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Here, you'll be able to get tips and tricks on stretching your ears, as well as steps on how to stretch your ears properly without doing damage.
So, if you take anything away from this post it should be that you should leave your ears alone for 2-3 dyas after a stretch. Once it’s over, the stinging of your ears will haunt you for the first 24 hours and then some. Blowouts: Blowouts occur when stretching your yours, more specifically when your sizing up your ears.
The “Taping Method” is probably the BEST method for sizing up your lobes at larger sizes! This is the BEST tape to use since its waterproof and non-porous which just means it won’t grow to your skin like silicone. To size up with silicone, all you need to do is to remove previous gauge and squish the silicone down and stick it in the already stretched hole. Silicone is extremely comfortable to wear as a gauge and I seriously advise you to pick some up cause you will love them.
When it comes to stretched ears, people are always miss guided in the proper way to stretch your ears. Sporting shiny and funky rings along the small nub of cartilage which projects out from near the ear canal is a burgeoning trend among the youth of this present generation. Since Scarlett Johansson was seen wearing her tragus piercing in posters for the Woody Allen film, Scoop, its popularity skyrocketed, especially among young women.

Fill it up close to the rim (this will make it easier to soak) and you basically dip your ears into the solution.
When you put in a taper you reach the point where you have to start pushing it through to get to the next size. Just make sure you are buying the current size of your hole and make sure it’s completely healed and you should have any problems.
Use tapers, they’re a great way to size up, but have a few risks and should only be used up to a 2g and that the Taping Method is a great alternative!
When gauges are removed from the ear and you have finished cleaning, massage your physical hole on the lobe. Known as the tragus, piercings on this part of the ear became popular in 2005 shortly after Scarlett Johansson made them a part of her fashion statement. It quickly replaced the belly button piercings sported by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.
You avoid all ways of stretching as well as avoid all lubes and basically just shove a size that’s not your size in your ear. Your ears will be extremely swollen, but for the most most part the color will stay the same and you’ll move on. I pretty much can 100% guarantee that silicone gauges are the most comfortable gauges you will ever wear. In my personal opinion, you should get your hands on both of these and conjure a mixture between the two.

I have bought many products from them, and I think they are some of the sweetest plugs I have bought. It can be risky too if the hollow, straight or curved and small-gauged needle isn’t sterilized or penetrates beyond the tragus. While once considered rare, it is not at all uncommon today as other celebrities have gotten on the tragus-band wagon, so to speak.
Well, If you feel up your ear, the swollen lobe will get to a point where it’s so swollen it almost feels hard.
Its location in a spot where hairs fall and can easily get trapped around the earring can cause infections that in extreme case can be so severe that surgery may be required. The skin will rip, releasing the pressure but causing this fat piece of skin to hang out your ear.
They clean and sanitize your ears but they will leave your ears feeling tight and this is because THEY DRY YOUR EARS OUT!
So although they seem like the best way to clean your stretched lobes, it’s actually the worst!

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