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As a young Marine processing out of the military, filing a compensation claim was the furthest thing from my mind. For most fellow Veterans, however, access to this sort of help may not be as readily available. As always, if you still have questions, a VA representative or a Veterans Service Organization may be able to help, or leave a comment below! I’d like to see if I can help – are you still waiting for the status of your claim? It seems it matters where you live and file your claim as some regions seem very responsive and others do not seem to care how long you wait. Larry , if you have a predetermination letter with the date on it and not getting letters every three months from your Regional VA office saying they are working on your Claim.
Hi Larry, I’m a rating specialist at the VBA, and hopefully I can help resolve the issue with your claim. The Medical system is great up to the point were the Doctors are stop from doing what is right by the Anti-Veteran personal in the Dept.
My claim for herbicide exposure has been in process for over six years without being resolved. Same here ,I was at ft Mcclean for chemical training and got sick it’s in my records but va has not mention a thing about after I had 2 heart attacks , now I just got word I have a spot on my lung. The Secretary of a military department, acting through a Board for Correction of Military Records, has authority to change any military record when necessary to correct an error or remove an injustice. You must file a request for correction within three years of discovering an alleged error or injustice. What steps should I take to determine if there is available compensation for this condition?
If you’re currently medically diagnosed with any conditions related to your military service -submit them as evidence.
You should also consider reaching out to a veteran service organization (VSO) to assist you with your claim process.
Have you tried reaching out to a veteran service organization (VSO) for some assistance with your claim?
You can also visit your nearest VA regional office to speak with our public contact team for assistance.
I’d like to help you, but can you please clarify a few things for me so can properly assist? Submitting a claim for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits can be a rewarding or agonizing experience, depending on the approach you take. Notwithstanding any errors committed on the part of the VA, it behooves you, as an honorably discharged veteran to submit your application in as complete a manner as you possibly can. I have also seen some nightmares which, through the use of due diligence, could have been easily avoided.
You should also be honest and forthright, since claiming benefits you know you are not entitled to is a fraudulent act. If you are asked to submit private medical reports, send in only relevant medical evidence pertaining to your claim.
Additionally, remember the acronym SOAP: Subjective complaints, Objective evidence, Assessment, and Prognosis. For anyone claiming presumption, you must actually have touched down on South Vietnamese soil. Note: for anyone claiming presumption, you must actually have touched down on South Vietnamese soil.
Trust me when I say that this is correct, because not only is there a combined ratings table in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), but there is also a VA computer program that ensures your combined evaluation will be computed correctly. Pay strict attention to everything you are asked to do when submitting a claim for VA benefits.
Finally, remember to pay strict attention to everything you are asked to do when submitting a claim for VA benefits. VietNow is the veterans organization you always meant to join, but just never quite got around to. Maybe you’ve tried some of the other veterans groups, but never really felt like you fit in.
Much more than “just another boring organizational magazine,” the VietNow National Magazine covers the issues that are important to you. I received my fair share of bumps and bruises while I was in the Marine Corps, but to this day I still feel like I owe the Corps more than it owes me. In the months leading up to being honorably discharged, I listened to Marines talk about filing their VA claim. I had a college fund waiting for me, I had experience that set me ahead of my peers, I had seen Mt.
What I didn’t know then, and what I am learning now, is that a lot of those things that were bothersome when I was 23 would become major problems years down the road.
I never would have guessed that my chronic stomach issues in the Corps would eventually lead to surgery. I started reading through the VA benefits website trying to get a vector and trying to figure out where I should start. One common theme emerged from my research: contact a national service officer (NSO) with one of the nationally known Veterans organizations like Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) or American Legion. Even though I work for VA, I’m using the resources that are readily available to all Veterans to accomplish this process. What I have discovered so far is that the key in all this is to know what I want to accomplish ahead of time and know what direction I want to travel.
First, I had to gather my records for Paul, do the initial power of attorney and document all the issues I would be submitting to VA.
Fortunately, I have substantial medical records for four medical issues that bothered me while I was on active duty.
I do not care what percentage of disability VA comes back with, I will accept whatever their decision is provided I get a fair shake in their review. That’s not to say some Veterans do not have a legitimate grievance with a VA decision— many do —but an NSO is going to be able to recognize a legitimate grievance and walk a Veteran through the appeals process.
For videos and more information about the VA claims process, visit the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Youtube channel.
