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Inspired by the award winning author Yumi Tamura and her equally award winning manga 7 Seeds about the eventual end of humanity and the few survivors continue to battle against the forces of nature I present to you, dear reader, my story, the 13 Colonies. Years into the future scientist have predicted a that a number of large meteorites will hit the planet wiping out humanity in it's wake. 1.Knife (All knives have a serrated edge, but not all knives are the same and styled to suit the person using it. The 13 Colonies follows the same premise as that of the amazing manga that i used as inspiration. Meteorites that hit the earth will cause a massive explosion miles wide, while those that hit the sea will cause tidal waves and the increase of sea level, afterwards volcanoes will erupt and earthquakes will shake the earth, and after all that a small Ice Age will kill all those who mange to manage to survive. In other words a small person will have a lighter and smaller knife compared to a tall and athletic person, but all knives will still be an A grade blade that will lat for for years.
He doesn’t give much thought to other people and their religions because for him, in this place of stained glass, crucifixes, and murmuring priests, is all he is concerned with. Fearing that no one will survive, and that humanity's life ends in one fell swoop even if their many shelter somehow survive the united countries come up with project seven seeds, a last ditch effort to save humans. All knives come with an atdjustable holster that they can attach on their waist or their legs if they want to.
I’m not really a fan, but I don’t mind watching games with friends if they want me to watch with them. Are we just talking about all those classical stuff like Renaissance paintings and marble statues? It says “Never Again” in plain times-new-roman lettering and is about three inches long and in something like size 18 font if you need a visual. Each country would energetically freeze seven young, genetically superior, and ideal people that would one day repopulate the earth.
After being frozen they would be put into teams with a guide that would be their eight member, and then be launched into space where they would sleep out the death everyone they love and everything they know until the the time has come for them to wake up and ace the world at it's rawest and wildest form. It has various legends on it that indicate where the type of environment and places of interest. For him art doesn’t really extend outside the Stations of the Cross, statues of Mary, and stained glass.
The Project 13 Colonies was America's own unique plan that would correspond to the end of humanity.
I like looking at them though.-Sex: I’m a teenage boy, what am I supposed to think about sex? The project would follow the same principle as every other country, but being one of the most powerful and biggest countries America was able to afford 13 groups of eight people, a reference to the thirteen colonies that came to the US.
Her father never stuck around, and her father left the moment things got too hard, which was when she was a few days old.
Sex should occur only after marriage…but he confessed his sins to Father McConnel and one of them was pre-marital sex. The country was also able to afford the most bunkers, survival pods containing rations, books, and equipment that would help the survivors be self sufficient enough to rebuild modern society, one in each state of the country. A little girl was hard enough to raise by a single mother who worked three jobs so siblings were never an option. Each group would contain the seven chosen people, unaware of what would happen to them unless their guardians tell them moments prior to being frozen, and their guide. Maddie has a number of relatives, from her father’s side in Oregon, but none of them are close to her personally. I’ve never been good at numbers and all those icky stuff, but yay science and technology I guess?-Government: Like politics? The chosen seven would be plucked from anywhere in the country so long as they met the physical qualifications and they were a resident of the country.
I don’t care much for politics and the government in general, but since being a Democrat is the lesser of two evils I side with them. I’m supposed to be patriotic and love my country because it is the way it is, but I don’t feel that way a lot of times. I know it’s important and stuff, but I don’t wanna learn about old white guys who do things In white houses.
She’s good working on engines, but it helps having a father who runs the local repair shop in town. Outside of the physical requirements they also wanted the elites, young people who were considered to be the best, gifted, elites that would have the skills and person abilities to achieve what was being asked of them, namely rebuild the world from scratch.
Unlike other kids who got to play every day Maddie made sure that she could take care of herself without having to take care of her mother. I'd be perfectly fine moving to a different country, somewhere in Europe, but with tropical weather. The guide would be the same, they must pass the physical tests and would be trained in an area where they can also be considered as experts so that they can help contribute to the chosen seven, but unlike the chosen seven who were unaware of the project the guides would be volunteers. When she was of age, around 13 she started babysitting for people in their neighborhood to help pay the bills, and when she was well into her teenage years, she got a part time job when she had classes, and two when it was summer and winter vacation.
