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Designer Antique Pendant Set - PsAn10722 - 22K Gold Designer Antique Pendant Set with fine hand made designs and colored stones. 22k Long Chain Earring Set - StBr10633 - 22K gold long patta (chain without pendant )set with filigree design in matte and shine finish. Peacock Pendant Set (22k Gold) - PsYg9876 - 22Kt Gold meenakari Earrings and Pendant set with exclusive peacock design.

22k Gold light necklace set - AjNs51603 - 22k Gold fancy necklace and earring set with beautiful filigree and simple flower design on it.
This delightful 9 carat yellow gold Spanish swirl cubic zirconia jewellery set features a pair of sparkling earrings and pendant necklace. We realize that online purchases are not always what you expect when you receive them.We accept returns up to 30 days from the date of you receipt of the item that are unworn and have all original packaging intact.

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