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If you own Apple headphones, and have tried to make them work with an Xbox One controller, you must have heard a weird, buzzing sound while using them.
Other than making it difficult for users to utilize its headphones on non-Apple products, it is unclear why the tech giant switches the connections on its headphone's connector.
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The trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on the website, including but not limited to the Bidness Etc logo, are marks or registered marks of Bidness Etc and others. We're just a few days away from Sony's February 20th "see the future of" PlayStation event where we expect to see the next edition of its home console, and the rumor mill is buzzing. What's not revealed, however, is any potential pricing plan, or whether cloud games will work using existing cloud saves. Skip to menuSkip to contentWe use cookie files to improve site functionality and personalisation. From the forums I have read it is best to do this before using it.I updated the firmware this morning. Sadly I don't think the ironing board we have would fit.Replysprite1275943 months, 3 weeks ago#468ReplyHow do you get this thing working on PC? Wltys PS4: I have a wireless headset and a built in mixamp, but I still have the same problem. Sony's new wireless stereo headset is out now and is a very welcome replacement for the bundled mono version. With the headphones, you get a (short) USB charging cable, the wireless transmitter which plugs via USB, a headphone cable for use with the Vita and MP3 devices and a  travel pouch in which to store your headphones. Along with the headset you can download a free companion app from the Playstation store for both the PS3 and PS4 (the footage here is shown on the PS3, as the PS4 won't allow screen recording while using this app). Almost no other company does that, but if you own a pair of headphones from an ambiguous company and face the same buzzing problem when connecting it to the Xbox, you can try to use the trick mentioned above. With our diverse experience in equity markets and data schematics, we are merging design and powerful interface with rich cloud-based technology to develop industry-specific products and solutions.
The latest one tonight comes from the Wall Street Journal, with a report that connects Sony's $380 million purchase of cloud gaming service Gaikai last year with a method to provide backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 4. While buying fully digital copies of games we already own is less than appealing, if Sony can implement something like the abandoned UMD-to-PSP Go "good will" plan, then there may be benefits for all. I've definitely got mine onto the latest firmware this evening and it sounds like I'm sat here with a bee flying around. I've connected mine and on the Thrustmaster website it says it should show up on the device manager but it doesn't. It looks and feels like a premium product, and the colour scheme looks techy and modern enough to suite most front room fashionistas.
The headset itself can be folded marginally to allow for transport, and is a nice feature, if somewhat redundant considering the minor reduction in size.

The first ring, starting from the tip, is the volume out for the left ear, the second is for the right ear, the third ring is for the mic, and the fourth for electrical grounding. The WSJ reports Sony has been "investing heavily" in preparing Gaikai for an influx of PS4-equipped gamers, while also developing better cameras for its Move and the DualShock+touchpad controllers we've seen recently. In the last gen Sony used hardware, then software and then nothing at all for backwards compatible gaming, while Microsoft went all software -- we'll see how it balances out this time around. The ear pads are soft and comfortable and the cushioned blue lining is also yielding and pleasant to wear for extended periods. Sound cancelling technology works well here to reduce local environmental sounds over the voice chat channel. The power switch has three positions; off, and powered on in position 1, powered on in position 2.
If you play in close proximity to your games machines and are happy with the superior sound quality of a wired headset you may want to look at alternative headsets too. Apple switches the grounding ring with that of the mic, and this is why you hear that annoying sound in your headphones when you plug it in the Xbox controller jack.
There is a good mid-range of sounds, without sounding too trebly, and the bass is well handled, generally. Having played with a mixture of Wireless 2.0 headset owners and players with the standard mono headset voices are both louder and clearer to hear. Having said that, the Wireless 2.0 headset is one of the best purchases you can make for the price point.
Other headsets in the past I have used, like the Gioteck EX-05, employ the framed mesh head strap and, for a baldy, this can rub and chafe after a lot of fragging.
The hinges seem sturdy enough, but only extended testing will tell if they hold up to constant use. The earphones themselves can be adjusted up and down the main arm of the headset to suit the size of the head and, although there is not a massive size range, the bend of the main head band accommodates a larger head too.
There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that the hinges of the previous model were susceptible to breaking and, as is always the case, more moving parts can mean more things to go wrong. The sound is definitely superior via the wireless connection and gaming is the optimum experience.
This button lets you prioritise the voice chat over game sounds (or vice versa) and is a limited version of dual volume controls you get on other headsets.
At this stage these are fairly limited, with a shooter based profile, an action based one (not sure they are very different), a fighter profile, a horror profile and a few for listening to music.
The interior of the cup has a fine mesh protecting the speakers and seems quite thin and fragile. I'm also told that the smaller 'side plates' that you can see in the picture on the right are replaceable and I wonder if Sony or other third party companies will be selling branded replaceable plates to tie in with games coming out?
The MP3 files (a selection of De La Soul, to test bass as well as treble and mellifluous melody) lost some quality in the bass with noticeable distortion. The headset has VSS - 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound and is particularly noticeable in games with plenty of action or environmental sounds.

It works fairly well but since it is not a analogue control you get a reduced range to play with. I used the shooter profile with Battlefield 4 and Killzone Shadowfall and the horror profile with Outlast. Remember too that the connection is via the standard 3.5mm headphone lead and in some cases it is the device and how it manages the sound that can be at fault. Playing Battlefield 4 is a good test of the surround sound, and you can pick out the direction of footsteps, as well as the sampled voice recordings from the soldiers around you which really enhances the experience of being in a squad on the battlefield. Without doing a side by side analysis it was very hard to tell the difference, however with more profiles coming with new game releases I may get more of a chance to test. I've used the headphones a lot to listen to music and played around with the equaliser settings on the Classic iPod and had to try quite a few before I found a sound I liked. Along with these controls you get a mute button, especially good when your other half comes down to shout at you, late at night for speaking at the top of your voice in the middle of a particularly frantic firefight.
More modern audio, like Nils Frahm's 'Spaces'  Live Album was rich and deep and every single bit of audience interaction and Nils' coughing between tracks could be heard, something I could never hear with my cheap and nasty Apple headphones. On one particular map, where the battle arena is based around a massive radar dish, I was running from its exterior when I could hear a gut-wrenching sound of metal shrieking and whining behind me.
There is quite a lot of leakage at high volumes too, so you might not want to overdo the volume on bus journeys. I quickly turned round to see that someone had blasted the metal cables apart that stand stretched above the dish and they were falling and whipping towards me and the ground. I bought mine brand new and my mixamp doesn't seem to have a battery latch or a red daisy chain thing. Someone else on my squad was also wearing the Sony headphones and I could hear his similar shrieks of wonder and terror as it was happening. A feature missing is the BassImpact system, a sort of 'dual shock for your ears' mode which was present on the previous iteration. Do you think you know how to fix the buzzing on that mixamp?x SilverFire: No, thats not normal. I'm not sure why they have removed it, perhaps to reduce cost and allow more people to afford it, but having never experienced it myself I can't say I miss it. Thats just the downside of a used mixamp.Zack Zavage: Is your headphone jack of your Mixamp also that sensitive? Already the slightest movement on the jack of my mixamp results in terrible distortion noises.

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