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It is so nice to hear you Linda!Thank you so very very much for your amazing comments and for your compliment.
Razvan, this is such a coincidence, I was just about to comment on your wonderful latest paintings just now.
Another amazing painting from your palette Lazaros, you are gifted with much talent- I admire it. It is very good to hear you my friend!Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and support.I send you all my warmest regards.
Thank you so very much Deborah for your supportive comments and also for going through my older paintings.
So, what do you think, should I leave it in or remove it,Does it improve the painting or not, am I the worst figure painter ever? You have captured her essence so well and moreover you have rendered her so wonderfully with your beautiful style.Thank you very very much. It was from this profession that Johannes would learn all about art.Johannes Vermeer later became part of the Guild of St. It is believed that Vermeer apprenticed under Leonart Bramer or Carel Fabritius but no evidence can really verify this.

Much can be said of Vermeer's personality traits within his works such as his affinity for the domesticity of home life and the values instilled within Christian life in the Netherlands. Vermeer's paintings became more intense during this time due to the financial difficulties he was facing.Vermeer created new ways of viewing paintings with his profound and complex compositional techniques that took the viewing process to new levels. Vermeer also made the influences of the old masters style adaptable to his own choice of subject matter.
Johannes Vermeer Style and Technique Who or What Influenced Johannes Vermeer The Kitchen Maid Johannes Vermeer The Little Street Johannes Vermeer Christ in the House of Martha and Mary Johannes VermeerDelft was a southern province under Spanish rule and this greatly impacted on the art market. Many artists born in Delft went unknown and wealthier patrons all fled to northern Holland. Thus, artistic content in Delft centered on images of the city, domesticity and local surroundings and most paintings were created in the contexts of Christian morals and values.Being raised Protestant, Vermeer painted everyday images and his surroundings due to the fact that Protestant Dutch society held the natural aspects of life in high esteem.
He was also a realist and in many of his paintings he depicted black and white tiled floors in houses which was a popular style at the time.In general, the Dutch preferred dark backgrounds with a focused subject in the foreground. Vermeer liked this tradition and played with various light sources as it competed with dark spaces through natural and non-natural lighting.Dutch society also relished in scenes of domesticity that instilled a form of homogeny. Many Delft inhabitants prided themselves on their high standards of education and refinement and had developed a taste for art that reflected such attributes.The Guild of St.

Luke was largely influenced by Classicism and this shows in Vermeer's works and how he portrays his subject matter, as demonstrated in works such as Diana and Her Companions. His mother-in-law, Maria, was an avid collector of many Catholic artist's work from Utrecht. The school of art in Utrecht closely followed Caravaggio's work and provided inspiration for Delft artists.Vermeer's paintings such as Christ in the house of Martha and Mary and Diana and Her Companions show the artists' affiliation to biblical themes and classic mythological images as well as similarities to the Italian Baroque style. Salvador Dali even created his own version of The Lacemaker.Additionally, Vermeer's Girl with A Pearl Earring has inspired a novel by Tracy Chevalier and a film of the same name.
He made the art of chiaroscuro his own and developed many innovative techniques during his career, setting himself apart from his contemporaries.Vermeer was not the most prolific of artists, with just thirty-five paintings to his name, though, many others that are believed to be his remain unattributed.

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