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Questa performance (che contiene tutti i piu grandi successi del gruppo) e stata registrata a Colonia nel 1982 dalla tv tedesca per la serie ROCKPALAST.
Esegui il Login e poi verrai re-inviato nuovamente a questa pagina per inserire il prodotto nella Wishlist. Esegui il Login e poi verrai re-inviato nuovamente a questa pagina per essere aggiornato su questo prodotto. Celebrating senior George Kooymans, the Dutch-born guitarist and vocalist for Golden Earring, who was born 67 years ago today (March 11, 1948) – with 3 live performances.

The Golden Earring band started in 1961 in The Hague, Netherlands when 13 year old George and his bass and keyboard playing neighbour Marinus (Rinus) Gerritson (15) got together. In 1968 the band recorded Just a Little Bit of Peace in My Heart, about the breakup of George and his girlfriend Melanie (Milly) Gerritsen (Rinus’ sister). George and Melanie got back together and have been married for 46 years (since October 1969). Although George released a couple of solo albums, he’s best known for his work with Golden Earring, including writing their 1982 Top Ten Hit, Twilight Zone.

Over the 50+ years they’ve been performing and recording together, Golden Earring has produced 30 albums.

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