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Spooked investors, unsure of where to put their cash, are looking for tangible stores-of-value where they can be confident it will not suddenly vanish. There is ample precedent of the role of art, collectibles and other investments-of-passion as a refuge for investors during times of economic uncertainty.
An ATCA 5000 distinguished member, senior banker and financier, Herve de Carmoy, based in Paris, said recently, "Fine art is and should remain a safe haven for the years to come, for several reasons: For the very rich and the super rich, money, and hence price, is not the premier issue. At our recent visit to London's Pavilion of Art and Design in Berkeley Square -- running in parallel with the Frieze art fair in Regent's Park -- some art dealers distanced themselves from suggestions that their exclusive events are little more than a gathering of ultra high net worth investors who are looking for somewhere safe to park their money, and instead, claimed that most of the attendees are collectors who are interested in the intrinsic artistic value of the art pieces or collections on display. In the present "Occupy-Wall-Street" zeitgeist, no one wants to be openly associated with Wall Street's "greed is good" mentality that tarnishes some investors, but the fact that so many banks and other financial companies around the world continue to head hunt and hire art investment specialists is a strong sign that investors may go after anything they can get -- including junk art memorabilia -- when decent returns on investment are thin on the ground. In a world where everybody talks up their own book, some investors -- including art funds and banks -- have been buying up or hoarding art almost like they know that an economic nuclear winter could be around the corner. Many investors were stung after the art market meltdown which followed the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. Having navigated through the worst of times, the art and passion investment fund industry appears to be acting now to lay the ground work for its future success by building investor confidence.
Art is not an easily sold asset but it is often touted as another area for nervous investors.
Investments of passion are generally not considered a mainstream asset class by wealth managers as this market is rather opaque and remains highly illiquid.
Banks -- just like any corporate art collector -- buy and sell various works as they work on themes with their collections, or fill gaps in the collections or get rid of duplicates.
A number of art funds fell over during the downturn, but the Fine Art Fund Group is still around and boasts annualised returns in excess of 25% in its two main funds. Interest in art funds continues to grow and the future is certain to see more legitimate vehicles and structures coming to the market.
Some art funds are theme specific and invest purely in, say, American art, while others have a mix of established and up-and-coming artists in the portfolio. Art funds are raising capital among a new generation of wealthy investors in emerging markets -- like Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRICs) and the Middle-East -- where the ultra high net worths are looking to diversify their asset holdings. Emerging market art funds are focused on acquiring works by native artists and are typically able to raise capital more quickly than Western art funds given the region?s pre-disposition for tangible assets. As a result, since the global financial crisis began in 2007-08, China has become the more important Asian art funds player.

A number of Middle Eastern banks have been offering art-related investment opportunities, notably Bahrain-based Addax Bank in 2008 and Emirates NBD in 2011. While investors are shying away from investment products of great complexity, like derivatives and synthetic financial instruments, there is continued interest in real assets like art and antiques. The demand for high quality works of art -- with strong provenance and in good condition -- makes them particularly interesting as a long-term investment and for wealth preservation. NOTE: When a financial bubble or collapse occurs, almost all asset classes -- including art -- demonstrate an extremely high correlation: they rise and fall down in sync! Before we finalise the agenda for the ATCA 5000 event on 19th October, do you have any thoughts, observation and views that we ought to take into account? Q2: How to participate in the expert roundtables and get domain-specific strategic intelligence questions answered?
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Watching 5 movies about art may sound boring but there are actually a lot of art movies that are both entertaining and more intellectually stimulating than your typical Hollywood movie.
They know that in the years to come the market is on their side, for in percentage terms, the number of super rich worldwide is increasing faster -- a two digit multiple -- than the increase in liquidities.
Several funds in the US and the UK are in the process of raising capital for their second or third generation funds and finding it much easier to do so, now that they have established track records. The growth of these nascent art markets is directly linked to the economic expansion in each country and the combination of the two has launched a new group of young and avid art collectors. Both have teamed up with the Fine Art Fund Group (FAFG) from the UK to offer their wealthier clientele art-related investment opportunities.

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The best art movies tell the stories of some of the world's greatest artists, from the 1600s up to modern age, and represent various art styles including realism, abstract expressionism, surrealism and pop art. Day-Lewis won an Oscar for Best Actor for his moving portrayal of a man who refused to give in. If a man gets a pearl gem in his dream, it is also a favorable sign for his future family life. Your success is not canceled, it is just postponed for some time.If a young woman is admiring the pearls in her dream, it signifies that her heart will be full of love very soon.
It’s important to remark that it’ll be mutual love, which will bring you heavenly happiness.If in your dream you’re scattering the pearls, it refers to misery and grief.
But you should remember that they will be gone soon and everything will sort itself out.A dream with pearls may concern a professional life along with a private one. No matter whether you’re a woman or a man, such a dream forebodes you success in your business. It will reward your hard work and sincere devotion to your occupation in the nearest future.
You can gain a great profit and authority in the society.Diving for pearls in your dream means that you don’t need help from anyone, even if you face many difficulties.
But if there is a situation that is a hard nut to crack for you, calm down your arrogance and ask for an advice or help.

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