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When you look at the evidence that America, Britain and Russia have hidden from the world, a clear picture surfaces about who the real war criminals are.
America and Britain used tactics designed to mass murder civilians and destroy whole cities.
The Japanese also had their civilian cities burned to the ground and their civilians mass murdered.
Trophy skulls were a favorite souvenir, but the American soldier also liked Japanese teeth, ears and other such body parts. The great aviator Charles Lindbergh wrote several entries in his war diary about mutilations and murders. Lindbergh also wrote in his diary about his experiences on an air base in New Guinea, where the American troops murdered the remaining Japanese stragglers 'as a sort of hobby' and often used their leg-bones to carve grisly utilities. In 1944 Charles Lindbergh passed through customs in Hawaii, and noted that one of the customs declarations he was asked to make was whether or not he was carrying any bones! Ironically, it was reported that Gein had shrunken heads in his house, which he had described as relics from the Philippines. Below are some bullshit pictures of horrible Nazis and their devil dog torturing a poor concentration camp inmate. The world was obsessed with a sick and twisted sexual fantasy of 'Nazis' and naked young women. With the advent of the internet the truth has rapidly surfaced and that is the tyrant's worst enemy.
When on April 4th 1945, the city surrendered, of a population of 250,000, just 15,000 were left alive.'-Reported by Jack Bell, Chicago Daily News Foreign Service, Kassel. American General Curtis LeMay said that Japanese civilians had to be 'scorched and boiled and baked' if America was to win the war.
But the raids on Tokyo and Nagoya with the last few days have demonstrated more spectacularly than ever the fiendish character of the American enemy. Raining flaming incendiaries over a vast area of civilian dwellings, the raiders can make no excuse of having aimed at military or industrial installations.
In the entry for August 14, 1944, he wrote that he had a conversation with a marine officer, who claimed that he had seen many Japanese corpses with an ear or nose cut off. He informed that his cousin who had served on the islands during World War II had sent them to him.

Does it mean that the Japanese and German soldiers didn't occasionally do evil things on the battlefield?
The sadistic Allies even forced German women by the truckload to go to concentration camps and bury dead bodies. America, Britain and their commie ally took pictures and filmed everything they could and labeled it 'German atrocities'. This was due to the large number of souvenir bones discovered in customs, also including “green” (uncured) skulls!
Likewise it has been reported that many of the Japanese remains on the island of Iwo Jima are also missing their skulls!
These people had no doubt died from a typhus epidemic and starvation caused by the Allies decimating the German railway systems. This childish pornography and sadomasochism even has its own genre called 'Nazisploitation'. The hidden powers of the world, sadistic and perverse monsters, projected their fantasies on to the world. Truly bizarre that people who believe the National Socialists were monsters would fantasize about being sexually tortured by them.
In fact, they shaped the 'Nazi' monster in THEIR image and the gullible world swallowed it whole. They fed their sheep atrocity after atrocity, their twisted brains spewing out mountains of lies. If we were to find out that the Germans weren't what they said they were then maybe we would look deeper into who they really were.
And we would be shocked to find out that they were destroyed for daring to opt out of the madness of the tyrannical world government and its international finance. With no voices of dissent, and since they controlled every media outlet, no one was the wiser to their lies. But the point here is we've been taught lies and propaganda about the Germans and Japanese.

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