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Little bottlecap charms, resin and wire set the foundation for the wine charms, while the glitter and buttons you find will allow you to customize!
So that it would lay flush in the charm, I used wire cutters to cut off the back of the button. I allowed the first layer to dry for a couple of hours, then I added more resin once the button was set, to fill in the charm. Once they are dry, simply string an earring wire through the top and they’re ready for use! It honestly was a fun project to put together and you could do it too in just one afternoon!
Kimberly from A Night Owl BlogĀ here, back to share a fun and easy wine DIY with you for this holiday season – these DIY Halloween Wine Charms!

For Halloween, IĀ found cute candy corn buttons and spooky spiders that I knew would be perfect! Depending on how many different types of buttons you have, you’ll want to alternate the glitter colors so that each charm is unique!
I have collected various of pendants and necklaces, beaded bracelets, bling bling earrings and other amzing accessories! And if you’re like me and like to customize decor and more for your parties, then this easy afternoon project is just for you! But you can choose any button or small token that you think would fit your party theme the best.
I grabbed everything I needed at a local hobby store, mostly from the jewelry making section.

All you need to do is prepare these Halloween featured elements, like skull charms, pirate beads, owl pendants and so on. LOL~ check out the below and hope they will help~ Human skeleton pendants + jumpring + earrings hooks, connect them with pliers, easy?

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