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Youth hospitalized after watching an episode of a popular Hindi soap opera for ruptured eardrums, claims ears “feel violated”. New Delhi: Purush Singh, a 17 year old male, had to be taken to a hospital last night for ruptured eardrums after watching an episode of a very popular Hindi soap opera.
When asked why he decided to watch the soap, he told that he wanted to spend some quality time with his mother. Disclaimer: This article has NOT been edited or written by the Faking News editorial team for publication as a mainstream article. Seriously, how did I not induct this unmitigated disaster the day after the 2007 Gooker was inducted? He’s got a big devil beard, a skullet, a blood red suit, and a cane in the form of a snake.
Just so I have this straight…for Sting, dying feels like a choice, wherein one of the choices is in fact to live. Which is a shame, really – had someone told folks at home that this match was going to feature CANDLEABRAS, I bet the buyrate would have been through the roof.
And then I’d wonder how on earth a girl who was twenty-five knew who the hell Liberace even was. So yeah, the way to win the match is to put your opponent in the death bed and close the lid, which is right up there withputting your opponent in the chair of torture as the stupidest way to determine a wrestling contest ever. With Sting seemingly down for the count, Abyss waves his arms in the air and a casket lowers from the ceiling. This would be the same crowd that two minutes ago was chanting for the head writer to be fired. How on earth could Dixie Carter even CONSIDER not taping every single TNA show in front of these brain dead Orlando fans until the end of time? Not satisfied with the carnage he’s laid upon his foe, Abyss goes outside and gets two chairs, putting yet another tombstone across them.
As the death bed struggled to be lifted to the ceiling, we thankfully said good bye to this insipid match, which was considered a disaster by pretty much everyone, amazingly including even those in TNA.
PPV Report: TNA Genesis 01-13-13Follow Justin Henry live on Twitter for ongoing play by play!
Then cometh the Sidebar Conversation, clamoring with cacophony, dazzling with the drool of gossip. The Prado museum is among the premier in the world, with a variety of famous works by Goya and Valazquez. After the bullfight Austin and I went to an outdoor cafe in Plaza Mayor, drank Sangria, and I ate a Spanish tortilla (a small cake-like, flour-filled munchable). Later she told me that several of the spectators around where I was sitting were very angry that I was so disrespectful because I was upset. By the way, if The Titanic is still around in Madrid, it’s about as cool a club as they come.

Bristles occur most commonly around the base of the bill, around the eyes, and as eyelashes. An Owl has very few down feathers, but has downy barbules on the parts of the contour feathers closest to the skin. Feather of an African Eagle Owl magnified by 150 times under a scanning electron microscope.
When threatened, an owl will often take up a concealing posture, with closed eyes, raised ear tufts, and compacted feathers. It is also interesting to note that although owls of the same species look alike, each individual owl within a species has slightly different markings.
The ear-tufts are actually nothing to do with hearing, they are display feathers, used to indicate moods, such as fear, anger and excitement.
All birds frequently clean and groom their feathers in order to remove dust, dirt and parasites. When an Owl hatches, it has no flight feathers, but is covered with downy feathers that keep it warm.
The shaft splits shortly after, allowing the new feather to unfurl and grow to its full size. He claims that the intense sound effects used in the TV serial had caused his eardrums to burst and bleed profusely. The name of the TV serial has not been disclosed on the mother’s request as she is afraid that it may jeopardize the future of the serial. This is a user generated content, and could be unusually better or worse in quality than an article published on the mainstream Faking News website. I see things that I know are Crap-worthy, and after the grace period of the calendar year, I put them up for the Gooker voting. Yeah yeah, I know I’ve never done daily updates, but this thing was so horrendous I really should have made an exception.
Sting, being a good guy and all, thought that Abyss was not evil, but rather had surrounded himself with evil in the form of the gentleman to our left, Mr.
The rules were never explained on television, and all we got were goofy vignettes like the one above.
It wasn’t just that reminding me of Chamber of Horrors, as we got goofy headstones here too.
We enjoyed free Sunday admission and I bought an audioguide to help enjoy such stunners as Las Mensinas. Down feathers -  these soft and fluffy feathers trap air and create a layer of insulation next to the bird's body.
Bristles are small feathers with a stiff shaft and barbs only on the base, or often not at all.
Filoplumes are hairlike feathers that consist of a very fine shaft with a few short barbs at the end.

The feet and bill have Filoplumes that work somewhat like feelers, to help the Owl react to things they touch, such as prey. This is especially important for the nocturnal owls, as they need to remain hidden when roosting in the daytime.
Tail feathers also drop out a few at a time, except in some smaller Owl species, who loose all the tail feathers at once. So out of guilt, I decided to spend time with her even if it meant watching one episode of her favorite Hindi serial with her. Purush has decided not to file a case against the soap opera, as it would completely devastate his mother. Readers are advised not to confuse the "news reports" of My Faking News as being genuine and true.
This allows them to fly buoyantly and effortlessly, without too much flapping and loss of energy. They crawl into some dark corner of my mind, and they escape induction for years down the road. As with all my museum visits so far, my experience has been a mix of old art history class knowledge that, somehow, still exists in my head, and new perspective and appreciation. He comes every Sunday all year, and every night during the two months of the year when it’s a daily show. The quality of the audioguide can really make a difference to a largely ignorant art spectator. An old, red brick exterior and stone seating throughout the interior (think Roman coliseum).
The Prado guide contained the right amount of detail for me and made it easy to choose which paintings to stand in front of for a few minutes versus just pass by.
The event started promptly at 9 PM with all people involved parading out and engaging in a very ritualized introduction which is described on the Wikipedia Bullfighting page (along with all other relevant details). Then, the first bull came tearing out and the matadores jumped out from their protective walls and waved pink flags at the bull.
Then, with the bull tired, a man on a horse entered the ring, baited the bull, and at the right time stabbed the bull in the back with a massive spear. Finally, a couple assistants stab the bull with long knives that don’t come out and then the main matador stabs him with a sword. By this time the bull is gushing blood, squealing noise, and all the matadores then waves all their flags to confuse it (ie it doesn’t know which direction to charge). The bull collapses, the crowd cheers, and a man comes out and cuts off its ear, attaches a poll to its head, and it’s dragged off by horses.

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