As a country that could afford a lot of groups they decided to add from their originally planned ten, the three unlucky groups that would make thirteen groups in total. What else am I supposed to think about it?-Apocalypse: Like the zombie apocalypse and stuff?
Not where it’s so quiet that if you sneeze someone looks at you like you just licked the floor.
After four hard years of being an undergraduate with a degree in Biology, she got into medical school.
My friend says he can survive it because he’s all tough and experienced because he plays a lot of shooters and zombie games. Physically and genetically speaking they were still perfect, but unlike the elites who had a high chance for success these groups were a gamble.
They were made up of social deviants, special cases, and people who did not fit in to the ideal society. After a year of being a resident, she finally got her mother out of the horrible neighborhood she lives in and into a nicer place in the city. Deepti has a large extended family that she keeps in contact with through Skype or other means.
There’s no pictures of her mom and she doesn’t care that much about the lady who died from cancer. Doesn’t seem to be a concern of his, either.- Science: Saito doesn’t like how much money is going to stuff that doesn’t really matter (Why do you need a diet pill?
They were the people who would be considered as failures in a modern world because they were flawed, ridiculed, and rejected by the society because of who they were, what their background was, and how they acted.
I mention this as an equipment because of the laces, but they should already be wearing these.
She’s buried in debt, but in a few years she would be able to repay all of it and become a proper doctor.-It was just a normal day in the hospital when one of the senior doctors (Dr.
It seems as if her mother and Daddy got hitched because that’s what a man and woman do when they have a kid together.
Once all the groups have been collected they would be frozen with their guide and be launched into space. It sucks to be alive, but for some reason we chose to be alive fighting everyone and everything that comes our way. And despite her father’s lows when he’ll go on quiet drinking binges, they’ve had good, functional lives.
Those millions of dollars could go towards public education instead!)- Government: Republicans are dumb-shits. After several years an inboard computer would begin launching pods yearly that would scan the environment of the predetermined areas to the ideal measurements.
She thought it was about finally getting a license, but no, it was something else entirely.
Some people are really horrible though, but as a whole I think we’re fine, but we could definitely be so much better off with those people.
Sometimes she gets to visit every few years and thrives off the vivid green and overwhelming love of her family.- She’s a teenager, but compared to the hell her older sister, Pavarti, put her parents through, Deepti is an angel. She doesn’t have any extended family even though Daddy’s family has been in Arkansas before it was even a state.-Harrison came along in Maybaleen’s life when she was 17.
Once a location has been approved the computer will launch the group from space and be sent back down to earth where their group pod would be launched towards a large body of water for safety.

The mess kit is composed of two metal plates with doubles as a pan, lid and an actual plate. His great grandparents came from Mexico when they were children and planted their seed in America when they were in their twenties.
She went to large middle school with lots of diversity, so she had no problems working around her accent.
His daddy was some educated University boy who she enjoyed for a night and then thought nothing about until her breasts started growing and the morning sickness interrupted her classes.
Actually, it’s a complete pool of mosquito larva infested water and it’s suppose to protect millions of lives? Simon’s two older siblings include the Monica, who is well on her way to becoming a lawyer, while his older brother is a star athlete in the state’s university. There was this girl in our class that killed herself because she was being bullied by these horrible people in class. And even though it rarely comes through, the high school she transferred into is smaller and more, well, white.
The guide's pods would be opened first after which they would check the area and open the seven other pods. They are essentially space food that can be eaten as is which would make for a quick, filling and heavy, but tasteless meal, or be cooked which makes them look more appetizing and redone to suit the person. It doesn’t help she’s a scholarship student attending a school where students normally get accepted because of their parent’s connection in the government.- Pavarti and Deepti don’t have a great relationship.
She’s not about to tell that it was all worth it, that Harrison’s the joy of her life, and that she loves her life.
