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In the past year, several GeorgiaGov visitors have stopped by to ask about Georgia's window tint law. By state law, unless you've applied for a medical exemption, you cannot tint your car's front windshield at all, and you cannot reduce light transmission through your rear windshield and windows to less than 32%. The Department of Public Safety offers medical exemptions to the window tint law for select drivers and passengers.
Several other exemptions to the window tint law stand in place for commercial and government vehicles. Noralil Ryan Fores writes about business, taxes, elections and the environment for GeorgiaGov. Do you need access to advanced training techniques, or do you have a member of your staff that could use some one-on-one instruction? Window film installation is a skill that takes years to master, but we can take a lot of that "learning curve" out of the equation with some expert instruction provided by our training staff. Our Window Film Training Classes are "free" to dealers that buy our window film products*, and we will make training sessions available on an "as needed" basis. We are Bainbridge's experts at delivering incredible sound systems in cars, trucks and SUVs. Line-X Install on 2016 F150 Shows Extensive Care and Prep ProcessWe gave this 2016 Ford F150 our Line-X spray-in bedliner treatment for Mr.
My question is, would you as a GA officer write a ticket for suspected rear window tint violation?

My father had a 2008 Silverado and he tinted the front windows 20% to match the rear privacy glass.
In Arizona, the front windows can't be darker than 33%, plus or minus 3% (don't ask, because I don't know).
Seeing as we in Arizona have 300+ days of sunshine, and it's hotter than hades for six months out of the year, we see lots of illegal tinting on the front windows and often the windshields. For my part, I rarely gave people a hard time about it unless it was over-the-top too dark. I understand the dangerous job officers have and I know they have to do things to stay safe, but the window tint law is a little much. You also can't increase light reflectance to more than 20% for the rear windshield and windows. When you apply for the exemption, you'll need to submit both a note from your physician or optometrist and a $10 processing fee. She's a graduate of Florida State University's film school and Syracuse University's journalism program.
Our team of cerified instructors can arrange a training session in our facility to teach the most up to date techniques on how to install window films at the professional level. If you don't want to use us, you can check the Film Resource page for another company that may be closer to you. Like does an officer go to work today and say im gonna write as many tint tickets as I can?

I drove it to Atlanta Motor speedway and stopped to ask GSP to move the cones to an entrance (I guess they were providing some security) there was about 10 of em and they didnt say anything. But the back windows, including the rear window, can be as dark as they like as long as the vehicle is equipped with side-view mirrors on both sides.
If it looked like it was close, I'd pull out the tint meter, both to sharpen my eye for the illegal stuff, and to do a little education with the violators. Search the keyword "window," or browse Title 40, the subsection that covers laws for motor vehicles and traffic. I definitely had this one in my tool chest because it was an easy stop when I saw a warrant-mobile rolling down the highway.
I have had blacked out windows on all my cars for years and I've only received a ticket for it once.. It would keep my car cooler and provide some privacy for the kids and passangers in the back.
My little one takes most of his naps in the car and those window shades don't stand a chance of staying up with my monster.

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