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There used to be just a couple of players in the noise-cancelling-headphone market, but there’s now a plethora of choice – some good, some bad. Though the Cavallino T350 is a gorgeous headset, under the hood there is much left to be desired. The T350 comes packaged in a sleek black carrying case canvassed in shimmering faux carbon bands.
Offsetting the headset’s cleanly stitched tan shell are black, donut-shaped ear pads, also cloaked in soft leather skins.
As mentioned above, the headset comes with a trio of removable braided cables which attach to the left ear cup.
The only items on the T350 that don’t feel luxurious are the flimsy plastic caps that cover the outside of the driver housings, both of which are adorned with a silver Ferrari stallion.
The T350 is one of the diminishing breed of active noise cancelling headsets that doesn’t work in passive mode (i.e.
The T350 did a satisfactory job of removing peripheral noise, almost completely silencing all hum and low tones, while significantly subduing high-register noise. The luxurious look and feel the T350 evoked when pulled from their case was replicated via an equally luxurious fit. We tested the T350 as we do most headphones: by listening to a wide range of music served up through an iPhone 5. As we moved on to other genres, the sound fluctuated from mediocre to painful, depending on the brightness of the recording itself.
Brighter rock recordings came off more like high-glossed pop hits, in the vein of early Britney Spears albums.
To be fair, the T350’s drivers displayed a clean representation of the music, with an impressive amount of dimension and a wide stereo field. Regardless the occasion, when worn with a decent dose of confidence dress shoes even blend with the rugged jeans you’re used to wear with a lumberjack shirt. The fashion industry and the bike universe have once again joined forces to reveal a capsule collection made to lend your bottom a means of transportation that fits your urbane style demands.
At first glance, this timekeeper may create a false impression of transparent plastic, but this tourbillon-featuring chronograph nestles in an impressive case cut and milled from solid blocks of sapphire. Cutty Sark invites you to learn more about their historical context with realising this 25yo limited-edition Scotch blend, named the Tam o’Shanter. With being the last shoemaker located in New England and one of the big two labels flaunting the Made in the USA badge, it’s sure Alden knows a thing or two about shoes. For those seeking the classy understated sleeve to carry your precious notebook in, Maison Martin Margiela offers the right blend of modest elegance and utilitarian design. The audio accessory maker of Logic3 had the privilege to collaborate with the Design team of Ferrari yielding two special collections each comprising earphones, headphones and docking stations, the racing inspired Scuderia Ferrari collection and a premium range named Ferrari Cavallino. When talking about California, soaking up the sun is probably one of the immediate thoughts, and who would have thought that this place is the birthplace of a luxe footwear label.
Simple and clever, but still featured with an obvious robustness, that’s the wallet made by hard graft. It’s the ever-functioning recipe, a blend of rigorous attention to detail mixed with functionality and a dapper look.
Packs a theater-ready Super 35mm CMOS sensor, built-in ND filters, 1080i60 and Hollywood typical 24p recording, but what makes the all-new EOS C300 a true must-have for the ambitious moviemakers is the advantage of the EF mount. With its new headset, the Ferrari Cavallino T350, audio company Logic3 hopes to get 99 percent of us one tantalizing step closer to that Ferrari feeling.
We recently sat down with these beauties for a thorough test drive in an effort to determine whether the engine matches the body.