AuthorJames Killen--James Killen is a public affairs specialist and member of VA’s digital engagement team. I spent 11 years in the Navy with multiple trips to Vietnam including shallow water combat (they got lucky once and punched a hole in one of my ships) and boots on the ground. Guys and gals, I came home from Thailand in September of 1967 with a raging peptic ulcer and it perforated that same year while I was still in the USAF at Davis-Monthan in Tucson, AZ. I considered filing an appeal but found out that this will only delay the matter even more.
It took me years to get the approvals but now have medical if needed and many of good services. What happens nearly every appeal is VA says we don’t see eveidence of your case, we lost your documents. I spent several hours at the Decatur, GA Regional office regarding files that was lost by the VA on behalf of my Disability Benefits Claim that originally was filed in 1976. On March 18 0r 19, 2014 I spent several hours at the Decatur, GA Regional office regarding files that was lost my Disability Benefits Claim health records. I also called her several times on her phone at 404-929-5567 and she told me that they were working on my file to get me my benefits payments.
The VA has documentation of all of my medical conditions for the last 40 years and for the last 16 years my health illness and issues have deteriorated which have caused me physical and mental harm dealing with the VA.
In 1993 a VA Appeals Representative told me that I will probably be dead before the VA provides with my Disability Benefits Payments.
It is a MFN disgrace the way Veterans are bullshttd and worn down to try to get what the earned. The corrupt politicians and the LAZY greedy money hungry employees of the offices that administer our claims are not even educated one FN bit to critique medical issues. It is good that you have some flexibility and you are able to hold down a full time job while applying for your disability. I have just placed by 60th birthday and when I lost my unemployment insurance I was talking to a VA rep who listened to my issues about my ear problems as well as some others. The VA rep explained to me that the government sets aside an amount for each vet and it is up to you to claim it. I think this is due to the proximity of breaking the collar bone twice in 4 months along with an operation to boot.
I shrugged it off and my back got better (not sure why) and then went off to have a career in computers and raise a family.
A coincidence that I read your article while sitting in the VA center waiting for my number to be called. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides Disability Compensation to eligible veterans, and it is something almost every veteran should apply for. This is a step-by-step guide to applying for Disability Compensation from the VA, and it applies equally to those who are currently leaving the service as well as veterans who have already left the service, though there is an alternate, quicker method of applying for those who are currently leaving the service; this will be covered in a later article.
2 – The veteran must have received either an Honorable Discharge or a General Discharge (Under Honorable Conditions). 3 – The VA must assign a disability rating percentage to the condition of at least 10%. Service-connected medical conditions are conditions that the veteran incurred while in military service, conditions which existed prior to military service but were made worse by military service, or secondary conditions that occur because of another service-connected disability. It is important to note that the military did not necessarily have to directly cause the condition.

The process of filing a claim properly essentially consists of discovering which conditions you have that are service-connected, gathering medical evidence to support this, and putting in your application to the VA. To start, you’ll want to get a complete copy of your medical records for the entire time you were in service. You can also make a request online, but you’ll still have to mail in or fax a signature to get your request processed. To file your claim, you’ll need an eBenefits login (instructions on how to obtain one are on the site itself).
After you apply, the VA will schedule you appointments for their own doctors who will review your conditions. I felt young and healthy, and filing a VA compensation claim felt like another item to be added to my never-ending admin checkout sheet. In my recent experience it took well over two years for a very clear simple claim to be approved. I would contact the nearest VSO or Stare Veterans service officer and talk to them about refiling your claim .
A correction board may consider applications for correction of a military record, including a review of a discharge issued by court-martial. The board may excuse failure to file within this time, however, if it finds it would be in the interest of justice. It’s probably the best place for you to start since this is your first time filing for service connection.
After having worked for some thirty-one years for the VA, I have seen many claims which, when concluded and the check was in the mail, warmed my heart.
You must complete your application for VA benefits, VA Form 21-526, or other form, in its entirety, being sure to date and sign the form, and include your Social Security number. Look for the “A” (in Assessment) in the documents you are submitting, as this will be the relevant diagnosis that is needed in your claim. If you have a presumptive condition, pay attention to the requirements for that particular disability.
Of course, if you have any doubts, contact the VA, or you service representative, and request the evaluation be checked.
Appeals: This is a tricky and extremely complicated business, and something you must watch with the utmost diligence. Attention to this detail will result in a disability determination that will be processed in a timely and correct manner, and hopefully reward you with monetary benefits. Unlike most of the other “magazines” you’ll find on the Internet, the VietNow National Magazine is not just a “web-zine” that no one wants to read.
