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The Backhand Slice is often used by One-Handed Backhand players because of their ability to disguise the shot.
You want to disguise your shot when hitting a lob (high shot) over your head or a drop shot near the net. I like a lot of your instructions because they address the three positions: low, mid and high.
We have now a fairly easy technique for fixing your tennis elbow difficulty by having an quick option. Tennis grips explained: wesern grip, tennis forehand grip, tennis backhand grip, serve grip. Tennis racket grip is determined by the hand’s location on racket handle that allows the player to hit all kinds of tennis strokes, though which is not always natural for beginners.
To understand all the features of tennis forehand grip, it is important to learn how the racket handle is made and what parts it contains. Hand should be comfortable, racquet and arm must feel the resistance while hitting forehands, backhands and volleys. So what is the advantage of one of tennis racket grips and is it possible to select best tennis grip? But then it was Bjorn Borg, who became the champion of the biggest competitions, who was using mainly western grip when hitting forehand, and played backhand with both hands.
The disadvantage of the tennis eastern grip is that it is not quite convenient to perform strongly sliced serve and spinned backhands.

Therefore, many tennis players are changing eastern grip to the universal for hitting sliced serve, and get back to the eastern one to perform strongly spinned backhand groundstroke.
Do not forget: if you are holding the racket using the tennis western grip, the more you turn the racket to the left (lower part of the palm is closer to the lower facet of the racket handle), the more you need to turn the hand in backswing, so that during the contact with the ball the racket’s head appears to be perpendicular to the ground, otherwise the balls would be more likely to get stuck in the grid than to threaten the rival. With such a tennis racquet grip right hand (for right handed players) is closer to the racket butt and the left – a bit closer to the head of the racket.
Playing with two hands, even though it has its disadvantages (it’s difficult to get the distant balls, and perform attacks on very high and low balls and slice strokes), nevertheless represent a powerful modern weapon, due to which you can hit very strong and accurate spinned and flat backhands. A positive aspect is also the fact that playing backhand with two hands you can meet the ball not so far ahead from you as if hitting it with one hand, due to what a tennis player can wait until the opponent will take the final position on court, and then send the ball into the most uncomfortable point for him.
Moving towards the ball; Rotating shoulders while preparing racquet over the shoulder with the right elbow bent to an “L” shape.
It would be wonderful if you could do that because the technique is different in all cases (or at least if it is similar it should be mentioned in the video). Different positions will be more discussed on the premium site after I cover most of the strokes. A more practical way of thinking is to hit a solid shot and expect your opponent to get it.
About twenty-five or thirty years ago, most tennis players in Europe were using a universal (continental) grip, and in U.S. But these days, players in the world use a variety of tennis racquet grips, but still most prefer the eastern or Australian grip.

As for the net volleys, to hit strokes (mostly flat) from the left and right is better using universal grip because playing at the net you usually don’t have enough time for a change of grip.
In addition, according to Borg’s coach Lennart Bergelin, using two hands for backhand makes it easier to hit hidden strokes, which allows hitting passing shots more reliably.
Usually the balls fly long so I would like to know about a better technique to land the balls inside the court.
The fingertips (except the forefinger, which occupies an independent position) cover a small part of the left outer edge and little finger is exactly at the end of this edge. Hypothenar eminence covers the upper side surface of the handle, fingers freely lie on it, thumb grasps the handle, choosing comfortable position near the middle finger. Tennis players using this kind of grip show a strong, stable and diverse game, successfully hit spinned, sliced and flat strokes, strokes with side-spin, and also very accurate drop shots.
Thumb is in a convenient location between the forefinger and little finger in order to ensure the reliability of grip.

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