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The chromatography and mass spectrometry instrument is a product that combines the technologies of chromatography, mass spectrometry and computer. Vacuum chamber must be installed in the instrument to ensure the normal operation of the instrument.
Chiusura scuolaLa scuola restera chiusa Sabato 16 e Lunedi 18 Aprile per consultazione elettorale referendaria.Colloqui pomeridianiNei giorni 11,12,13 e 14 si terranno i colloqui pomeridiani tra docenti e genitori. Utilizziamo cookies proprietari e di terze parti al fine di migliorare i nostri servizi e la vostra esperienza di navigazione. This makes GRADIA particularly suitable for posterior high-wear, high-pressure restorations that are prone to chipping or cracking when made with porcelain. When you want to use a composite restorative and the quality of your work demands using only the best, there is no finer system than GRADIA.
Another benefit with GRADIA is that GRADIA® gum shades, our gingiva build-up composite, is an integral part of the GRADIA system. Initial LiSi is a specialized veneering ceramic designed for lithium disilicate frameworks. Qualitative analysis cannot be conducted with Chromatography alone, because its column has a highly efficient separation capability based on the retention time of the materials and then determine the nature of the material through contrast with that of the samples.

It adopts a double-level vacuum unit composed of a high-performance turbo-molecular pump and a fore vacuum pump. The composite is also simple to handle, biocompatible, very technique tolerant and can be easily polished to a beautiful natural gloss. Years of experience have shown that with GRADIA you can create beautiful, life-like restorations without the 'paleness' of traditional composites as well as restorations with all the toughness of natural teeth.
With these types of frameworks gaining popularity, GC now offers a material for highly aesthetic and durable restorations for long-term patient satisfaction.
If you want to go even further, full anatomical frameworks can be enhanced by staining using the GC Initial Lustre Pastes NF. Samples are separated by capillary column and then enter into the ion source to generate positive ions with electronic power standard (EI) and then the positive ions will be sent into the quadrupole system with the help of aversion, focus and leading of the electrode. But if a patient requires teeth and gum restorations where their 'white' and 'red' esthetics need to be finely balanced, then the complete system is ideal.
Thanks to the exact cross-matched coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE), its low firing temperature and high stability during multiple firings, GC Initial LiSi ensures you safe and predictable processing of lithium disilicate frameworks. The simplicity and easy handling of the Initial LiSi powders assure a short learning curve offering quick, aesthetic and economical results.

The combination of chromatography and mass spectrometry is actually using mass spectrometry as a universal detector.
The quadrupole system forms into a high-frequency electric field under the influence of high-frequency voltage combined with the positive and negative voltage.
The shades and accessories of both products are fully harmonized so you can precisely color match your restorations to the patient and to each other, regardless of age or ethnicity. There are many detectors of chromatography, such as TCD, FID, ECD, FPD and NPD, etc., each detector has a limited scope of application, which is inconvenient. And with the scanning voltage, only those consistent with quadrupole equation ions can reach the ion detector through symmetric center of quadrupole. Thus mass spectrometry map can be obtained, through which the composition of unknown samples can be identified.

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