SEP and TAP are the Marine Corps’ separation and transition assistance classes and are important for Marines leaving the service.
My mid- and lower back are shot, my hearing shows the tell-tale signs of being used and abused, and then there are the headaches and brain-housing group issues. That is why Paul is my NSO — he knows more about the process than I ever will and I trust him to have my best interest at heart.
Anyone who is putting a claim together should ask themselves what their expectations are and then work with a NSO to manage them from the outset of the claim. Not to mention, the more a Veteran is seeking from VA the longer the process is going to be. VA has to process the claim and then send a request to the National Archives for my official medical record. Between the volume of claims being submitted and the sensitivity of the information, the process just takes time.
All four issues are still bothering me today and they are the things I submitted my claim to address. If he tells me I got a fair shake, I’m going to trust him in that, because he’s a Marine combat Veteran and a brother. They go into the process with an expectation and if that expectation is not met they may become distressed. Carter, my recommendation would be to contact your nearest Disabled American Veterans (DAV) or Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). Isaacson, you may make too much to use VA healthcare, but not to file a claim for disability comp. As a female medic benefits while In basic, advanced and active duty were never presented to me or any other soldier in my company, had they been my my mother, a widow at age 46 and sick would have received widows allotment monthly while I served in the Arny. I hesitated for several years before my body started to fall apart from serving 22 years I combat arms. I currently have 10 additional item or body claims that have been pending for three years now. The last time I claimed with evidence and doctors testimony they came back with our investigation doesn’t show a doctors evidence.
Alford I felt that she was honest and forthright in her method to get me my benefits payments. This was untruth because after she wouldn’t return my phone calls I called the VA 1800 number in June, July, and August, 2014 and they told me that Ms. Alford of the Veteran Administration Office in Decatur, GA; and sent letters for years to Washington DC Headquarters, Senator Isakson (GA), and Senator Bernie Sanders (VA Committee Chairman), President Obama, and every former President, Congressman, and Former Secretary of VA for the lat 4 decades and got nowhere. However, for the records most of the VA Doctors that I have had at the VA really care about you, it’s just the VA Administration who continues to kick you in the ass time after time with paperwork after paperwork before they really help you. From the tax system to the Military and state level authorities every FN one of them agency’s have bankrupted Moral and morality in so many veterans.
However, if you believe your rating is low or if your conditions worsen please remember that you can ask for revised disability ratings based upon changing circumstances.
I’m sure everyone knows that the military frowns on showing up to sick call and I think with that mentality is why I never claimed anything.
For one, most veterans qualify for at least some type of compensation, despite the fact that many are not aware of it. For example, if you develop psoriasis while you are on active-duty, it is considered service-connected.
It is very important not to rush, but to take your time and do this properly, for appealing a denied claim can take years.
Your medical records are typically given to you when you leave the military, so if you still have them, you don’t have to wait.
Write down every complaint you made, every diagnosis, and everything that could possibly mean you have a medical condition that occurred while in service. This is the criteria which the VA uses to determine how disabling each service-connected disability is.
The doctors the VA uses are professionals, and if you try to exaggerate your conditions or just plain lie about them, they will probably be able to tell.
Now that you know the VASRD and have a list of health conditions that are service-connected, you should go get each of these conditions checked by a doctor.
You’ll definitely want to make these appointments, and though they seem a bit redundant, they are important for the decision of your claim. You will need to wait anywhere from 6 – 18 months (or longer, in some cases) for the VA to reach a decision on your claim. For those considering filing their first or even second VA claim, the short video below provides some helpful tips to ease your stress or reluctance.
It seems like the new head of the VA is a strong selection but bureaucracy improvements are slow. In your file for correction you must provide evidence why filing of the application was delayed and why it would be in the interest of justice for the board to consider it despite the delay.
These were cases where we did everything we could to get the claim approved for a person who was in dire need of benefits. You should also be honest and forthright in doing so, since claiming benefits you know you are not entitled to is a fraudulent act. I cannot stress this point enough, because a properly executed VA Form 21-526, is a formal application for benefits, and its timely receipt by the VA ultimately determines the date your benefits will begin.
