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If bathing your eyes with cold water (that has been boiled then cooled) and the application of cold compress packs are not working, medication is a quick and effective option.
However, keep in mind your eye complications may be nothing to do with hayfever, or they could involve something different that is combining with your hayfever. Any problem with your eyes should be taken very seriously, always consult a doctor without delay when something’s not right with them. Antihistamine eye drops are a fast and effective treatment to alleviate the symptoms of allergy eyes (itchy, watery, red eyes). NSAIDs are mostly used as a follow-up drug after eye surgery due to their pain reduction and anti-inflammatory benefits. These eye drops block enzymes that produce inflammatory chemicals such as prostaglandin, so they can be used for mild allergic conjunctivitis. Be sure to advise the doctor of your complete medical history, and what substances you are a user of including alcohol, tobacco and antacids. These drops are well tested and prove effective for many people, with minimal side-effects, and reports that they allow contact lens wearers to continue using their lenses during treatment. However the effects of mast stabiliser drops do not last as long as some other drops, so they must be administered 4 or 5 times per day.

Combined formulations are often unsuitable for young children and some adults – seek medical advice before purchasing or using. Household and lifestyle prevention measures are also a key consideration for people with severe eye-related symptoms, because most eye treatments are not to be used for long periods. For example, reducing exposure to dust mites can help reduce eye-related allergic rhinitis symptoms.
Specially formulated eye wash is available in most countries which can help reduce symptoms and help minimise the need for medicated drops. Some alternative remedies suggest a combination of particular oils diluted with water, though no evidence points to any in particular as fully effective, safe or tested in order for us to recommend anything for self use. These can be found at most pharmacies, a bottle (which is sometimes the delivery device) containing saline (salt water solution) and possibly a tube for insertion into the nose.
Salt water is poured into one nostril with the head tilted sideways, causing the wash to exit over the divide of the nose and out the other nostril. Using a nasal rinse effectively will reduce the number of allergenic particles in the nose which can both reduce the need for medication, and improve its effectiveness. Be wary if any breathing difficulty occurs after administering steroid eye drops as this could indicate an allergic reaction to the drug.

This could be periorbital cellulitis, a serious infection that can spread to the eye socket.
A common variant is antihistamine combined with a vasoconstrictor that narrows the blood vessels in the surface of the eye to mitigate the supply of allergenic chemicals there. This involves gradually introducing the body to allergens to increase tolerance and eradicate symptoms, much like the way people are immunised against diseases with vaccines. This treatment can also be used before taking your hayfever nasal spray as it can help clear the nose to allow for greater absorption of medication.
Another good reason why medical attention should be sought immediately when a bothersome symptom presents itself.

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