Each bar is good enough to for one meal which can last a person or if they are cooked portions can be increased.
Simon’s father works in an office that deals with engineering and his mom is a party planner. Maybe it’s the 7 year age gap between the siblings, but when the oldest sister went off to school, Deepti and her ten-year-old-mind just couldn’t forgive.
It was all overwhelming, but after some serious deliberation, she finally agreed to be a part of the project under the condition that they take care of her mother and put her in one of their shelters. So she became close with her brothers, Rashad and Haroon, twins who are two years older than her. I mean it’s pretty crappy sometimes, but things always turn out to be great in the end and that’s what always counts.
They welcome their little sister to hangout with them and often, it’s just the three of them who would so off to the movies or camping for the weekend.- As of late, Deepti has been getting in more and more fights with her Pita because of his refusal to learn English. A part of her thinks it because of her mother, but another part of her thinks it would be easier. Background: -Summer was born in a hospital in Hartford Connecticut and was raised just outside of the city in a nice, friendly, and mostly white neighborhood. Liked her in the kind of way that he first saw the birthmark on her stomach and fell in love with the dark-splotch skin. She now lives with her parents and her grandmother from her mom’s side in Queens in a not so nice, friendly or mostly white neighborhood.-Summer is an only child.
But then she went to college some place north and cold and where he didn’t get to see that birthmark nearly as much as he’s used to. He wanted his parents to be proud of him by being the best older brother possible, but he caved. Her stretch marks are covered up with nettings or feather or whatever the costume that night has going on.
Her mother grew up in poverty and made her way up the ladder of life by working hard and eventually marrying someone below her skill level.-Summer was born rich like her father, but was raised by her mother. It was Kim, the owner of Tiny Dancer, who talked to her about prostitution when she was 20. He told the priest he only had sex with her because he honestly believed they were going to get married.
The majority of his teenage years involved him being rebellious, stupid, and a constant failure to his own eyes.
She had friends who had accents just like hers or accents so different than hers they laughed when neither of them could pronounce each other’s names. Her, teaching kids who drooled on themselves, and he, working from midnight to eight on another high rise with his father’s construction business.-He bought a one-way ticket to Salt Lake City, his mother’s tears still hot on his cheek.
He barely got by in school, he started drinking, and smoking cigarettes and pot, and did some.
It was filled with horseback riding, skiing in the alps, going to private beaches for the summer, and sailing, she loves sailing. She was able to take classes for all sort of strange things like horticulture and animal science. He found a different kind of love in Utah, but not until he drove out of the La Sal mountains and down in the green patch of the desert that was Moab. There were worse thing that could have happened, but inside he hated himself for not being the best version he could be, but he couldn’t stop himself from being a mess up. She got everything that she wanted which could have easily made her spoiled, but her mother made sure to get the bratty qualities out of her by the time she was old enough to whine.
High school has been difficult for her—not due to the academics, but because of the intense competitive pressure that suddenly exists around her.
All the customers have to wear condoms and are checked out for certain HIVs before being allowed to buy one of the girls.
He was sixteen when he decided to do something really stupid which turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to him.- He was sixteen when he got a tattoo and it was one of the best things that ever happened to him.
Since she and six other student were selected for a special program titled “Strategic Planning,” her isolation has grown worse.
She was the only one in her collective class to pass the midterm exam.- Her family was celebrating her success by placing offerings at the feet of Ganeshe, the popular deity with the head of an elephant, and the Ashvins, the twin devas. His dad is some pencil pusher in a shiny office building and his mom, the short Russian firecracker that she is, teaches tourists how to surf.- He doesn’t have a good relationship with his grandparents. She worked hard to make sure she passed, but the only reason she did pass was because she had friends, tutors and her mother to teach her. The restaurant was closed and Deepti was enjoying her favorite curry with maybe too much spice. Plus, he has a menial job at a gym when he probably should be studying more for Calc or something. She also doesn’t have any marketable skills other than what her privileged life has taught her.