Presumptive conditions, such as diabetes, prostate cancer, Hodgkin’s disease and the like, which are related to Agent Orange exposure from service in Vietnam, can be service connected based simply on the fact that you served in Vietnam. If you flew bombing missions from your base in Thailand, you must prove that you touched down on Vietnamese soil. And the reason you should care is because VietNow is working every day on the veterans issues that are important to you right now – today. I had the lifelong friendships that came with being in combat (love you guys, you know who you are) and I didn’t want the moniker “disabled Veteran” at the age of 23. This is understandable because they want to make sure the records they go over are official and not tampered with. I was operated on and the ulcer was patched, then came two more years of of living hell because any time my stomach became empty the pain was so bad I wanted to die. Louis, a place that I requested my files from in 1976-2007, thereafter a former State Representative was able to get them for me.
Alford a VA GA Regional office representative informed me that the VA misplaced, lost, etc… my filing information, something I had already knew simply because the VA sent me a letter stating that.
Again she ask me to provide her with a completed filing of the issues (actual medical issues), therefore I went home and pull out those medical records that took 33 years for me to get and I prepared a complete overview of everything in my medical records, line by line items; I even placed color codes in every the file to help the VA see each item clearly with medical records attachments to them and personally handed the records to Ms. Alford never expedited my file and that they had no record of me have any meeting with her at all. Some of my Veteran friends in the past 40 years have died waiting on the VA to do the right thing.
I should have listened to the retirement counselors and applied for my disability while on active duty which provides an accelerated review and determination (or that was the case in the dark ages I served :)).
You’ll want to know the parts relevant to your condition like the back of your hand so that you can use the proper terminology to maximize your claim.

Have your list of medical conditions ready, any supporting evidence from your military medical records, and your new medical records from your recent appointments. Like most college students, I became really good at procrastinating and nearly two years later, I had yet to file my claim.
To justify a correction, it is necessary to show to the satisfaction of the board that the alleged entry or omission in the records was in error or unjust. You may submit a copy of your original service medical records if you have them in your possession. Reports for office visits 20 years ago, for example, are of limited value in determining the current status of your disability, unless you are trying to prove continuity of treatment. What this means is that a medical statement is necessary to establish a link between some condition you were treated for in service and the condition that you now have. One case in which I was personally involved was a flight navigator who landed one time in DaNang and went on sick call. However, when you get into the larger evaluations, simply adding the disabilities won’t give you the correct percentage.
And there are other reasons, so it is probably best to have a service officer help you with your appeal, as they are eminently qualified in this area.
Army in Vietnam, and is writing a self-help book to help veterans understand the complexities of the VA claims process. Now you're having health problems that might be related to your service, and you know the VA can help – but why does it have to so hard to deal with the VA? In 1970 I had taken all the pain I could handle so I went to the VA hospital to see if they could do something for me.
Therefore, I was finally able to prepare my filing claim for Disability Benefits Payment the VA denied the claim from 2009 to present despite all of the evidence that was denied from 1976-2009 was in my records clear as any blind man could see.
This malfeasance of authority and complacency of liability doesn’t apply if you are the government. You will want to obtain a copy of their reports and have them ready for when you file your claim. But, as old military injuries began to surface, filing my compensation claim quickly became a priority. I have been to two VA town hall meetings where I was promised an answer and have not heard a word from VBA. I am not proud of it but I had a lot of issues going on at the time I said something to an enlisted female n was busted from an E6 to E1 ended up being discharged.
You should include all available evidence, such as signed statements of witnesses or a brief of arguments supporting the correction. I bet if it was their pay check being held over a review, I bet the review would occur overnight. So besides the roar of the engines, I also was subjected to unexpected loud bursts of static and interference while copying morse code signals. For example, if you are claiming bilateral hearing loss, do not send in page after page of medical reports showing you were treated for cardiac arrhythmia, bronchitis, knee pain, etc. The VA must make continued efforts to obtain medical records that are in their constructive custody. If you do not understand the letter, contact your service representative, or call the VA on its toll-free line. If you feel the examination was inadequate in that the doctor failed to examine you for a claimed disability, do not argue with him.
For example, evidence received after the one-year period expires will be considered a reopened claim, thus a new effective payment date will be established. Your doctor must state that “it is as likely as not” that your claimed disability was incurred in service.
If you wish to go it alone, please heed the following advice: The VA may take several years to get around to processing your claim. James is currently a member of the Kentucky Air National Guard and serves as the public affairs officer for the 123rd Airlift Wing. I got 10% rating after having a knee surgery, arthritis in both knees and hips, 2 broken fingers and extensive GI issues that required surgery and long term care (Extreme Hiatal Hernia and H Pylori Ulcers). Alford I was fade up with the VA mishandling, lying, and providing me with untruth only to get me out of their office.
