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Simple and neat swarovski 10mm by 20mm Purple drop earrings hanging on sterling silver earring hooks that are easy to put on, feel really light on the ears. Easy to wear stretchy bracelet, this is made with small glass pearls and blue crystal rondelles there is a pretty blue flower that lays on side part of bracelet, a small silver tone hand is hanging from pearl side.
Pearl Necklace made with 10mm Swarovski white Pearls, has a stunning Heart shape set with tiny sparkling zirconia stones, and has a large hanging round 12mm swarovski pearl, the clasp is silver plated with easy to close flap over from one side to the other, and has tiny encrusted stones around each side.This is a one only piece, each pearl is hand knotted for longer lasting wear, and the pearls have a very luster shine. Beautifully hardbound with a whimsical, tactilely pleasing cover that will look great on any shelf, this book is a serious, abridged encyclopedia of the macabre. Rather than alphabetical order, the author has chosen a more unusual chronological structure. Skip the bottle of wine for that Halloween dinner party and bring this for the host instead.

It is our single greatest unsolved mystery and therefore causes a lot of anxiety and a lot of speculation. It’s the full stew simmered down to a tasty reduction, and it gives you an amuse-bouche of fact, philosophy, and art, while acknowledging that there is so much more out there on which to dine.
This might seem odd at first, but it’s interesting to hang our death-related ideas and practices on a timeline of human creation.
Given the bite-sized morsels, you could take a nip of this book here and there, but more likely you’ll devour it in large chunks. For instance, as the guillotine head-chopping craze struck late 1790s France, children played with guillotine toys and young women wore guillotine-shaped earrings. And the table of contents and index are sufficient for finding what you want to read about. Perhaps best of all, each selection is accompanied by a related piece of art that best represents the topic.

He can’t cover everything, but what he does serve us is well researched and presented, and could easily set you on a path of further discovery. Paintings, such as Death and the Miser by master-of-the-creepy, Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch, and photographs, such as the first death certificate of a person killed in a motor vehicle accident, are morbid and delightful decoration. Pickover, who has written more than fifty books about science, religion, math, history, and art, has given us a handsome and thoughtful guide to some of our notions about death.
The cover design is what drew me to this book, but I look forward to exploring more of Clifford A.

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