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Headache and ringing in ears after hitting head soccer,ringing buzzing or roaring sound in the ears is called its,glue ear tinnitus treatment,ear wax removal drops walmart - How to DIY

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Last weekend Dr Who actor Matt Smith was rushed to hospital after hitting his head at home and now has a stitched wound on his forehead.
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Head injuries, even those that seem minor, can have serious consequences and should always be investigated, says DR ELLIE CANNON.
Neck fractures are also fairly common in wakeboarding, again without helmets, but that is another subject.
Concussion is a syndrome where the brain has been mildly injured, leading to a temporary disturbance of its normal function. They are doing face plants at speed and getting concussed by simply hitting water, without a helmet. This can happen from surprisingly mild head injuries, even if you haven't been knocked out.

If you do a high speed face plant while kiting, slam in a high speed for a height, do a high speed rotating entry into the water, you could get concussed as well. I have come close myself years back after bad high speed kiting jump landings from height (seeing explosion of stars, disorientation, head pain, etc.), just from hitting water. How many on here have experienced some of these symptoms from impact with water while kiting particularly after bad trick or jump landings? There may be more symptoms that appear as time goes on, such as poor sleeping, fatigue and irritability. Some go on to develop a post-concussion syndrome where the symptoms of concussion persist after three months, and up to a quarter of patients still have post-concussion symptoms six months after the event. Helmets don't guarantee lack of injury or even survival in accidents but they can help, if you are wearing a good well fitted and secured one for the demands of kiting.A fatal impact involving an experienced kiter in 11 to 12 kts.
Helmets may actually reduce the severity of concussion on high speed water impact as a result.

These are vomiting, double vision, drowsiness, worsening headache, bleeding from the ear or the nose or any weakness in a body part. It is obvious that lots of wakeboarders are getting concussed without any helmet being present. Kiting involves a higher risk of head impacts against a variety of objects from our collective experience.
For the first 48 hours after a head injury I would recommend people stay at home and rest, with someone keeping an eye on them.

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