Every letter written by me was and every letter of denial from 1976 was also placed in the file provided to her on March 21, 2014 with copies of the medical records dating back to 1973.
At that time, neither the Navy Docs or the Corps knew what to do so it took 8 months before they put me in the hospital to repair my knee.
Fortunately during college, I worked for VA as a workstudy and had access to the right resources to help me with the process.
Would like to see what I can do to get an honorable discharge n get any VA medical treatment I can. These records are not relevant to your bilateral hearing loss claim, and only serve to clutter your VA claims file. Do not send long, rambling letters about your claim, detailed accounts about how you single-handedly won the war, or make irrational threats. Simply contact the VA Regional Office, and the rating specialist will either schedule you for another VA examination for that particular disability or request pertinent medical information. You lose your original date of claim, and consequently you lose any retroactive benefits (money) you may have been entitled to. If the doctor beats around the bush, or doesn’t use these specific words, your claim will be denied.
For example, say you have one disability rated 50 percent disabling, and are granted another at 30 percent. This is because of the backlog of appeals, and also the ever-changing emphasis placed on them either by VA Central office or Congress.
We’ve got Vietnam veterans, Gulf War veterans, veterans who weren’t in any war, parents of veterans, wives and children of veterans, and lots of other people who just care about veterans issues. She indicated that she would get my file expedited however; I just had to provide her with complete records of my Army medical records with the claims information dating back to 1973. I prepared my own application but having a good rep will make it easier for you.Hang in there and do NOT let the bureaucracy kick your butt. The rating specialist needs medical evidence, not histrionics or intimidation, to rate your claim.
The correct combined evaluation, according to the combined ratings table is 70 percent not 80 percent. Despite the VA’s delay in sending you a Statement of the Case (SOC), do not think that you have the same privilege in responding.
The two civilian benefits counselors concluded I was not eligible Thank goodness for veterans who now receive jobs other than housekeeping. I was given medication for this and I had gotten aquainted with the local VFW SR in Indianapolis and would stop in to shoot the breeze with him any time I had a free time period.
I was denied PTSD rating in the Army as the counselor said it would be too hard for me to get a job with PTSD on my record…BS. Alford told me in my face: and “I quote that she would have my file expedited upstairs to her Supervisor and that I would have some answers in about 6 weeks or less, she told me to be patience” and I told her the I have been waiting for 4 decades now and a couple of weeks didn’t matter right now. Remember: the more irrelevant information you submit, the larger your claims file becomes, and the longer it takes to review. Generally, once you have received an SOC you have one year from the date of the initial denial letter, or 60 days from the date the SOC was mailed to you, in order to perfect your appeal. I have had a appeal in now with the Dekalb VARO for 1,137 days and as of yet no response to myself or my lawyer. I could not state what specific mission caused the hearing loss other than it was the accumulation of noise over time while flying so many combat missions.
So, if you are sent a release form (VA Form 21-4142) which the VA needs you to complete in obtaining your private doctor’s medical records, you must fill out the form by putting a date of treatment and the complete name and address of your doctor. I told him about my ulcers and he asked me if I had an ulcer when I went into the service, I replied no. Failure to do this relieves the VA of any obligation to secure your private medical records. I was awarded 40% and stayed at that level until 1996 when I went to be examined for hearing loss and tinnitis. I was awarded 10% for each raising my disability rating to 60% meanwhile I was still having bouts of dumping syndrome and it was affecting my working ability. Since moving here I have had 7 MRI’S to dicover a multitude of things the VA either wasnt treating or just didnt tell me about (I have had 2 more surgeries here to correct the halfassed ones done by VA). You may also request a hearing before the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) Travel Board, or a hearing in front of a Regional Office Decision Review Officer. Finally my dispatcher sent me to my primary care VA doctor for clarification of my ability to continue driving a semi. Two years here and my stress level is way down, I can sleep at night and I am in better shape. They really came through for me and got me the benefits I was entitled to (my back got so bad that I had to crawl up the stairs at night to go to bed).
I got very depressed during this time and after an incident at one of my appointments, I just lost it and blew up. The clerks called for the police to come take me to mental health and I was not allowed to leave until I saw a Shrink. Things are not going too well for me and my spouse so anything as far as compensation would be of great help.

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