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Very often, these patches are seen on the face, neck and knees and in infants they are largely seen on forehead and cheeks and on scalp. The treatment is given for curing the symptoms and prevents worsening of the skin inflammation. Doctors would prescribe corticosteroid lotion for reducing the inflammation, depending on the intensity of infection. For some cases, doctors suggest immunosuppressant drugs like Neoral or methotrexate if other medicines are not responding.

It may be caused by weakened immunity level or other environmental factors that trigger skin infection.
The affected person has to undergo lifestyle changes and dietary changes apart from taking medicines.
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Very rarely, skin biopsy (cutting out sample of the skin portion) is done for confirming the disease. People with eczema will extensively have family history of the disease or other allergic reactions like asthma or hay fever.

Working in extreme weather, changes in sudden temperatures, heightened emotions may also cause eczema. People who have a family history of eczema or other allergic diseases are more prone to skin allergy than others.

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