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They sound great while handling some very low frequencies,and most of the time can shake my studio so bad that things fall on the floor.
Over time with use, I started to notice a weird fluttering noise out of one of the speakers intermittantly. My best advice is to never plug anything into the speakers without going though some type of audio interface that can truely limit the sound. After more than two decades, the front and rear panel inserts on my Saab 900 were beginning to show their age. Then, I cut slats about a half inch apart, which would be folded back along the backside of the plastic and glued.
Epoxy dried too quickly, before I even had time to press the edge of the fabric on to the plastic. Superglue gel ended up being the most effective, drying quickly, costing the least, and being easiest to apply. Hyperacusis Network > Tensor Tympani SyndromeDecreased sound tolerance is a general term covering hyperacusis, misophonia and . Our Siberians are pedigreed, and bred from low-allergen lines with no known history of HCM or PKD (heart and kidney diseases).
Their Fel d1 allergen levels are measured (a lab test), so that we can match each kitten to a home where they will not cause an allergic reaction. Seacliffe Siberians is registered as a breeding cattery with the International Cat Association and is a member of the Responsible Breeder Programme.

My main gripe with these speakers is that the power switch is on the rear of the speakers making it difficult to get at. At first I didnt think much about it and thought that I just had a loose connection on my patchbay somewhere. I got a Frostwave Resonator MS-20 clone filter and decided to try it out though one of the BM15a speakers. I assumed one of my speakers was blown but discovered that the black fabric covering the speaker grilles had come partially unglued, causing a fluttering noise at certain frequencies. The upholstery glue took too long to dry, forcing me to use a Swingline stapler to hold the fabric in place. The creases in the vinyl should hopefully go away over time, especially as the outdoor temperature rises. One day I decided to remove the patchbay and install a new set of speaker cables as I thought they may have been the issue. The fronts were changed to black vinyl in 2010 but I never got around to taking care of the rear speaker grilles until tonight. I ordered parts for many other electronic projects I had going on and bought a dozen of these relays for future repairs,so i exceeded the $50 minimum. The MS20 filter can make some frequencies well above and below what the BM15a can handle,especially in self oscillation. The noise can be described as a scratchy type of noise when playing anything with a very low frequency.

Parts delivery was going to take a week or two and I couldnt do any studio work without my monitors,so my 'Temporary fix" was just to solder the contacts together on the relay (as shown in the picture). To make a long story short,we smelled something burning and then noticed smoke coming out of the front port of the monitor.
I even replaced one of the woofers thinking it was a speaker issue since i tried everything in the audio path up to that point.
The only issue with doing this is that you will get a loud 'POP' noise each time you turn on the speaker. I only had this for a very short time and it didnt seem to hurt the speaker,but if you are unsure of any potential damage then i wouldnt solder the relay contacts together.
After some tinkering,I found that a relay on the circuit board that can cause a poor connection.
To replace the relay you will need a de-soldering iron to remove the solder from the holes that hold the relay in.

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