The air was thick with Hindi and Tamarind and Lata Mangeshkar’s music filling any of the empty space left. From there on, he knew he wanted to get more tattoos, not just as a form of expression and art, but also as a therapy. She knows these facts, but she’s fine with it because she believes that hard work and staying positive will makes things okay.-If Summer was like other children that grew up with she would have just become a rich socialite who becomes richer by marrying someone rich, investing, or working the stock market, but life wasn’t so kind.
Everything they didn’t lose in the deal the bank foreclosed, and those they didn’t they had to sell.
Worse in the type of way that it was so fucking great she didn’t know what to do with herself. Then, other things he doesn’t remember the name of and for six months he lived in a haze—he can’t say bliss. Nothing exquisite, but functional none the less.- Strategic Planning was a class that exploited an already present skill in Deepti, that being problem solving. Like most parents they didn't agree with the life choices he made, but they didn’t stop him.
They lost their money, their house, and just about everything really.-The Green’s packed all that they had left and moved back in with Mrs Green’s old home in Queens. It took a lot of begging and pleading, but he got himself a job in the same tattoo place as a helper while he enrolled himself in a community college to get an art degree. It was a huge adjustment for someone like Summer who was raised rich, but she had her go getter attitude and ideal outlook in life to keep her sane.
Yes, everyone does it, but she applies things like military strategy to treatment of cancer; the building of a hydroelectric damn to the reforestation process in certain parts of the amazon. Then someone in the diner turns up the news and she gets ready to shout at them to turn that shit down.

Green did fine because this was where she grew up in and for her it just meant going back to work again. Had him arrested and put into jail for 8 months and then he had to do community service through after school programs for troubled kids. He was good at his craft and he had his own style that blended street art and tattoo styles he learned while working in the parlor with the traditional, classic, and modern art forms he learned in college, and his regulars loved it. Right beside you is a box, what’s inside?”- “Inside the box is a geographical map to which I’m able to see sources of freshwater and elevation changes. The red headline blurs and all she can see is the Tiny Dancer charred black in one too many places. He might not be a poster child of the rehabilitation program, but he’s a realistic depiction of it.
He had just turned 24 when he finally officially got rid of the apprentice status, got promoted to a full time tattoo artist, finished his transfer requirements, and got accepted to a small university where he could get an art degree (something he didn’t really think about doing).
Green however did not fare so well because he has never experienced poverty in his life nor has he ever really lived a life outside of luxury. Also, information on the flora and fauna is included in a compact book,” she says, “The little supplies that can fit into the box, after all, would run out quickly, anyways.”2. Life was great.-It was the first week after his 24th birthday when he got a new client, a blonde woman, wanting to get a tattoo on her stomach. He thought for awhile maybe he was gay, but then it became apparent he just didn’t have any sexual attraction to anyone of any gender.
It was an odd experience for him since he’s never got a client who was more interested in him rather than the tattoos. She went to school without her tutors, friends, or any of the niceness that came with being enrolled in an elite school. Because it’s a private school, not public, so I guess, I’d just go to school and all the regular stuff, too.” She pauses. That’s not to say he doesn’t feel love or pleasure of happiness, but that sex wasn’t a way for him to access those emotions. He’s had men and women flirt with him a few times before and he always appreciated it, but this felt different.
Her old friends isolated her and the few friends she somehow managed to make she could not connect with. Her apron’s on and she realizes she still has a customer’s check in her hand when she’s in her trunk, trying to start it. She knew enough that she had to work hard to make sure she had good grades so that she can go to a good university and rebuild the fortune they once had.
Because if it doesn’t…I don’t want anything happening to my family because we’re foreigners. During the early morning and day, it’s full of the normal tanner babes and oiled dudes working on whatever jiggle they’ve got going on. It was hard work, every night she tried hard to make sure she wouldn’t keep herself awake, and it worked.-It was her dad who took it the worst. He could not find a job, he had no real marketable skill other than his ability to understand business, but he’s been blackballed from the business that any sort of investing firm wouldn’t hire him.
When the government men came for her, they didn't even need to drug her to keep her asleep because she was so far gone.
