this mentality come up that everyone needs to tell everyone else what to do and what not, what sucks and what´s good?

And this is not meant to be offensive, but if you dislike the game and have nothing to say but voicing your stupidity then THERE (yes! I honestly dont get why every single western hack & slash and their grandma copypasted diablo interface.
I made a couple of tries on new ui in the topic on my signature, but I didn't get much feedback from comunity, so it ended up dead. I am just so pissed by all you folks believing with all your might that the world revovles around you!

You played them, you liked or disliked them and then you either stuck to them or moved along.

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