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Often an over looked men’s earring, the hoop, if worn correctly, can be such a strong piece of jewellery. We’ll come back soon with more fantastic Pinterest finds, because trust us, there are loads.
Wearing diamond earrings in both ears is rather uncommon and a lot of people would say it’d be a bad idea for men to do so. For more than 30 years DiamondLand receives groups and individuals from all over the world. They guy on the left has kept it about as simple as possible with a small plain stud, which works really well with his full beard and hair.
Lately men started wearing wedding bands embedded with diamonds as well as other kinds of jewelry.
For example Usher is known for his diamond stud earrings that have become part of his image.

Wearing just one earring in the left ear is most common as a sign of confidence, while wearing an earring in the right ear is usually discouraged. But following these rules is a matter of choice and personal style as Usher has clearly proven. The sheer amount of beautiful menswear images that constantly pop up is something quite irresistible to men’s fashion addicts like ourselves.
The guy on the left has chosen a smaller hoop that hugs the ear which is a more common men’s hoop earring style.
Also sports legend Diego Maradona often wears diamond earrings as well, although his are more infamous than famous due to being seized by tax police in an effort to recover evaded taxes. Wearing a single earring in your right ear might even cause some prejudice in certain countries. The guy on the right however, has opted for a larger hoop coupled with a smaller nose ring, a sure fire way to make a statement with piercings.

In stark contrast, on the right, we see clean cut sharp lines coupled with a gem stone stud. Stud earrings are usally smaller and more subtle, but at the same time they have a large impact on the overall look of an outfit. Either way, we love seeing men wearing hoop earrings and definitely think they’re worth a go. Then, if there ever was a more classic black stud styling than in the picture right, we’d like to see it.

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