Pulling back the case’s lid, we got our first glimpse of the headset lying in a cloth frame, its chrome lines folded in supple black and tan leather. The tan leather that arches across the headband immediately calls to mind an extravagant steering wheel. The circular ear cups which house the ear pads are layered in sparkling metal, as are the dense arms which extend in forked ribbons to attach the cups to the headband chassis. All of them are black, with silver aluminum casings at each end bearing the Ferrari logo in white lettering. The right cap houses the switch which activates noise cancelling (as well as sound), while the left is removable to access the headset’s AAA batteries.
The soft leather ear pads caressed our ears and the creamy tan headband felt as soft and posh on the head as it did in our hands.
Unfortunately, we were disappointed to find the T350’s smooth and lavish design contrasted by an excruciatingly bright sound signature, defined by its brittle upper register, a weak-bodied midrange, and a constrained low end. The song begins with a single acoustic guitar, but by the time the band had kicked in, we already had a pretty good idea of what we were in for. Darker albums from bands like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin were less abrasive, but they also sounded like completely foreign recordings.
But unfortunately, the spiky, inorganic sound signature laid its cold hand over every piece of music we tested, creating a piercing facade that was unpleasant to listen to more often than not. While we understand there is a premium to be paid for the Ferrari name, we also expect that name to represent the ultimate in performance, no matter the product.
This low-cut lace-ups exhibit a black leather with formal polishing, but succeed to stay versatile due to astute placed quirky details. The prestigious Italian bikemaker Abici, known for pure, premium frame bikes, collaborated with street-couture label Misericordia for three entirely handmade bikes that are just a second aways from becoming collector’s pieces.
Alongside being a pioneering material-choice, the difficult machining process and the 350 hours of polishing work, the skeletonized RM 056 manual-winding movement can keep up with the intricacy of the case and strap.
This edition is accompanied by a oak box that contains a 134-page book telling the story of Tam o’ Shanter by the Scottish poet Robert Burns through over 50 sinister illustrations, which are as dark as the drum itself. However, even the greatest pair of footgear needs refreshing treatment, hence a shoe care kit is a must regardless of where you are.
The outside, made of Italian premium leather colored in a deep blue, displays a polished presence, while the innards are protected by a thick felt lining and provides a dedicated leather business card holder. Highlights are both the flagship headphones, the Scuderia R300 featuring metal arms, diamond shaped grilles, 40mm driver with a frequency response of 20-20.000Hz, and the classy Cavallino T350 boasting active noise cancelling, premium leather trim, and the same 40mm driver. Obviously talking about Esquivel, who still produces in a one-by-one manner right in a small workshop in California. To blend with contemporary design needs, this shelf exhibits a Belgian-influenced aesthetic and holds up to 1.18m? of wood. This is not the usual bulk-preventing flip wallet, this is a full-size portemonnaie, but expanded to exploit the whole pocket-size keeping it slim and humble. Combined with naturally sourced fabrics, and you know what the french company Veja is about.
This mount allows you to enjoy the attributes of all the clear DSLR lenses, and to go with the line of EF Cinema Zoom and Prime lenses.
Licensed by Ferrari, the headset offers clean, supple leather, plenty of curves, and even a pair of silver stallions. Affixed to the case with Velcro, we found a small netted bag of accessories including 3 braided cables, an airline adapter, and a ?-inch adapter, all gold-plated, of course. The collection includes a standard cable, one with an iOS 3-button mic piece, and another with a single-button mic piece for all other smartphones.

Taking into account how easy it is to forget to turn off your gear, we envision a number of potentially frustrating situations. The guitar came off as extremely bright, sounding like a cross between a nylon classical guitar and the pickup output of an Ovation. The tremolo electric guitar from Zeppelin’s “Down by the Seaside”, for instance, was so tinny and thin, it sounded like the Nashville-inspired guitar tone you’d find in a Waylon Jennings tune, giving the piece a surreal country vibe.
And the percussion and guitar work on Pearl Jam’s “Parachutes”, was so cold and brittle, we imagined the instruments covered in a layer of icy frost – like something from a breath mint commercial.
Common Projects attached a subtle gold logo print as also a similar colored gold brown wood heel to break the conservative mood and achieving an eclectic pair of shoes.
The collection comprises a Miche-equipped fixie, a single-speed vintage race bike and a city bike. The RM 056 is entirely crafted for long-time precision, features a titan base-plate on which more than 400 parts finds place providing its future owner hours, minutes, chronograph split seconds, power reserve, torque and function indicators. The bottle is embellished with a scene from the tale and a rustic wax closure, while the spirit offers a rich and dark appearance and an exotic nose of jasmine and anise scents followed by a full-bodied black pepper, toffee and drying mint palate finished with a rich spiciness. This compelling kit of leather is crammed with the bare essentials you need when being on a metropolitan journey. For those that prefer the in-ear alternative, the t150I comes with an unique leather refinement, 10mm driver and 3-button remote. Inspired by the ever-optimistic California culture, this pair of shoes display a dapper silhouette combined with a Californian sun-treatment making it a genuine highlight for your feet. The Woodstock is available in a powder coated steel or galvanized steel variation inclusively a fitting stacking truck to comfortably move it around. Crafted of hard graft signature semi-vegetable tanned leather in a harmony with British wool. This weekender is made of premium organic cotton and trimmed in natural Acacia-tanned leather and the innards offer a generous compartment completed by three additional pockets to organize what is required for a weekend abroad. Made to be juggled around, the C300 is built to endure common outdoor scenes with an ultra light-sensitivity giving a truly clarity ready for the big-screen. And at $400, it might not be quite at Ferrari pricing for a headset, but it’s at least pushing Alfa Romeo status. The vacuum, too, was reduced to a slight hum, barely audible over music at medium volume levels.
The tone became increasingly more hostile as the percussion entered, producing ear-piercing high hats and crash cymbals, anemic-sounding snares, and stubby toms. We’ve seldom heard Eddie Vedders’ warm baritone vocal showcased with such a lack of depth from an over-ear headset. If you’re looking for auditory thrills from a noise-cancelling headset, we suggest you check out the Monster Inspiration active noise cancellers or the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9 instead. This tanned leather case packs two jars of Alden’s paste wax, classic black and cordovan No. Made of grey suede superimposed by blue linen, and finished with a bright brown leather sole.
And whether it was Matthew Broderick, Al Pacino, or our personal favorite, Corey Haim in the escape scene from License to Drive, the image stuck. Back in those days, the notion of one day owning the ultimate Italian sports car (sorry Lamborghini) actually seemed possible.

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