He didn’t think much of it since it was something his mother liked to do, hold parties with friends and families. In a few days Summer got taken away by men in suits unaware that her parents had sold her for money. She straddled the world of women and men by wearing make-up and short-shorts when she has grease on her arms and her hair shoved into a baseball cap as she works on brakes or under a customers car.- She knows when it’s time to rush to the hospital or when it’s okay to wait something out. That night his family members watched as a blond woman wearing a suit came in with a group of men took him away. It was a family activity that she enjoyed doing, and something she was proud to say she was good at.- Although it is not a skill Summer considers her most outstanding quality to be her ability to stay positive and cheerful in almost any situation imaginable. The life that he grew up in fostered an ability to stay completely calm and logical even when things are not.
His main form of media involves ink on skin, but Alex has some formal training in drawing, watercolor, oil painting, sculpting, and pottery. His ability to understand situations and people came about because he did not want to do something that would attract attention to him in the negative way, or shame the family honor.
The German Boxer smiles and says in a voice that no-one would pick out as hostile, “Does fighting keep the craving away?” Saito tries to brush it off, act like it was nothing, but his hands shake and he ends up excusing himself early and throws up in the alley way.- The German Boxer continued to harass him. He considers himself a good artist in most forms of media, good enough that he can transition them to his work. Helps me sleep at night you know.Equipment-Standard package-A serrated and curved hunting knife that belonged to his father complete with a maintenance kit. Equipment-Standard package-Navigation equipment including a nautical chart, measuring equipment, sextant, and a telescope and compass which replaces the one's in the package. Finally giving in to her arms and begging her to some how help him because he's not sure how much longer he can hold out (he cried when he poured out the vodka; his hands shook when he returned the pain meds). He’s knowledgeable in multiple art related subjects like making paint, uses of art, art history, art interpretation, and subject themes involved in art.
It's much larger than the other's and has a decorative handle.)- A deck of playing cards that their entire family used to play. He doesn't know that means she is the one who lets in the men in black into their apartment to take her son away that very night, with the television playing 4 am infomercials.
I guess I’ll wish that there would be a phone in there to call for help so I could get out of there.2.“The government has shut down and you are all on your own, what is your immediate objective?”Go home to my family?
Somewhere where moving in would be easy and lacks an oppressive government so somewhere in Europe would be nice, tropical weather would be great as well.
That’s a weird question, but when things get too problematic the only answer is to go home. He’s a little too defensive, sometimes, but that’s mostly because he’s not sure if he could hold back when he goes on the offense.- Bi-lingual. 3.“You have been tasked to do something very important by someone important at the cost of your own safety, would you do it?”No. 3.“You have been tasked to do something very important by someone important at the cost of your own safety, would you do it?”I guess I would. 3.“You have been tasked to do something very important by someone important at the cost of your own safety, would you do it?”Yeah, probably. Maybe it could be called Procrastination, but he will not hurry if another, better opportunity will present itself later.
Yeah.4.“A nuclear bomb has just gone off and you are now hiding in your shelter, would you allow strangers to come in to your bunker?”Complete strangers? That’s the honest answer because in those types of situations can we really know ourselves well enough that we’ll know what we’ll do? If it was family it would be something else, but letting complete strangers into some place is plain stupid.
I mean if they are asking for me specifically that means that it’s something that only I can do right?4.“A nuclear bomb has just gone off and you are now hiding in your shelter, would you allow strangers to come in to your bunker?”Well, yeah. Who knows what they would do?5.“Someone you love dearly is dying, and the only cure is at the hands of someone who will never give it to you freely.
It’s probably full of salty water and sand just like my pants would be after washing up on a beach!”2. As long as I pay them they should give me the medicine that I need.6.“If you were left alone to do something freely, what is your first action?”Find people to have fun with? Even if they have supplies, then we’ll still run out of those supplies just as fast because they’ll be eating them too.”5. I’m not as good as mom or anything, but there’s something soothing about being by yourself with the board and the waves and the sun.”7.

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